Health Behavior and Health Education: Theory, Research, and Practice
Health Behavior and Health Education: Theory, Research, and Practice

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The groundbreaking first edition of Health Behavior and Health Education, published in 1990, provided a comprehensive and in depth analysis of health behavior theories relevant to health education.This completely revised second edition brings the most current information on developments in theory, research, and practice. Drawing from such fields as cognitive and organizational psychology, markeing, and communicationg, the editors explain the new, diverse factors affecting health behavior. They analyze a variety of theories and apply them to health promotion and education, exploring three different levels in each approach: individual, interpersonal, and group or community. In addition, the updated version addresses the challenge of making theory relevant and useful in populations with varied sociodemographic and cultural backgrounds.

Customer Reviews:

  • Health Behavior and Health Education
    This book is a must have for anyone in the health education field. It presents all major health behavior theories in a clear and understandable manner, applies theories to case studies at the end of each chapter, and offers a table summary of each theory's core constructs. The book is well written and with this third edition comes more updated research information....more info
  • The "Ne Plus Ultra" for Learning About Health Behavior Theory
    Known at our school as the "purple book," Glanz/Rimer 3e remains the go-to introduction to theories and models in health behavior and health education. Many of the entries are by leading practitioners, researchers, and theorists in the field. Unless you have read through and studied this book, you simply are not educated in this topic.
    ...more info
  • excellent book
    This was a good deal and I saved $30. it was new and exactly as described. thanks....more info
  • Excellent Reference Book
    I purchased this book to use as a reference for a Graduate Project on Health Promotion. I was particularly interested in Planning Models so most of my research focused on Part 5 in the book
    Excellent Book-I highly recommend it
    Judy W....more info
  • very useful book
    This book is very useful to anyone involved in the public health field for research or developing interventions to address any health behavior with any group. I'm glad I purchased it. I highly recommend it as a valuable resource. ...more info
  • Health Behavior & Health Education, a good buy
    Good book for a class on Health Behavior and Health Education Theories. Good for graduate level work. Theories broken into chapters. Each chapter has the theory history, significant time line for the theory, chart and descriptions of the constructs, and examples where research has used the theory effectively. Examples in book make use of the theory more understandable....more info
  • Not a very appealing text
    Chapters are disjoint at times, with no reference to similar concepts between them. Almost as if they were all written separately without any editing to tie them all together.

    Information is presented in something less than an interesting manner - it's pretty dry!...more info
  • Not for a novice
    Unarguably, Glanz et al know their theories. That, along with how comprehensive this book is, is as much of a positive review as I can give. My criticism of this book is not the expertise of Glanz et al. (They are quite obviously experienced intellectuals and are to be commended for their efforts.) My concern is:

    HEHB is inappropriately used as a textbook. HEHB was a professor's textbook choice for a course I am taking. As theories of health behavior are relatively new to me, I found this book to be at a level much too advanced for those just learning of health theories. Glanz compounds the problem by introducing new material-theories--with word choices that are not conducive to learning. Have a dictionary close by if you're a newcomer to health behavior theory; Glanz et al do not make the learning process easy in their attempt to convey the message. The majority of my classmates, some participating as part of a Master's program, are having great difficulty with this text. We often comment on the numerous times we re-read the material in order to grasp the context.

    HEHB does not serve well as a general textbook; rather, it is a reference resource for individuals seeking advanced knowledge and case citations.
    ...more info
  • Exactly what I ordered
    The book arrived in a decent amount of time and was in perfect shape (as described)....more info
  • My great buy
    The book was delivered on time, it was in very good condition (actually like new) with a polite note from the seller. In short, my purchase met and exceeded my expectation....more info


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