Men's Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles with through Performance-based Conditioning

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One of the nation’s elite strength and conditioning coaches presents a unique training program designed to help men achieve functional strength and muscular balance throughout their bodies

For decades, the conventional measure of an individual’s strength was the amount of weight he could bench press. Now, that measure is being challenged by expert trainers like Robert dos Remedios who argue that the variety of movement patterns used in functional training is the real key to getting bigger, stronger, and more powerful. In Men’s Health Book of Strength, this acclaimed collegiate strength and conditioning coach describes in detail the methods he has used to develop hundreds of Division I scholarship athletes, including several current NFL players.

The key features that make this book a standout in the fitness field include:

• exercises geared toward functional strength that can be utilized in real-world situations, from playing sports to lifting furniture

• training sessions that are short, intense, and highly effective

• compound, multijoint exercises that replace the less-effective isolation exercises found in many fitness books

• no-nonsense dietary information utilizing a new and innovative food pyramid developed by the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition that will optimize strength gains, recovery, and physical progress

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent book
    I have been power lifting and bodybuilding for almost 30 years. Even so, I found this book very useful. I highly recommend it. I liked it so much I even bought one for my brother who lives in Oman....more info
  • Real World Results
    This is simply a great book. Practical advice and workout plans that aren't cookie-cutter, BB magazine retreads. As has been mentioned by others, "Coach dos" has to practice what he preaches, and what he preaches had better work or he'll be out of a job.

    Despite what some people have stated in their reviews, the workouts are highly adaptable to home use as well as gym use. I generally work out at a Gold's Gym nearby, but sometimes just head for the garage when my schedule dictates a shorter run to the gym. Coach dos lays out what you need for home use at the beginning of the book, and in fact if you read through the book you'll soon see how you can adapt specific exercises and workouts to your home gym even if you don't have all of the equipment listed.

    I was looking for something different while recovering from knee surgery (had torn cartilage clipped, snipped and stitched). The real world advice, info, and routines in this book got my enthusiasm rolling. Too many people want to be spoon fed everything. The coach's book gives you all need to know about getting stronger, getting bigger - and even faster - and provides enough background and explanation of of the exercises presented to ensure that you are able to create workarounds while recovering or rehabbing from injury. Just fantastic stuff. For instance, the information on slightly altering grips and positions to help those with shoulder trouble is something you don't usually find from other sources.

    Using the routines in the book, I was able to get back in shape far faster than I thought I would, after literally 8 months of doing very little exercise due to my problem knee - and a lack of enthusiasm. While paying strict attention to diet to cut bodyfat, I still gained muscle and strength using the hypertrophy and strength routines. I did alter the routines at first, until receiving the go-ahead from my doctor that allowed me to go full tilt with the leg exercises. I went from 6'3", 210 21% bodyfat to 227 at 9% bodyfat, without undue stress over a 6 month period. The best part of the plans are the fact that the coach provides a "menu". He lays down the types of exercises and the order in each program, and you can then pick and choose from the vast array of exercises in the book (the book also provides sample routines with the exercises 'filled in'). Some of the exercises I had never seen before, and some I had completely forgotten about from days in college athletics (track and field). Again, real world advice and info. I won't be surprised if the NFL or some Div I school is eventually able to bribe the coach to leave what looks like a plum, and very fun, position at C of C out here in So Cal.

    None of that gain 20 lbs of muscle in a month or get ripped in 10 days bunk here. Just honest, practical instruction. Do the workouts, you'll see what works and doesn't work for you and then you can adjust. I can honestly say I haven't felt this good or this fit since I was competing in college. Thanks Coach dos!...more info
  • sound practical advice..highly recommended
    i really enjoy this book. in particular, the selection and variety of exercises is great. although beginners are encouraged to try, i would say it's best-suited toward people already in above-average shape or people at least 1-2 months into a regular workout program. many of the exercises suggested require a lot of proper technical form, balance, and maximal power, all of which could lead to serious injury without careful supervision or at least a foundational level of fitness. also many of the exercises require comfortable usage of your own body weight. this kind of training requires commitment; done properly, it is not easy.

    the philosophy of the author's training is practical & efficient. most books neglect these areas and just offer workout recipes, which to me seems like a by-product of what the author despises: isolation.

    my criticisms are small (& not necessarily within the author's control)
    - the described total-body, hypertrophy, and strength phases do not seem all that different from each other. (maybe that's just how it is)
    - i'd prefer if the more technical exercises were explained & shown in greater detail
    - having access to olympic-style lifting equipment can be difficult. it's pretty hard to find gyms that carry the type of barbells & weights you can safely drop on the floor from an elevated height. (you can use regular barbells, just be more careful & quiet)
    - i don't really like the nutrition section. it offers basic advice that neither targets losing body fat or adding muscle; just does a little of each. diet & rest are just as important as a workout plan in getting real results. since this is men's health, "the abs diet" is a much better guide to proper eating.

    this book is not directed towards losing body fat, though that may happen coincidentally. it's for building practical & balanced strength, muscle, and coordination. ultimately, this kind of training will help keep you safe and functionally strong. i wish there were more books like this and i think it's sad more people don't train like this.

    P.S. make sure you use really stable cross-training or tennis shoes with this workout. do not use running shoes....more info
  • Serious changes in strength.
    Great book if you are looking for a training method that actually works. Like anything else, you need to stick to the plan for the best results.
    They provide many exercises and explanations of how they benefit you . There is also a sample meal plan and many tips and suggestions to maximize your knowledge of healthy weight training. I noticed increased strenghth within a relatively short period of time. The workouts have affected muscles I didn't know I had. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Great, well-thought out approach to gaining strength
    I have always been in good shape. I've achieved this by keeping generally active with sports, yoga, a little bit of lifting, running, etc. I have never used a "program" for fitness and have never bought a book like this one. I had leafed through it at bookstores and found it interesting. Finally I bought it through Amazon. I couldn't be more pleased with "Power Training".

    I use the workouts when I go to my YMCA and have gotten great results. Prior to reading the book, I usually went around the weight room and used some machines, did some bench presses with free weights and tried to do a squat or two. Now I have a great guide for using the facilities in an extremely productive way. By using the workout cards in the appendix you just go through the menu of exercises described throughout the book and build a total body workout session by session. The exercises are explained well and varied enough to keep the workouts interesting. Best of all, the exercises all enhance *functional* strength. It is not a body-sculpting program although the visual results are apparent. Rather this program has helped me feel stronger when I lift my kids up (or wrestle with them.) It has translated into performing better on the tennis and basketball courts as well. As a 43 year-old man I highly recommend "Power Training" for anyone who wants to increase their total body strength....more info
  • Buy it!
    Got this book because I was looking for a workout structure that is geared more towards functionality outside of the gym. It hasn't disappointed at all as it provides a different, and in my opinion better, approach to weight-lifting. It has an excellent selection of exercises to choose from which keep your workouts fresh AND challenging as well as workout routines that can go from 2,3, or 4 days a week depending on the time that you have available to you. One thing that you should take care to do is get your form right for the explosive exercises in the book as they are pretty complex, so take your time and get it right. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an exercise book geared towards athletic performance vice isolated weight-lifting exercises for the sake of appearance.

    ...more info
  • All the Adonis, Half the Time.
    I would advise anyone looking to sculpt their body for useful purposes to not only buy this book, but live by it. Mr. dos Remedios has found a way to build any body into a lean mean performance machine. If you want to train to help your golf game, this is the book. If you need a little more power in your forehand, live this book. If you get pushed around in the paint, read this book. If you want to run faster, jump farther, hit the long ball, blow by your defender, this book needs to be read immediately. If you're just looking to loose the spare tire or just get into a shape other than round, this book will help.
    This book is designed to help you build a better and stronger body. It will show you the right way to work your body in order to get the most out of it.
    Live this book and reap the benefits!
    ...more info
  • Coach Dos is a genius
    I've been lifting weights for a long time and never have I come across a system that has made me feel functionally stronger than Coach Dos's program. I love the book, both for the workout it is based around and also Coach Dos's thoughts on weightlifting in general. It's a fantastic read and I am currently on his program and absolutely love it. I don't think I will ever go back to the original isolation style of lifting...GREAT BOOK! ...more info
  • Excellent Reference
    Men's Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles with through Performance-based Conditioning]]
    The training philosophy is very sound and the exercise descriptions, photos, and adaptations belong in any trainer's, or enthusiast's library....more info
  • This book is the real deal
    Do you consider yourself an advanced weightlifter? Do you actually focus on performing exercises with the proper form rather than with huge amounts of weight? Do you workout muscles that aren't glamorous (i.e. hamstrings). Are you in great shape and wondering what your next step is? If so then this book is for you. These routines will HUMBLE you. I don't care what weight you can put up, these routines will challenge you. You will work muscles you didn't know you had. Most importantly these routines are going to give you the core strength to put up some serious weight. If you have been lifting for a while and have hit a plateau BUY THIS BOOK.

    If you have never set foot in a gym this book is not for you (despite its claims that it is). Beginners should check out Men's Health Big Book of Muscle. It has beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs. I've been through all three with excellent results, now its time for me to move on. ...more info
  • What a Great Book!
    I can't say enough good things about this book. Just the exercise descriptions and variety alone make it worth the purchase price. The actual structured workouts give a great alternative to the bodybuilding mentality....more info
  • One of the best workout books I have purchased
    Watch Video Here: Men's Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles with through Performance-based Conditioning...more info
  • Very Challenge - Great Manual to have
    I am 24 year old former college athlete, and having conditioned throughout school, these exercises are not necessarily new, but it is laid out very well and fairly easy to follow. I will not lie, these workouts are not easy, and you will see results if you follow the workouts. This book is definietly a fresh air as it uses functional strength training methods raher than isolation (bench press, bicep curls, etc) exercises that will help you become a better athlete or just help you get into better shape. I consider this book a must have, and it will keep you busy for a while....more info
  • Great book for anyone interrested in training
    I really enjoy this book. Even though my knowledgebase is big, I really enjoy the ideas and the exercises in this great book. Love it!...more info
  • Best training program I've come across.
    For three years I've been looking for just the right book to fit my needs for fitness and for the martial arts. As I studied Kung Fu, I knew I needed to improve my total fitness AND my performance. I started with many of the traditional exercises workout plans (centered around squats, deadlifts, and bench presses), but I knew I needed something different; I just didn't know what. I heard about coach Dos through my soccer playing friends who had him as a strength coach. "He's the head coach, and man does he work you out!" When I happened upon his book, I decided to give it a try. Not only did I gain muscle size and strength at a speed I didn't even think was possible, I busted plateaus I had been in for months! If you're an athlete, or just looking for a fitness plan that'll give you more bang for your buck, This is the book for you! I recommend it not only as a personal trainer, but also as a martial artist who's gotten fantastic restults with it....more info
  • Best resource of it's kind
    This is simply the best conditioning book I have ever read. If one is looking for a program to become functionally strong and athletically conditioned, this is it.

    In essence, the type of training detailed in this book is the type of training done by athletes, not bodybuilders. So although there will be increased muscle size, it is not the same type of muscle size desired by bodybuilders. In addition, the programs focus on core stability and exersises that translate into everyday activities as well as sports.

    As stated earlier, this is simply the best book of its kind that I have read so far. This takes nothing away from other similar books on the market, of which I have read some, however, this is just the best....more info
  • butt kicker
    what a killer! I have been doing the full body work out2-3 times a week, often feel like crawling out of the gym! I kind of miss how much bigger my arms used to get on a regular regimen but otherwise my overall strength is much better, enjoying tossing my kids around a lot more easily than before! ...more info
  • Perfect Advice, but the delivery is questionable
    First of all let me say that I have been following this book for six weeks. I love it. Great exercises, easy-to-follow pictures, and totally worth the buy if you have been training for a while.

    Again, before I get into the negatives, I'll say that you should get this book if you are serious about lifting/training/looking better. You will see amazing results if you follow this plan.

    - Book is huge. This is no paperback. It is a monster book that will not fit into your gym bag. So if you have questions about a certain complex lift. Too bad, should have studied at home.

    - Poor organization. Topics are of all over the place. When planning your workouts you have to constantly flip through the book to look for the 'Bilateral Knee Dominate Exercises' or whatever you need for a certain 'menu item'. This could have easily been solved with page numbers after the workouts in the second chapter.

    - Lack of warning. If you are a beginner DO NOT get this book. It is not written for beginners. You will hurt yourself. Any lift that requires a barbell can easily hurt you unless you have proper coaching. To be fair Doc does say this, but it is in the last sentence of a chapter. It took me three reads (ok...skims) to catch that.

    - Lack of Warning 2. If you are an armature (like me) who has been lifting for a year or so, keep in mind that it is easy to hurt yourself. These workouts are intense (which is a very good thing) but you need to be able to listen to your body and stop when you get a bad feeling or something starts to hurt.

    I want to state again that I love this book. You are buying a great way to build workouts. And all of these problems are minor since this book delivers what it claims. You will see results! Good luck!...more info
  • Great Trainer
    This book helped me get out of a two year lifting slump. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to change his/her routine....more info
  • Phenomenal
    Like many others here I have several training books and resources but Power Training is easily the most comprehensive and best designed program I've seen. It takes all the guesswork out of designing a proper routine and given the variety and goal-based approach you could easily use this program for years. In six week I've made gains that I haven't seen before at this pace and I've still got another six weeks before I even complete the first phase.

    Make no mistake though, the programs in Power Training are not for the lazy or half-arse attempts at getting in shape. You leave nothing on the table when you finish a workout and crawl out of the gym. ...more info
  • Great plan as long as you're committed
    I'm 31, have 3 kids, full time job, and two dogs. 5'-11" and down to 185 pounds. Just an average Joe that doesn't have a degree in kinesiology (sic), never had a personal trainer, and have no aspirations to be in a weightlifting pageant, but I can tell you, this workout plan is awesome.

    If your workout plan follows the typical chest/tri's, back/bi's, shoulders legs philosophy that seems to be the golden standard, you will be pleasantly surprised by this book. You'll spend less time focusing on those ever intense forearm curls and more time gaining true strength. I've completed one of the 12 week programs and am currently in the beginning of a second program and I've cut about close to 10% body fat and lost 2" in my waist. You will be sore, I still feel like it's my first day in the gym sometimes, but you will see results, period.

    The cons listed in here are pretty accurate. If you grab this as a beginner, start off slowly and work your way into the program or you'll be too sore to ever want to go to a gym again.

    I also do not follow the diet plan too closely. It takes a lot of preparation and you're downing serious calories. I prefer to eat less processed foods and use quality supplements. Just be smart about what you eat.

    For the people that complain about the book being hard to drag around the gym, plan your workout before you get in the gym. That's the only way you'll truly be able to track your nominal gains anyway.

    ...more info
  • Coach Dos never failed me.
    I attended College of the Canyons in 2002 and 2003 and had the great pleasure of woring with Coach Dos. This man is the most intense and knowledgeable strength coach that I have ever worked with. You would do yourself well to buy his book and listen to what he has to say. ...more info
  • revolutionary workout philosophy
    i have never written a review but feel compelled to for power training

    this book logically convinces you to ditch your old "bodybuilding" habits for aesthetic goals to instead focus on the natural motions of the human body and increase strength in such a way that is FUNCTIONAL.

    though i do not recommend people who do not frequent the gym regularly to jump in head first. take it slowly and as your body is more receptive to the movements then move on to the more complex exercises.

    my entire approach to the gym has changed and believe that if can perform like an athlete i will have the body of an athlete...more info
  • Great Book
    I have never done any Strengh and Conditioning training before and I found this book very helpful. I have learned how to do the exercises and enjoy the routine. I would suggest this book definately....more info
  • Very informative and common sense routines
    I am only going to reiterate what others have said in that this is an excellent book. There is plenty of information on workout theories, methods and practice that can benefit anyone. However, after peering through the routines, the setup of the routines I would recommend this book for someone who has already been working out for at least 1 year or so. This is because, the routines are not set in stone and matter of fact the idea of the book is for one to create their own routine. The book provides foundation with its theories and methods and then gives you workout cards that has sets/reps, movement patterns, rest period etc. and leaves it to the reader to pick the exercise to perform. Having some level of knowledge on one's own abilities and how to perform some lifts will only benefit the lifter. I recommend this book as a great addition to anyone that is interested in finding a great way to healthier, stronger body.
    Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I would really have liked there to be a set routine instead of random variables on picking lifts. Also, the note on deadlift being a knee dominant lift and not a hip dominant lift was not explained as well as I thought it should have been. The argument can go either way and I hoped that there would be a much clearer explanation than one provided in the book....more info
  • Top-notch program!
    I'm a 23 y/o who's been involved with sports since I was 5 y/o and have been lifting for sports since I entered high school. After graduation I became very involved in the bodybuilding aspect of lifting but ended up with several lifting related injuries. I turned from the bodybuilding magazines and the programs they offered to a more "real world" view of things with Men's Health Magazine.

    One day while reading the articles in Men's Health I came across one written by dos Remedios, to but it bluntly, I LOVED IT. I saw the mention of this book in there and instantly new I had to have it.

    I purchased the book and have begun lifting with the program. What I like most about it is its practicality and no-nonsense approach. As I'd said I've done the bodybuilding routines and only ended up with injuries. This book with make you a strong person for the real world with clearly explained, highly effective compound exercises, and precisely designed routines.

    Get this book! You'll be thanking yourself in twelve short weeks!...more info
  • Best I've found
    I've been lifting since '96, and working out all my life. I've tried all kinds of programs: bodybuilding, strength training, powerlifting, powerbuilding, olympic lifitng, bodyweight, you name it. I have to stay in shape for work, and also because I love it. This book contains the best program I've ever run. It combines my love for the olympic lifts and variations, core work, rotational work, and unilateral (one limb,ie, lunges, or dumbell work) work. I'm telling you guys, this coach knows his stuff. He took the best parts from the various types of lifting and combined them into his workouts. If you've never worked out much, or have only run a few different programs, you may not see the genius in this system at first glance, but it's there.
    I've found a flaws in most other routines I've tried. Some leave out unilateral work, some don't change up exercises, most don't include olympic lifts, some have rigid rep ranges, so on and so on. Coach Dos's book contains no flaws that I can speak of. I do disagree on whether some of the exercises are unilateral or bilateral, but that's a small point of argument.
    You can run this workout for an extended time without burning out. The "you choose" exercises and rotating rep ranges ensure this. You can do this workout at home or in a commercial gym. All you need equipment wise, is: a power rack or squat stands, a freeweight barbell set, and dumbells in a wide range of weights (or adjustable), and a adjustable bench. Some things that would come in handy are: a swiss ball, a high-low cable weight setup, and elastic workout bands (like the bodylastics bands).
    All in all I have to say that if I were to pick one routine to do for life, this would be it. I don't say this lightly, as I've tried MANY different routines. Try it for yourself!

    Oh, and in case you may believe that I'm one of those people who will rave about the latest thing, know that out of all the routines I've done, this is the only one I've left a review for. It's that good....more info
  • Completely altered my approach and my body
    This book by and far altered the way I approached my exercise routine. My stamina, overall power, and athleticism has greatly increased due simply to the changes I made by reading this book. I have read countless articles and had two different public gym trainers, but none have come close to doing my body the justice this book has. My words can't overstate this book, but I suggest you go to the local bookstore and skim through it. You will see just how different it is....more info
  • Coach Dos is the Real Deal
    Out with the old, in with what works! Coach Dos is the man. I wish I would have had this information back in the day when I was young enough to make a difference playing sports. Instead of trying to balloon up and look like a meathead, we could have actually made muscle and power where it counted. My definition of who looks tough and who is tough has changed dramatically. This won't give you fake pumped up type muscles, it will give you real powerful muscles! Anyway, I have been doing this exact program for 3 weeks and I can already tell a world of difference in my life and recreational sports performance. This program is unbelievable. It's hard work and not for the faint of heart, but if you commit, it will change your life. Very highly recommended. Way to go Coach!...more info
  • Power Training
    good book. well written and illustrated. workouts make sense and eliminate a lot of fluff and isolation work. negatives of the book would be lack of talk about going to failure or past, how to handle the fact that many people cannot do multiple sets of a movement without dropping the amount of weight. but these are small complaints. note about the nutrition segment, the author follows a meat free diet, yet the nutrition advice is meat based. a veggie diet would be an interesting comparison....more info
  • Very User Friendly
    As a mother of three and over 40, I found just what I was looking for in a weight training book. I have done kettlebells and free weights for several years but do not consider myself "advanced" and this book was very user friendly. The author does suggest one get some instruction for the more difficult lifts....but I don't see where one would need to be "advanced" to benefit from this book. It is a 'no fluff' book on some great weight training methods. I have looked at several books and feel this comes closest to what I was looking to find. Being a kettlebell enthusiast, I totally agree with the lifting complexes for strength--not isolation for "mirror muscles":-)...more info
  • A plan that works.
    Here is a book that destroys the illusions surrounding weight lifting and strength training. Many of us sit in the gym wasting massive amounts of time on isolation exercises and judging our strength by bench press alone. This book focuses on total body fitness, compound exercises, balance from front to back, top to bottom. It emphasizes developing a powerful core and pure athleticism. I have placed my faith in this book and followed its prescribed workout since I received the book. The result is that I feel stronger, faster, bigger, and healthier. I feel like an athlete. I have also found that following the book's suggested rest times between sets serves two purposes for these workouts: First, it allows the workout to be completed in far less time than I was previously spending in the gym, yet I am accomplishing twice as much. Second, I have found this mode of fast-paced lifting to be as effective as most cardio sessions. My main goal has been reducing my body fat percentage in a healthy manner. So once I finally adapted to the challenge of the workout's pace, I did as Coach Dos suggested and added 15 minutes of interval cardio to the tail end of as many sessions as possible. This has proved extremely effective in blasting away abdominal fat. Of course a proper diet is necessary to optimize fitness improvements. And although this book contains a chapter on basic nutritional guidelines, which are extremely helpful, I must recommend looking at the Abs Diet books for more detailed nutrition plans. These books are also Men's Health sponsored and very helpful. There are plenty of glowing reviews here that are very helpful for this book, but I truly feel that the importance of the work being done by Coach Dos outlined here in his book is extremely valuable to men AND women everywhere. Here is a plan for life-changing self-improvement, and it will work. Read carefully, work hard, and enjoy....more info
  • Great Book!!
    I have read all kinds of health and "get strong" books, but this one is by far the best and most practical. This book is not about doing the same old bench press and dumbell curls so you look good at the beach. The workouts in this book are about making you a better athlete on and off the field, while looking good at the beach is just the byproduct. Thanks for writing this book Coach Dos!! ...more info
  • Great Book especially for people who don't know much about training
    However it's most likely pretty advanced training and not just for the ordinary joe blow off the street.
    I am Personal trainer myself and the book helped me better design programs but like I said its pretty much advance techniques so if you do use the book make sure you are familiar with the basic exercises before progressing to unilateral.

    good luck

    Oh and very professional service, fast shipping and the book in great condition I will order from you in the future...more info
  • Totally deserving of the praise
    I look forward to my Power Training workouts more than I have any other workouts I've ever done. Most days when I get home on workout days I'm thinking "Oh, yeah! It's time to do some Power Training!" Even on the days when I'm feeling sluggish, once I've finished my warm-up I'm thinking "Oh, yeah! It's time to do some Power Training!" Dos does include some sample programs but one of the things I really enjoy about this book is that Dos gives you the templates and an extensive menu of exercises and YOU get to put your own programs together. There are so many variables, I really believe this book gives you the knowledge to create workouts for a long, long time. You can build workouts with straight sets, supersets, complexes, and hybrids, you can do 2 day/wk, 3 day/wk, or 4 day/wk programs, you can do push/pull routines or total body workouts, and you can do hypertrophy or strength programs. The possibilities really do seem endless....more info
  • Great Book!
    This book lays out a very comprehensive workout program that is well balanced and challenging. The reader learns a lot about strength training, even if he/she already has a lot of knowledge in the area. The pictures and workout descriptions are very helpful to master the many exercises. The author lays out exercises in a begining to advanced fashion for each type of lift, this allows this book to be a good reference for the begining or advanced lifter. I'd recommend this book over any other strength training books I've read....more info
  • Power training review
    I really liked reading through Power training by Robert dos Remedios. I haven't quite finished the book yet, but it is a very informative read and has helped me in my workouts. It has a full section devoted just to exercises and how to do them. I give this book 10/10...more info


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