Cuisinart Green Gourmet Eco-Friendly Skillets

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Product Description

Green Gourmet hard-anodized pans feature an aluminum alloy core and exclusive nonstick surface that's ceramic- rather than petroleum-based, so it helps to conserve existing oil reserves. Handles are made from 70% recycled stainless-steel and Green Gourmet conducts heat so well, it's more energy-efficient too. Even the manufacturing process uses less energy than others. No conscientious cook should be without it.

Product Features
• Hard-anodized stainless-steel with aluminum alloy core
• High thermal efficiency for energy conservation
• PTFE- and PFOA-free nonstick coating for healthier cooking
• Riveted stay-cool 70%-recycled stainless-steel handles
• Oven- and broiler-safe
• Environmentally-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled materials
• Limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Super!
    This is a beautiful skillet. It is truly nonstick, and has preformed as promised. It heats evenly, and is super easy to clean. It is still as nice as the day I opened the box. I am a true believer in reading directions that come along with even the simplest of items. If you follow the manufacturers recommendations you will have no problems. This items comes highly recommended!...more info
  • decent product for new technology
    I've had this skillet for a month now and I'm glad I bought it. For a first generation product, it's acceptable.
    Pros: non-stick surface works well, easy to clean, good quality handles, and the main reason that I bought it is for hopefully a healthier non-stick coating (do you believe the hype?)
    Cons: not dishwasher safe, the manufacturer recommends hanging the pan because the ceramic is prone to chipping and the heat distribution needs to be improved.
    I usually toss everything in the dishwasher, but I've followed the manufacturer's instructions with this pan. I've decided that it's worth the effort for a healthier cooking surface. ...more info
  • Nice Pan so far
    I've only had this pan for a little while, but so far so good. Nonstick is great and seems to be well made. Don't really care for the handle as the pan seems a bit unbalanced, but not too bad....more info
  • Eureka!
    A non-stick pan that has enough weight to distribute the heat evenly. It heats so efficiently, that a lot less heat is required to cook the food. Also, the surface is so fabulously slick that hardly any fat is needed! I warmly recommend this product....more info
  • Great pan at great price
    I have uded a number of nonstick pans in my years of cooking and they have all eventually flaked off and became useless. This one is different. You can tell from the first time you use it. I love the fact that it is more environmentally friendly and more durable. I'm very glad I purchased at this time at this price. I am sure I will be adding additional sizes to my kitchen arsenal....more info
  • Outstanding close to perfect skillet.
    Cuisinart GG22-24 Green Gourmet Hard Anodized Eco Friendly Nonstick Cookware 10 inch Open Skillet is the best I have ever used. The nonstick is great. Eggs don't stick, the heat is perfectly even and clean up is magic.
    ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    This pan worked great at first, but after about a month of almost daily use it was no longer non-stick. I never put the pan into the dishwasher but always washed by hand with mild soap. I am sad it is too late to return it....more info
  • Best silicon-based non-stick I've found
    I've bought three brands so far.

    First I bought a Green Pan saute pan on HSN, then Wolfgang Puck (which were also at HSN but have apparently been pulled off the market). The Green Pans were a disaster from about the second or third use. Oil hardening against the sides, and then on the bottom. Nonstick finish and then external lacquer chipping. I sent them back and ordered the WF two-pan set.

    I thought the WF set was a little more substantial. I've been using the WF Bistro collection of stainless steel cookware for years, and it's performance has been spectacular. So maybe I had rose-colored glasses on intially. Over time, it did the same thing as the Green Pans. Oil burned into the sides and then the non-stick began to chip. I just threw the first one away, and the second is not far behind.

    The Cuisinart, which I bought in between the two orders, has held up really well over about six months. I handwash it and use only nylon utensils. I've had no oil build-up and the nonstick quality has endured. It's a nice weight and distributes heat perfectly. I just wish I had a cover for it, but the Bistro covers fit well enough.

    This is now our go-to saute pan, and I'm about to buy a couple more. I see that other people have had difficulty with burned oil, but so far so good for us. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • good at first but start to stick after a couple of months
    I love to cook and treat my pots and pans very well. These green gourmet pans were holding up pretty well but started to stick after a couple months of use. I use olive oil to cook and always use wood/bamboo cooking utensils. They're still easy to clean and cook with (so long as i have enough oil on there). I like these pans still (because they're not teflon) and would recommend them if you can get them for cheap. The stainless steel ones are really sleek and nice btw. :)...more info
  • Unuseable
    The pans arrived chipped and cracked at the edges. Whether this was a fault of the product or the shipper (probably both)I can't say, but I am afraid to use them in case the coating chips off into the food. Has any one else had this experience?...more info
  • The best non-stick pan I have ever used!
    We were in B.B & B. yesterday, and we were going to buy a comparable product from Calphalon, since we have a small pan from the same Calphalon set. The store associate informed me that he did not like the Calphalon and their quality has decreased since they were bought by Rubbermaid. He advised us to spend the extra $10 on this Cuisinart pan, and he claimed that this was the only non-stick type of pan that you could sear something in. We like Cuisinart, and we decided to take the chance. Well, I am glad that we bought this pan because stuff just doesn't stick to it. It's fairly heavy, which I like in pans, and the handle stays completely cool. Cleanup consisted of little more than rinsing it out and passing a soapy sponge across the surface a few times just for good measure. So, yes, this pan commands a relatively high price, but its quality and performance is amazing!...more info
  • Buy this product
    I have never used a pan this good. The surface is non-toxic so can be safely used at high temperatures. It emits no odd odors as petroleum-base coated pans do. This pan has changed the way I can cook, it's like a door just opened. I use oil as I wish to for flavor, not because I have to. And I really don't have to.

    It is a plus to be oven safe. The extra handle is good to have but not necessary. This pan is not overly-heavy, my stainless steel pan is much heavier.

    I highly recommend this pan, it is worth the price. I've just purchased the 10" and may even get more. It is the only pan I want to use.
    ...more info
  • Best Ever
    I am an avid home chef and a fervent hater of nonstick cookware. I went through so many sets of nonstick in my early married years, everything from the $30 "whole kitchen in a box" set I got as wedding gift to a "top of the line" set that my mother-in-law gave me years later. I babied the stuff, but it still wound up scratched and peeling and in the trash. And, I never liked the cooking performance of any of it. So, many years ago I threw it all out and bought an 18/10 stainless set- which I love and praise to anyone who will listen, and have never had to replace a single piece of. BUT, even I will admit that it's tough to get a decent fried egg from a stainless pan, so I kept an 8" nonstick skillet around just for that purpose. It was needing to be replaced so I decided to go with hard anodized. Hesitantly, I was going to get another brand with the teflon type finish. Then I saw this, and liked the idea of the the ceramic type finish. I can't tell you how much I love this pan. It fries beautifully. Sears salmon and steaks. Cleans with a wipe and a rinse. I have had this for a couple of months, used it MANY times, and am getting ready to buy the 12" for bigger jobs. Even my 8 year old can make beautiful(no tears)fried eggs with it. Oh, and did you know that you can thaw meats faster in it. Hard anodized is an amazing conducter of heat, so it pulls the cold out of the food. Just set it on the counter (covered) and wait about 20 minute (depends on thickness of the meat) turn it over once and voila you have thawed meat....more info


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