Kellogg's Special K Cereal, Chocolatey Delight, 13.4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)

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  • Case of four 13.4-ounce boxes of cereal (total of 53.6 ounces)
  • Crunchy rice and wheat flakes with chocolate-y pieces

Customer Reviews:

  • Love this cereal!!!
    I love this cereal because I usually have it with warm soy milk(you can also use regular milk) which melts the chocolate chips and makes the milk deliciously chocolatey. Great for those cold mornings to warm up the tummy before leaving the house or those cool evenings right before bed. Or just because it's doggone yummy....more info
  • Pretty Good
    I thought this was actually pretty good. The chocolate pieces added just enough chocolate taste to enjoy. I did not have any issues with 'waxy' taste. This is not baking choclate that melts in your hand so don't expect it to be. It has to hold up in the milk as well as on the shelf. I will definitely purchase again. ...more info
  • Perfect for that late night chocolate craving!
    This is the BEST cereal! When I have a chocolate attack this is the snack I reach for. Give it a try; low fat and calorie and best of all guilt free!...more info
  • no it's not worth it
    nor is this item healthy. first, the 'chocolate' bits here do NOT taste all that good. in fact, they taste like the cheapest chocolate you've ever bought on a whim to satisfy a craving (or worse). second the chocolate bits are heavy and sink to the bottom of the bowl. you won't actually get much of the chocolate in the same spoonful as the flakes. finally, the chocolate is waxy, it doesn't melt in your mouth and it's made with a trans-fat.
    personally... I'd rather buy, chop &/or and shave a REAL 70% or higher chocolate bar & sprinkle that on plain special k.
    I guarentee it would be a hell of a lot better & healther then this junk....more info
    I love this cereal...It tastes so wonderful. I enjoy so much, I sometimes crave it. I can eat it all day....more info
  • Delicious, but not very chocolatey
    So, I bought this hoping it would make the milk chocolately. It doesn't. Nor does the chocolate taste very much like chocolate. However, it is one of the tastiest cereals I have ever had. I can't figure out what makes it so yummy, but it definitely is delicious....more info
    Seeing as to how I'm a chocaholic, I thoroughly enjoy getting my morning fix with my cereal. As a kid I'd break Hershey's Chocolate into chunks and drop them in my Frosted Flakes....had I only thought then to patent that idea as Kellogg's has done I'd be rakin' in all the dough.... :D ...more info


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