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Prepares fresh healthful meals for baby. The French baby-food maker that has won praise throughout Europe is finally available to American families. This compact countertop appliance multitasks as a steamer blender warmer and defroster to prepare fresh healthy meals for baby. It starts by steam cooking vegetables fruits meat and fish in less than 15 minutes preserving their vitamins and flavors then purees or blends them to your desired consistency. You can also use it to quickly reheat or defrost precooked foods. Includes 2 1/2-cup plastic bowl cooking basket and spatula with recipe booklet. 350W. The machine has no traceable amounts of BPA.

  • 11 x 5 1/2 x 8 H

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Item - Very Simple to use.
    I purchased this item after deciding to make my own baby food.
    I like that idea that it can both puree and steam in one appliance.
    This is a lot less on my counter top.
    I like that I can make ahead a weeks worth of food and freeze it or make him applesauce to eat with his oatmeal in the morning or just puree a banana very quickly.
    I know that with in a fairly short period of time, I can make him meals that I know exactly what are in them and that they are healthy.
    It is a great peace of mind for a mother.
    Also do not think that you are really busy that you have to buy store baby food.
    I was scared of that at first, would I have time????
    But this item is so easy, it is possible....more info
    Got this for my daughter who was using an old fashioned blender to make her baby's food which was a messy ordeal. I gave her this newfangled thing and she LOVES it! It is small and tidy and easy to operate and has a powerful little motor which steams food quickly with just a little water and then promptly turns the steamed food into perfectly pureed baby food.
    Easy to clean too.
    Probably not the machine for you if you like to whip up and freeze large batches at a time. ...more info
  • LOVE it, great for toddlers too
    Received this as a gift from my mom. I am basically a lazy (or is it busy and overwhelmed?) person and I love the convenience and easy cleanup. The device, container and basket are BPA-free, as recently confirmed by independent testing by the Svan company who is taking over distribution of the Babycook in the USA. The steamer basket holds about a 1/2 pound of peas at a time, which purees down to a full baby food freezer tray, with a couple of servings extra. Just how much of one thing do you want to make at a time anyway? I expect that the Babycook will pay for itself, given the high cost of those little jars of babyfood from the market - over dollar ($1.29!!! in some stores) here, even more for the organic ones. Although I don't have hard water I always use filtered water, so there has been no brown stuff anywhere, like another reviewer complained about. Also, love the fact that I can use the Babycook to defrost and heat the frozen portions. Microwaves slightly change the molecular structure of foods. The best part? My three year old loves to cook her own veggie combinations in it (with adult supervision, of course) and eat what she cooks. Since she is a picky eater I am over-the-moon about this. I am also excited to be able to prepare meat in it because my husband has religious dietary restrictions and you can't get suitable prepared baby food. Again, love this product....more info
  • Love it!!!!!!
    This product is better than I thought it would be. I truly enjoy making my daughter's baby food with it. My husband has been impressed that I am making her food. It is easy to use and doesn't take much time. Plus, I feel good about giving my daughter fresh, whole foods that I know what ingredients are in it. ...more info
  • Best in its category!
    I purchased this product for much cheaper from It is wonderful. Unlike another reviewer, I like that fact that it doesn't prepare a large portion. I don't have a lot of freezer space and I like to offer my daughter a variety of foods, so, making a pound of sweet potatos at one time would do me no good. I rather prepare a few carrots, a few apples and oranges, and other small recipes, than have a whole lot of one thing. It's easy to clean and saves you time on having to clean out a steamer, and processor. I LOVE IT! ALSO, IT IS BPA-FREE!!...more info
  • Useful especially if you have a small kitchen, one safety concern though
    I live in a small apartment and don't have room for lots of gadgets (not even a microwave). I find this appliance to be worth the counter space. I like that you can steam and puree in one appliance, and that I don't have to lug out the steamer and blender to whip up some food.

    Some reviewers say your baby will outgrow this machine's usefulness in a few months but I disagree. My baby eats mostly finger foods but still I use the Beaba a lot. I use it to reheat leftovers (again, we have no microwave) and also use it to chop or puree adult dinners that are two hard for baby to eat.

    It's not a huge capacity but that doesn't bother me. After spending whole weekends steaming, blending and freezing veggies, just to discover that my kid's taste buds changed and what he once loved he now refuses, I'm over large scale baby food production.

    One safety note! There is a little hole that the lid clicks into. That hole leads to the water chamber and I once accidentally tipped the machine over and scalding hot water came out of the hole and landed on my hand. I got a nasty burn. Definitely keep this machine well away from the edge of counters!...more info
  • Great except for one huge design flaw
    I got the Beaba Babycook as a gift, and adored it for several weeks. I work and have very little spare time to spend in the kitchen, so I loved being able to steam and puree my baby's food without having to clean multiple pots and pans. Then, after about a month of regular use, I noticed a foul odor coming from the well where the water goes. I looked inside and saw that a brown crust had formed there. I figured it must be lime deposit that had turned brown from being exposed to the hot temperature of the babycook, but when I tried to descale the well, the vinegar did almost nothing to remove the brown deposit, even after several attempts. I was also very worried to see that the water that ended up in the steamer basket was brown, thus suggesting that if I tried steaming more veggies, the deposit would end up in my baby's food.

    I contacted the manufacturer, and they recommended using distilled water (although there was no mention of this in the manual). So, I exchanged my now completely dysfunctional Babycook for a new one, and tried again. Within two days the brown film had developed, even though I was using distilled water. I don't know much about appliance design, but I figure there must be something really wrong with this gadget if it takes only a few days for such a deposit to form. And the odor is truly foul - no way I want my baby's food within a foot of whatever it is that collects there.

    I don't see any mention of this problem in other reviews, but at the same time, I can't imagine that I am the only person this has happened to, given that it happened TWICE to me. Too bad - I really loved the idea behind this product!...more info


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