Louis C.K.: Chewed Up

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Profane vulgar & obscenely funny louis ck insists on telling the truth whether you like it or not! he shares his thought on the stuff everyone thinks about - male bodily fluids the joys of being white the difference between women & girls - but never has the nerve to say. Studio: Image Entertainment Release Date: 12/16/2008

Writer-director-performer Louis C.K. brings his no-holds-barred standup comedy style to this cable special, proffering uncomfortable observations about his life as a guy, a husband, and a father. Things start very well with a treatise on the proper use of the word "faggot," which should never, according to C.K., be used as a derogatory term for gay men, but serves as a catch-all insult for everyone and everything else. Also covered is the myth that drinking milk will replenish a man's vital bodily fluids during marathon sex, a subject that somehow segues into C.K.'s ambiguous admission about the fate of any housecat foolish enough to watch him being intimate. Less interesting is a diatribe about the comedian's collision with a deer on the road, and an overlong bit about the frustrations of fatherhood, including fantasies of extreme tough love with small children. The best material arrives at the end, when wisdom seeps into C.K.'s epiphany about arriving at an age when a man stops yearning for sex with girls and pines instead for women a little roughed-up by motherhood, disappointments, and other factors of adulthood. Of course, being C.K., he backpeddles a little about not wanting sex with hot young things, but his heart is in the right place. --Tom Keogh

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Customer Reviews:

  • i died laughing...
    i used to be fat. i saw this guy live at the moore theater in seattle a few weeks ago...had a stomache ache the following day from all the muscle strain the night before.

    i bought lucky louie two weeks ago...i totally get why hbo didn't pick it up, but consider them extremely short-sited and even stupid for passing.

    i watched chewed up last night. i now have a 6-pack. screw jenny craig. thanks louis!...more info
  • Witness a genius of the form performing at his peak!
    To watch Louis C.K. perform is to understand that life is a brief, violent revolt against the entropic nature of this universe. Things fall apart, dreams don't come true and time cannot be turned back. The horror of experiencing this is heightened for an intelligent, observant person such as Louis C.K. This DVD shows his brave stand against the darkness, making light of his life by showing its greatest follies.

    Nothing is unfamiliar! Family, health, money, love - topics alien to no modern human being. His lancet wit cuts true, leaving you paralyzed with laughter - not the kind of laughter politely manufactured for the benefit of mixed company, but rather, the kind that leaves your abdominals hurting and your throat parched.

    The further that Louis C.K. goes beyond the normal euphimism-filled commentary on daily life, the harder it gets to deny the relevance of this material to your personal journey through the world. This middle-aged man, unburdened by the handsomeness of the young and unimpeded by the perspective of the old, takes stock of his life, and in so doing, of yours as well.

    Watch this performance by a genius of the form, captured here at the height of his mastery, but do not for one moment think that the time you spend with "Chewed Up" will not give you pause and bring to the surface a few unwanted realizations. ...more info
  • BUY IT!
    Had me crying, I was laughing so hard. I think I've watched this DVD about 20 times now, and I'm still lmao . I'm not gonna try to break down why, but I simply think he's the funniest man alive!
    Saw him live in NY btw, this January. HILARIOUS!...more info
  • Not tasty at all!
    "Louis C.K. Chewed Up" was filmed at the Berkley Performance Center in Boston, Massachusetts last March and eventually released by Image Entertainment. Instead of opening with the obligatory salute to the location and the audience, the show opens up with how he misses the word "faggot" and how he used it as a kid and later. As he sees it, it never meant "gay" but how somebody acted. This leads into his observations on how he respects so much those males who can willingly perform a certain act on a man.

    That leads into language and what words mean and how he doesn't see the negative connotations of certain words. Reminiscent of George Carlin's seven dirty words, Louis C.K. continues the theme in more graphic but unoriginal terms. This leads the 40 year old balding comic into various observations on daily life, family, and children, marriage etc.

    Humor is subjective and based on the laugh track the audience thought he was absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, I don't share that opinion. The humor seemed to consist primarily of obscenities and graphic commentary on bodily functions and simply just wasn't funny. Billed as a comedic talent who will "...create an atmosphere of fearless honesty on stage..." and a say anything style, I kept thinking how so many other comics had hit the same ideas and done them so much better. His work doesn't seem original and instead comes across as derivative and that the coarser the language the funnier the joke is. From the laugh track, it seemed that a number of folks approved. If I had been there, I would have been asking for a refund soon after the show started. I kept watching hoping I would get to the funny parts but I never did.

    Dedicated to George Carlin, the show runs slightly longer than an hour though it seemed considerably longer. The only other feature on the disc is an interview with the comedian himself where he self interviews and answers questions that hade been provided to him. Almost as long as the show, the interview runs approximately 37 minutes and he explains how he got his start in Boston, the creation and evolution of this show which features totally different material than his 2007 show "Shameless," the fact that his comedy is mostly autobiographical, how he develops material and other topics. During the interview, he reiterates the point that his use of coarseness in language is the only way he knows how to be true to who he is.

    If you are already a fan of his, then you will love this show and interview. If he is totally new to you, as he was to me, it will be an obscenity filled and graphic experience that may or may not work depending on your own sensibilities.

    Kevin R. Tipple (copyright) 2009

    ...more info
  • Another great night with Louis C.K.
    I love this guy. I'm not married with kids, but in watching his act, I think I get a good feeling for what it might be like. He's a good storyteller, but his comedy works because he doesn't pull any punches. No word or concept is off limits if its funny and a least a little truthful, PLUS he's the butt of much of his comedy which you need so you don't hate the guy.

    If you're already a Louis CK fan, watch this because its just as funny as anything else you've seen by him.

    If you haven't watched a Louis CK routine, but you're not easily offended and like raw comedy, you'll dig this.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • raaaaaaauuuunnnncccchhhhyyyyyy!!!! FREAKIN HILARIOUS!
    i have been a fan of louis c.k. for quite some time. this is yet another A+, homerun project! not for those with a sensitive sense of humor! he is raunchy and uses foul language.......and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! he says things that few are willing to admit out loud. watch this and his previous one if you appreciate that kind of humor. you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • love him
    louis c.k. is one of my favorite comedians. His raunchy sense of humor is fun and refreshing. I will be sure to buy every comdedic special he comes out with....more info


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