Sony PS3 Street Fighter IV FightPad - Ken

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Product Description

Madcatz/Saitek (SF4488280/04/1) The official Street Fighter IV FightPad controller for the Sony PS3

  • Enlarged circular 8-way floating D-Pad
  • 6-button layout with additional multi-speed Turbo functionality
  • 3-way switch enables D-Pad to also function as left or right analog stick

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent controller by Madkatz
    On a whim I preordered this controller from Amazon earlier this week. Mostly because I felt that anything would be better than the standard button layout of the Dual Shock 3 controller. I have been using the Fightpad ever since I got it in the mail and it is fantastic.

    Every design of this controller is focused for fighting games, the directional pad has a smooth motion to it but with positive feedback. Quarter circle and hold moves are extremely fluid and can be performed reliably, which can't be said about the Dual Shock's dpad. The buttons are in an ergonomic position so none of them are difficult to reach. The system buttons are all recessed so they won't be pushed during a battle, and there are turbo functions to ease pulling off some of the more difficult combos.

    I have always been skeptical of Madcatz products but these controllers are wonderfully designed and serve their purposes well. Sadly these controllers are not backwards compatible so they won't work with your PS2 or PS1 games. At least I couldn't get it to work....more info
  • Awesome Controller
    This controller is very high quality. It's amazingly responsive, well constructed and overall a very good fighter control pad. ...more info
  • Shinryuken!
    This controller feels great in your hands. Love the click of the buttons, but the D-pad does take some getting used to. It's so large playing as charge characters...can be more of a challenge than usual. All in all though...if you put in the'll be rewarded....more info
  • Suspect build quality, but improved gameplay for SF titles
    As the title mentions, the controller feels cheap but it has improved my gameplay several fold.

    - Turbo button is too close to the "select" button
    - No rumble pack - but I'm not sure how much that contributes to my game experience
    - Dongle for this wireless controller flashes when not in use - annoying.
    - Feels cheap - don't drop this on any hard surfaces.

    - Buttons have a healthy click and springy feel to them. You could wipe your thumb across them for those "piano" key moves quite easily.
    - 30+ hours of gameplay so far and still have not had to replace the batteries (controller automatically shuts off when it's not in use for 10 or so minutes)
    - D-Pad doesn't have any problems (note that others have had trouble in this dept. - it may no longer be an issue)

    Overall, a good purchase for anyone who wants to play SF games - far cheaper arcade style items that they have. ...more info
  • Good for most, but not all characters...
    This is an outstanding controller. Very comfortable to hold and all buttons are in easy reach. It is already perfectly set up for use with the Street Fight IV & the default button configuration. Moves requiring quarter, half & full circle movements are incredibly easy do, thanks to the floating digital pad. And they can be done consistently. It comes a with handy Turbo button which makes characters like Chun-Li & E. Honda especially dangerous.

    My only problem with the controller & its floating digital pad is that it may be too sensitive sometimes. For characters that require charge attacks or precise up and down movements of the digital pad for combos, the Dualshock 3/Six-axis controller is actually easier to use & more consistent.

    If you have PS3 then you already have the standard controller & I highly suggest you try out the Fight Pads to get the most out of this game. It will probably come in handy for other fighting games as well. I fully intend to use this pad on Tekken. ...more info
  • You can't help it!
    This one is for me, I found it necessary to help or improve my game play. I works great, no complains and works for PC also.

    Be reasonable, the game demands it...


    ...more info
  • Review From a 20 year Street Fighter Veteran.
    In my over 20yrs of playing Street Fighter(in arcades and in home, with all sorts of controllers) I have to say that this is an excellent controller that exceeded my expectations. The first time you hold it in your hands you'll notice that its very lightweight, almost feels like its just a shell with no internals, this is a big plus as the weight of the required AA batteries just about makes it the same weight as the DualShock3 so theres less to feel awkward in your hand. Although it feels cheaply made, this little bugger can take a bit of a beating. I "accidentally" flung my controller into the wall after a match in SF4 and thought it would shatter but it survived and so far has shown no type of problem at all. Still connects to my PS3, the switch thats used for switching between the left and right analog stick and the digital pad work, and the turbo switch is working like it should.

    Now as for responsiveness to user input, this controller is very accurate. Ive had no problems with double-fireball motions, full-circle motions, the "charge" moves (Blankas Body projectile move, Guiles "sonic-boom"). Also performing moves like Ryu's in-air hurricane kick and Akumas in-air fireball are easily executed thanks to the hovering design of the directional pad. The standard PS3 controllers directional pad is absolutely horrible for Street Fighter. The motion required to perform moves like Ken & Ryu's fireball,aka Hadouken, isnt met by the recessed and little pad thats on that controller. Ive been playing Street Fighter since it was Fighting Street on the TurboGrafix 16 (and yes thats how they spelled the name of that console)and I know how to perform all of the moves for every chatacter, and yet when I try to do one little Hadouken with Ryu while using the standard PS3 controller.. all I get is a character throwing a punch into an oncoming attack rather then a fireball thats supposed to cancel out the oncoming attack. With this controller, the moves I do on the controller are what I see in the game.

    So to those out there deciding weather or not to purchase this controller (and thats if you can find it without paying out the nose) I highly recommend this controller. And little known fact, the PS3 model of this controller like the xbox360 version can be used with your pc. I have Windows Vista Home Premium on my laptop and it immediately recognized the controller as a wireless PS3 controller. Ive used it on some emulators and it works fine so far. Im not sure if this controller was meant to be pc capable but its a nice little bonus.
    ...more info
  • not great as it should've been
    okay, I've been playing SFII for 10 years now, and i got the controllers three days ago, it was nice that it has all six buttons lay out for you. My dragon punch and hadoken came out nicely, cannot successfully do a half circle punch or kick move while jumping, for instant, ryu hurricane kick or cammy downward kick requires these motions and on this controller, it wont register while you jump in the air. Notice that both me and my friend got these controllers and we cannot pull this off from these controllers. With the six axis controller, no problem at all. Also trying to do combos, the controller is not responsive sometime....and you have to put batteries into these controllers......if you are a moderate street fighter player, I wouldnt waste my money, you will be frustrated, but if you're a noob, this controller will definitely help you pull off "special" moves on the ground....more info
  • Bad controller
    Sony PS3 Street Fighter IV FightPad - Ryu

    The controller layout is great. It is much easier to pull off combos. I was put off by the dongle. I'd rather pay $60 for a controller with bluetooth that is the same quality as the six axis.

    Worked for a couple of days, although it would lose connection every once in a while. Then in the middle of a game it just stopped being recognized by the dongle. Tried new batteries but it is broken. I'm returning for a refund because I don't trust this product....more info


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