Lonely Road
Lonely Road

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Jacksonville, FL rockers THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS unleash their Howard Benson-produced (Daughtry, Seether, All-American Rejects) sophomore album, LONELY ROAD. It is the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to Don't You Fake It, their Platinum-selling breakthrough debut featuring smash single, 'Face Down.'

With LONELY ROAD, RJA has created a diverse, stunning rock record that is a huge artistic step forward for the band. Led by the blistering first single, 'You Better Pray,' the album forces listeners to stand up and take notice. With songs ranging from the sprawling title track, evocative of Temple of the Dog to the gorgeous, almost do-wopinfluenced 'Believe' to the more signature, RJA-sounding 'Pen and Paper,' Lonely Road is an album that is certain to establish the band as one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

2009 sophomore album from the Jacksonville, FL, rockers produced by Howard Benson (Daughtry, Seether, All-American Rejects). Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' breakthrough hit 'Face Down' earned the band platinum status and has been streamed over 16.6 million times on MySpace. Since the release of their debut album Don't You Fake It, RJA has also been an active force for a wide array of charitable organizations and social causes, including teen suicide prevention (co-headlining the US Take Action Tour with My Chemical Romance and Rise Against), mental health parity and a strong commitment to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, teaming up with their label Virgin Records, to raise funds.

Customer Reviews:

  • Second Set is really good
    I was expecting more of the same from RJA. The second set was much more commercial, poppy even. It still had some really good songs, but not of the same caliber as the Don't you Fake it set. I'm not dissappointed though, because the more I listen, the more I like it. Good job, but not great. First album gets that 5th star....more info
  • Terrible
    Unfortunately, this is nothing like their first CD. The lyrics are weak and uninspiring. The music lacks any edge or ingenuity. Even worse, the vocals and the music seem to be forced together and create an unnatural rhythm that is just hard to listen to. There is not a single song on the album that I could force myself to like. I am not sure why they went the way they did, but if you are looking for more of what you saw on Don't You Fake It, you will be disappointed. I will hold out hope that their next attempt gets back to where they started....more info
    If you are a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus fan and enjoy their previous album, then DO NOT buy this album. Their first album is an all-time favorite of mine for the intensity, the good heavy guitar sound, and a perfect balance of screaming and singing. This album has ZERO screaming, a poppy fluff guitar sound, and boring soft drum beats. Grossss!! Theyre just trying now to be radio friendly instead of the hardcore band they once were. 0 stars from me....more info
  • A great sophomore album from a great band.
    For all of us who loved the first RJA album but disliked the screaming/growling -- this album is for us! I'm not sure why there are some negative reviews -- the songs are all catchy, the beats are great, the lyrics are positive and thoughtful, and the overall listening experience is great. Maybe the screaming/growling fans are disappointed that RJA left that off of this album? For those who enjoyed the overall musicality of the first album will find it's all still here in this album....more info
  • Changed my mind
    I have grown to really like this album. The songs are polished with high production values, but this album is hitting the market with a leaden thud. I expect it to disappear into the sonic wilderness in a few weeks if not already. Very disappointing. That "Believe" tune is quite embarrassing, still....more info
  • RJA is awesome the whole way through
    It's not easy making a successful second album after a great first one, but RJA did it. The first track is smoking, harder rock with great vocals. So many good songs and several that really get stuck in your head. There are one or two softer ballad songs too-a nice mix. I am just crazy about this album. There isn't a song I don't like on it.
    ...more info
  • Would Have Liked To Give 2.5 Stars
    1. You Better Pray (6/10)
    Believe it's their first single, some will like it, others won't, very few will "love" it, some will "hate" it. The song definitely starts off catchy with the guitar intro and Ronnie the lead singers "whoahhhhh yeaaahhh." It's a good song but definitely not great.

    2. No Spell (2/10)
    Probably one of the two worst songs on the CD. Lyrics are very generic, as well as the music. It sounds like it would be catchy to some kids in late elementary / early middle school.

    3. Pen & Paper (7/10)
    Doesn't compare to anything on their first album Don't You Fake It, but its definitely one of the catchier songs on this CD, the main problem I and others may have with this song as well as most of the album, is all of these songs are soft and have no "kick" to them like the songs in Dont You Fake It, the same "kick" that made Your Guardian Angel stand out on the first album, because it was different from the rest of the songs.

    4. Represent (8/10)
    One of the couple of songs with decent lyrics and nice tune. Personally probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite on the second album, although once again it is a slower softer song.

    5. Pull Me Back (6/10)
    Starts off sounding like you are finally going to get a song with a little more "kick" like the previous album, but once again ends up soft compared to the first album. Very generic song, so most wont hate it, but the only people who will probably "love" it are hardcore RJA fans. This song sounds like it could be in a preview to a movie or something.

    6. Step Right Up (5/10)
    Once again nothing new or inspiring lyrically, not the worst of the album, but definitely bad compared to anything on their first album, sounds once again like a song a "young kid" in elementary or early middle school would like.

    7. Believe (9/10)
    By far the best effort on the new CD, decent lyrics, original beat and sound, only downfall is it's once again a soft song... Wouldn't be a downfall at all if it had songs with more "kick" surrounding it. Great song that any RJA fan will love, along with newcomers.

    8. Pleads and Postcards (7/10)
    Leans towards generic, but is definitely better than other attempts on the album. Sounds like a song that would be played in Hollister. Like it, dont love it, would probably skip it most of the time when listening to the CD, but its one of those songs that could grow on you and you might want to listen to every once in a while. Once again though, starts off sounding like you are finally going to get a little kick, and its up being soft compared to anything on their previous album.

    9. Lonely Road (4/10)
    Sounds like a song that some could like, i personally dont, and would have given it an even lower score if it weren't for the fact that i could see some people liking this song. The song is another soft song, nothing special lyrically, sounds like it could be played during the credits after a movie, also sounds like it has a mix of country in it as well.

    10. Senioritis (5/10)
    Generic once again. Not a horrible song. The one good thing about it, is its the only song on the album that has a very fast paced beat to it, although still soft compared to Don't You Fake It.

    11. Godspeed (1/10)
    Definitely not for me, might be better than some of the other songs lyrically, but the song itself sounds like something out of a history play, another slow song, and boring as well.


    If you are looking for something comparable to Don't You Fake It, this album is not for you. Overall, it is a mediocre sophomore attempt, which i expected more from. I am all for bands trying out different sounds, but in this instance it just didn't work for me. Hopefully on their third attempt they will steer more towards the roots of the first album. Not a bad deal if you catch it under [...] dollars shipped with tax....more info
  • Great CD!
    This CD is great! My fifteen-year-old daughter loves this CD. She said this CD of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is better than their first CD 'Don't You Fake It'. It's more enjoyable because there's no screaming on it, so you can actually hear what Ronnie, the lead singer, is singing about. All the lyrics were beautifully written, especially Godspeed. ...more info
  • They went way downhill
    I loved the first album, especially justify and grim goodbye. The screaming gave it some intensity. This new album has a few good tunes, but they get annoying. Overall, this album sucks. Dont buy it. Better off with the Jonas Brothers or some crap like that. MAKE A BETTER ALBUM GUYS I KNOW U HAVE IT IN YOU! i.e. grim goodbye AWESOME!...more info
  • different, but it grows on you
    I was a fan of Don't You Fake It, but I didn't think it was the end all be all to music like some reviewers on here. This album IS very different than their first one, and to be honest, when I first gave it a listen, it didn't do much for me. at all. I found the music to be quite weak, yet I found his vocals to be enthralling. no, he doesn't scream (which, personally, I find refreshing) but I think they are even more passionate than on their first one. I try not to judge an album until I've listened to it at least three times through. and boy am I glad I stuck with this. not every song is gold, but more so than not. I think if you just try and listen to this on it's own terms, and not as the follow-up to Don't Fake It, then it just might grow on you. not near as bad as the others reviews on here imply....more info
  • Above average but could be better
    This album is not nearly as good as their first. The sound is a little soft from what I was expecting. A handful of good songs but nothing too special....more info
  • The Loneliness of Lonely Road
    Dear Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,

    You made a huge mistake with this album and lost a solid fanbase. I saw you at Warped Tour 2007 on the main stage and you were pretty incredible. Your hair is too long, but I forgave you because 'Don't You Fake It' was a solid album. Songs were original and lyrics were heartfelt and everyone knew it; you were well on your way to greatness.

    You let Howard Benson produce this album and that was your first mistake. He is very hit or miss when helping bands `evolve' their music (Hits: Flyleaf, Saosin, and Lucky Boys Confusion)(Misses: Mae, The Startling Line, and Hawthorne Heights) and you rolled the dice with him. You should have listened to him with a grain of salt; instead it sounds like you allowed him to reinvent the wheel.

    This CD is awful. You sound like Nickelback in `You Better', but what's worse is that your lyrics are completely unoriginal. What is the opposite of captivating? That's what this is. Where's the brilliance of `Seventeen'? I can credit Howard Benson for a lot of your mistakes, but only you can take the fall for lackluster lyrics. Clean up your act Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; some of these songs show promise but fail to lift your sophomore album from the bogs of mediocrity.

    The Breakdown:
    You Better *
    No Spell **
    Pen & Paper ****
    Represent ***
    Pull Me Back ***
    Step Right Up *****
    Believe **
    Pleads Postcards ***
    Lonely Road ****
    Senioritis **
    Godspeed **
    ...more info
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
    granted, this is different from Dont You Fake It, but the thing is, you can't make the same album over and over again. I think this is a solid and honest effort, it's a great album.

    like i said, it's different for TRJA, but it's different in a good way; a new direction... and i like where they're headed....more info


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