The Total Money Makeover Workbook

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In this fresh, interactive guide, respected financial expert Dave Ramsey offers a proven, comprehensive plan for getting in shape financially.? The Total Money Makeover Workbook takes you one step closer to getting out of debt and achieving financial health. Against a playful backdrop of fitness terminology, Dave gives solid, hard-hitting advice and the hope and the how-to needed to turn goals into reality. The Total Money Makeover Workbook includes:

  • Useful worksheets and forms
  • Readable and informative charts and graphs
  • The four factors that keep people from getting in shape financially

The Total Money Makeover Workbook is an essential resource for anyone desiring total financial fitness. Dave's no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach translates into results for those who diligently follow this complete action plan. Tens of thousands of people have already transformed their financial situation with Dave's advice, rooted in God's and Grandma's common sense. With The Total Money Makeover Workbook, countless others will be on their way to financial fitness.

Customer Reviews:

  • Reccomend
    This book really helped me get my finances in order. Since I received the book on 4-15-09 I have already established my emergency fund. I've also managed to get my credit cards under control. We live paycheck to paycheck and I was constantly having to juggle. Daves book shows you how to get back on track and gives you a sense of relief. I strongly reccomend this book to anyone who does not have a good system for budgeting, saving and investing....more info
  • Good Information
    Good information in the workbook but really the same information as in the Total Money Makeover book, I recommend one or the other but not both books -- and I think Dave would agree!...more info
  • Not worth the purchase if you buy the book
    I bought the Total Money Makeover Workbook along w/ the hardcover book, thinking it would be more 'hands-on'. It wasn't worth the extra cost. A lot of the exercises seemed written for children - fill in the blanks w/ words you read in the passages... really silly. Plus, all the necessary worksheets are in the hardcover book already, so the workbook didn't seem to give me anything new. Don't waste your money on the workbook....more info
  • very good insight
    I just purchased the book along with the workbook. And I've also purchased the book on cd. Both explain things very well. My daughter and I are still in the working process....more info
  • Great book
    Incredible book, it should be read by every person in this country. If more people listened to Ramsey the country as a whole would not have debt. ...more info
  • So far, so good.
    I already knew a lot of the info in this book but it is good to review it. I like the quizzes...if you are honest, you will see places where you need to make adjustments to the way you handle your money. I have paid off one bill and that did make me feel good, just like he said!

    Basically, I need a swift kick in the pants and this book gave it to me....more info
  • Debt Free for life Thanks to Dave's Guidance!!!!
    I started to listen to Dave about 3 years ago and eventually purchased "The Total Money Makeover". I was $15,000 in CC debt, with a $349 car payment, making about $35,000. I had about $15,000 in stocks, savings, etc and thought I was doing great. But realized being in debt was no way to live. Now at age 30, I am debt free except for the house, no car payment, and now I'm using my most powerful money making tool (my income) to build my saving back up and the future looks bright!!!

    Thanks for the guidance, Dave!!!!!

    I recommend this book to anyone especially those who think they in too deep a whole to get out. Dave will show you step by step on how to do it. It's not easy but it's well worth it...

    Financial Peace is an awesome feeling! ...more info
  • I ordered the book too, I should have just gotten one
    The information in the workbook is great. It really is parallel to the book by Dave Ramsey. I got both, but only one is really necessary if your wallet calls for it. The workbook is great for people who need to write things down or see more numbers. The book has more stories. I'm really enjoying it. I've got a lot of work to do on my finances!...more info
  • We are debt free using this system
    We used Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover per the recommendation of a friend and in 18 months we paid of over $50,000 in consumer debt. It was not fun and it was not easy, but boy does it feel good now! We highly recommend this purchase and this specific book we bought as a gift for friends of ours who wanted to be debt free. Get it! Buckle down and DO IT. You won't regret it! ...more info
  • The Total Money Makeover Workbook
    The Workbook complements "The Total Money Makeover Book". Get it only if you are serious about eliminating debt....more info
  • Life changing book
    This is a great book. It changed the way I think about our families finances. We are following the book and look forward to profitable results.

    Sheri...more info
  • Workbook easy even if you hate math
    I didn't know if I should spend the extra money and get the workbook with the main book, but I'm glad I did - he spells things out clearly and I am not a big fan of math and it made sense to me. It helped to see the numbers written down to show where I was really at financially !
    ...more info
  • Shorter version of Book but well worth it
    I have read both the book and own this workbook version. I would actually recommend the workbook over the book as it allows you to start the concepts quicker and put into practice into your own life much faster. The anecdotes are similiar but just condensed in this version. This version cuts to the chase with tables, suggestions, budgets, and "how to". I like the shortened version but still went back to read the full book version later. The one positive aspect of the full book versus this version is that it provided many more examples of real people using the techniques, what their outcome was, and how long it took them to get debt free. In this sense, there was more motivation there. I didn't/don't personally need that but some may need that or want that. ...more info
  • a good investment
    I really got excited over this book and was inspired to take better care of my finances. It is loaded with lots of good information,suggestions and ideas. Highly recommended....more info
    EXCELLENT!EXCELLENT!EXCELLENT!EXCELLENT! Absolute sound advice that works! Great with the book! Enough said!...more info
  • Great book - plus a recommendation
    This was a helpful book as I am striving to find a beneficial perspective on finances. It is motivating, filled with good advice, and helpful when you're looking for steps to take in your financial portfolio. I also found another book, more from a philosophical perspective, very enlightening as well - The Financial Pilgrimage, by Sean Mitchell. Together, both have given me just what I need to feel good about God, life, and money....more info
  • Book and workbook to help with finances
    I bought this for my son as a Christmas gift with the intention of helping him learn and apply....hopefully he will read it and use the workbook and make a happier New Year for both of us....more info
  • Money Makeover Workbook is Helpful
    If you're trying to dig yourself out of a debt nightmare or just want to get your finances in order, Dave Ramsey's books and advice are the way to go. Take the time to read his books - you won't be sorry....more info
  • Outstanding Read!!!!
    True success with money is found with this book! Dave explains how and why he wrote the book (hint: he's been there, done that, got the t-shirt) and gives the foundation to change your life forever. The accompanying working book is phenomenal to get an accurate picture of where you are, Dave gives guidance on how to move forward. His advice works. Read anything you can by Dave Ramsey. He also has a recommended reading list on his website, check it out!...more info
  • Total Money Makeover
    This book by Dave Ramsey will change the mindset of anyone who reads it. It revolutionized my thinking about money - how to use it and what to do with it. ...more info
  • The Total Money Makeover Workbook - A Great Resource
    We ordered 4 of the workbooks for ourselves and another couple to read together. We found that the material lends itself to a group setting and hits on key issues related to finance.

    Basically you have the foundation of the material once you get through Chapter 6. Then each couple can begin on the "baby step" that is relevant to their own situation.

    Chapter 6 is the pivotal point of the book where you begin using a budget and practicing the principles you have learned. We found that putting the forms into Excel was really helpful for those who were struggling with organizing the budget. We would be glad to share those electronic forms (no strings attached) with anyone who is in need of them. Just email

    Really appreciative of this resource and will continue to utilize it in small group settings to help people get past the rat race and into a confident position in their financial life. We will cover the first 6 chapters over 5 sessions and continue to check in with the other couples on progress.

    Dave Ramsey- great job on helping people improve their lives.

    ...more info
  • Total Money Makeover a Real Lifesaver
    The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
    The Total Money Makeover is a real lifesaver. Recently in the news we read of a man taking the lives of his entire family and himself because he lost his job and couldn't face the financial ruin. The Total Money Makeover is a book that helps people turn their lives around. As an attorney in Sacramento California I talk to a lot of people that are drowning in debt. This year my firm sent each of our clients a copy of the Total Money Makeover as our gift for th new year--living debt free gives each of us the opportunity to truly enjoy freedom and live without worry. The Total Money Makeover helps readers get their finances in order and get themselves out of financial slavery to their creditor masters. ...more info
  • Great Workbook
    The workbook is a great companion to The Total Money Makeover book by Dave Ramsey. We gave this workbook to each of our children to help them move toward financial independence in their young lives....more info
  • What a great book, but a greater set of ideas!
    This guy, Dave, (well, I have shaken hands with him, you know) is wonderful at taking our Grandparent's (and sometimes our parent's) advice on handling money and making it not only palatable, but funny at the same time. Yet, if one follows that steps in his books, including this book, there is no limit to what a boon it can be to not only one's finances, but even to our deepest relationship, with our lifepartner.

    How can I proclaim so boldly; that is a good question. It is because my family and I made lots of financial mistakes, read his earlier book, Financial Peace, and now are one of many "success" stories featured in the book. Just read it and imagine what you think it would be like to only have no car, furniture or credit card payments. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will appreciate Dave's solid, Biblical principles of personal finance. He may seem somewhat radical, even most of the time to some, but this is based on his abhorance of debt (see his own burn and crash story in the book) and his faith in his "Baby Steps" to financial freedom. It is an "easy" read, so why not now...aren't you tired of debt following you around like a bad memory!...more info
  • Worry wart not worrying anymore
    I am a college student which is worried about the future not only about finding a career but also about the financial aspect thereafter graduation. After going over the workbook along with the book I feel absolutely confident at the leap into the real world....more info
  • Excellent Book
    One of the few books I've read that if followed will change your life. I highly recommend this book to friends and others struggling with debt. The steps described in the book are simple and easy to follow. The secret of success however lies with you. If want to be debt free follow the steps. Believe me there's no better feeling than to owe no one anything....more info
  • Outstanding Book with Down to Earth Advice
    Dave Ramsey has written a book which tells you how to manage your finances. You do not have to be a CPA or an MBA to understand the basic advice given in this book. His main advice is to get rid of debt, be it credit card debt, auto loans, student loans, or any other loans. He says that debt is the main thing standing in the way of building wealth. If we did not have debt payments, that money could be put toward investing for retirement. He says it is good to put your money into mutual funds that are from the 15% of your gross income. He says to build up an emergency fund that starts as $1000. The ultimate emergency fund will have 3 to 6 months of income in a liquid account. He also gives tips such as staying away from places like rent to own businesses, payday lending places, he does not recommend playing the lottery, buying a trailer home, etc. This is a book from which everyone could get good advice. ...more info
    During a visit back to my hometown, my brother kept referring to Dave Ramsey. Who in the world is Dave Ramsey, I asked. My brother showed me the book, The Total Money Makeover, so I got on, ordered the book and workbook, and my life is changing for the good.

    I'm following the Baby Steps in the book, and shredded my last credit card. I have the emergency fund mentioned in the book, and now I'm ready to live without credit cards. I feel like 60 pounds has been lifted off of me. The book is easy to read, it's entertaining, and full of wisdom. I would recommend this book to everyone who is interested in getting out of debt, and living a life of freedom....more info
  • Excellent Workbook For Improving Financial!
    * Dave Ramsey explain in details on how to change our financial income from bad to good.
    * There are lots of diagrams, charts and graphs for us to evaluate the current financial income that we are facing currently.
    * You can be sure to sleep well at night once you have apply the strategy inside this book.
    * Nobody likes to have debt but if you do, you can repair it and make it good. Dave describe this very clearly inside the book....more info
  • cheers for Total Money Makeover
    This book was so great that I purchased one for every member of my family. All the information is workable if a person is committed to changing their financial life. ...more info
  • Got me out of debt
    A few years back I had over 20,000 dollars in debt and a friend introduced me to the Dave Ramsey Show and from listening to Dave's advice it really got me to think about the ways I handled money. From there I bought this book and by following the steps and the budget forms I got out of debt in 2 years. Some of the things Dave suggests in this book are common sense. The only problem is common sense isn't as common as it was just a few decades ago.

    If you were like I was and are frustrated living paycheck to paycheck, tired of trying to figure out how to make your payments, and getting those collectors calling you it doesn't hurt to put out a little bit of money and give this book a try. Once I had the tools Dave taught me the debt began to pretty quickly disappear. ...more info
  • Super!
    I bought two of these books to inspire others to try Dave Ramsey's method for achieving financial stability. The books were brand new and in great condition, arrived before promised delivery date. Thank you....more info
  • Love, love, love this book!!!
    Dave Ramsey teaches how to SIMPLY manage your money, develop a working budget and to become DEBT FREE!! It's a weird concept, especially for Americans, but since reading this book and taking Dave's Financial Peace University, my husband & I have our $1K emergency fund, pay cash for EVERYTHING, and so far have paid off over $5K in debt in just a few months. We will be completely debt free (except the house) within 2 years and plan to pay off the house w/in 7 years (21 years shorter than the mortgage note). That was something we could have NEVER wrapped our brains around in the past. Now, instead of working to pay Visa and Mastercard, we will be working to pay for our FUTURE!!

    It's a great read and every person in the USA needs to read this book. I have no doubt, it would do amazing things for our ecomony!!...more info
  • Get your life and your marriage in order
    The money you spend on this book will save you hundreds in marriage counseling. After all, money is the number 1 thing couples fight about, right? Well read Dave's book, get with the program and you and your spouse will get on the same page regarding finances. Since starting Dave's program about 5 years ago my husband and I no longer fight about money, ever! We have no debt except for our house (more on that later), two paid for cars, a 6 month emergency fund and true peace that comes from not worrying about credit cards bills, etc. And as we've chosen to be wise stewards of the money that God has entrusted us with he has blessed us over and over. We just sold our house which doubled (yes DOUBLED) in value in the 2 years we owned it. With the equity we made and will pour into the new house we plan to have the new house paid off in 2 years. Imagine - 34 and 35 and absolutely no debt. You can do it to, just get started....more info
  • A partial review of the book, but a must-have
    Must have if you are reading "The Total Money Makeover."...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    This book, the author and his company is a joke. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Total money Makeover Workbook
    I had been told this is a wonderful book if you are looking toward retirement. I am not yet 30, but found there were some wonderful tips for the financial planner in all of us. Also and easy read....more info
  • Great book at a great price..
    I love the book and this workbook puts everything together in a way to very simply and efficiently prepare to take back control of our lives. Love it....more info
  • Excellent but redundant
    This workbook is really a great workbook to put the principals of TMMO into practical use however, the writing in between the exercises is a complete replica of the TMMO book. If you are a Dave Ramsey "nerd" you will love it. If you are trying to budget your money, then just get the book and save the money for your Baby Steps!...more info
  • Don't get if you are buying the book
    This was an excellent "workbook" however not necessary at all if you are buying the book. They both contain the same information, but the workbook is a condensed version of the actual book and has more forms. The book is much more in depth, and also contains the forms in the back. ...more info
  • Worthwhile as a stand alone
    If you purchase the workbook, you really do not need the main book as well. It would be fine on its own. This is a great, very basic system and is working extremely well for my family. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, we are now within months of being debt free, except for our mortgage. Great system!! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Dave helps people
    Dave Ramsey helps people place their financial priorities in order, if they don't know them, and refocuses those that once had financial order. He keeps it simple. He's quite the motivator and counselor. He gives hope when no more hope is available. I've been buying this book for everyone. It's easy. I bet you go through this book more than once. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have....more info
  • This should required reading for all
    By far this is it. Dave Ramsey shows the reader. the things your parents never taught you about money, in a clear, concise and easy to follow way....more info
  • An Absolutely Awesome Lifechanging Book
    Like most Americans our finances were spinning out of control with our living paycheck to paycheck. After hearing Dave Ramsey on the radio I immediately purchased The Total Money Makeover book and accompanying Workbook.

    Utilizing the principles outlined in these texts we have completely turned our out-of-control finances into a structured system whereby we know exactly where every penny is to be spent before the month begins. In the six weeks that we have started using these principles, we have taken Dave's advice and created an emergency fund of $1,000 for those rainy day blues that are sure to come along. In utilzing the debt snowball method of reducing personal debt we have already paid off three credit cards totaling over $2,500. We should triple that number long before Christmas.

    I highly recommend these books to anyone wishing to change their lives for the better. If you cannot imagine what it would be like to put your paycheck in the bank every payday and not worry about any of the money being spent on bills then I challenge you to go immediately to pick up these books. Once you've read The Total Money Makeover you will realize that debt is not a good thing and that you truly can be debt free. Do this for yourself. Do it for your family. Buy it NOW !

    Tony W. Brown
    Whitehouse, TX

    ...more info
  • Total Money Makeover
    This book came quickly and has been very helpful for my family in showing ways of how to reduce our debt that I didn't think was possible. It was cheaper to buy here than anywhere else. Very good buy!...more info


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