Live at the Paradiso Amsterdam

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LIVE's first-ever live CD release Live at The Paradiso. Includes 2 new studio tracks - "Forever" and "Purifier," and also includes LIVE's biggest hits: "Lighting Crashes," "Selling the Drama," "I Alone," Lakini's Juice," "The Dolphin's Cry," "Simple Creed," "Heaven," and more!

Customer Reviews:

    I have been a Live fan for over 16 years and have seen them 8 times in concert. This CD really takes me back to each concert. I'm so glad they finally released at live CD. Highly recommended for any Live fan!...more info
  • Great band, great album!
    If you've ever seen these guys live you already know what to expect.No unwanted surprises here.Great song selections with a live edge. The band is tight, and the vocals are right on.Plenty of the crowd singing along.This CD is a must for anyone that's into this band....more info
  • excellent performance; still upset they left off the rest of the setlist; can't figure out why???
    have listened to this about 50 times
    excellent performance; when I look at the setlist those 2 nights am sick!!!
    they left off Run to the Water, Sofia, Iris, and a few more
    have no clue why????
    there is still plenty of space left on the dvd????
    go figure!...more info
  • Excellent Live Live Performance
    I normally don't care for live shows on CD (live as in recorded performances of bands in general) This one, however, is an exception. I bought it because I'm a Live fan but didn't really expect to like it very much. Wow. It actually has stayed in the CD player for days without being taken out. It's a great performance by Live which was masterfully recorded. Must have for anyone who likes Live....more info
  • Live "Live"
    Live is one of those bands who do not seem to get the respect they deserve - too often they are measured by Throwing Copper and the records since then are always somewhat dismissed. But if you have listened to their records, or have been lucky enough to see them in concert, you will know why they have so many fans.

    And this CD captures what makes the band so good- the energy and performances comes through here. With the number of Albums they have released there will be some tracks missing that anyone who is a Live Fan would like to hear, but despite that this is a good sampler and contains the major hits people know - "Lighting Crashes" and "I Alone", but the magic is in some of the other songs.

    "Dolphin's Cry" off the Distance to Here, is a good example. Though it was a semi hit, it was not as big as others but when you hear the fans start singing at the beginning with Ed, well it did send chills down my spine since I always loved that song. "Overcome" is another one like that.

    I hope they do another concert record so some of my other favorites are included, but until then I am very happy with this....more info
  • The Live Experience
    This cd shows how great Live is in concert! This is a truly must-own for any Live fan! ...more info
  • Great CD, even if incomplete.
    This was a heck of a show from Live and I definitely recommend this CD for any Live fan. I would have given it 5 stars, but it bothers me that it's incomplete. The DVD wasn't even complete and this has multiple songs left off that were on the DVD. Obviously they can only add so many songs to a CD, but I think this should have been 2 discs like a lot of live CDs out there. They had a perfect crowd at a perfect venue with plenty of songs to play, so why not go all out with the release?...more info


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