C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Large Dogs (26-50 Pounds)
C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Large Dogs (26-50 Pounds)

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Product Description

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs

  • Easy-to-digest Oral Hygiene chews treated with dual-enzyme system to help maintain oral health
  • Give as a daily treat
  • Great tasting
  • Features exclusive Dual-Enzyme System to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria
  • Helps keep breath fresh and teeth clean

Customer Reviews:

  • Dog Happy
    My dog absolutely loves these...he would chew the whole bag at one time if I let him....more info
  • My Dogs LOVE these chews
    My dogs LOVE these treats. My vet sells these in his office so I know they are good for my dogs. They help with their teeth....more info
  • Virbac Dog Chews
    My dogs love them, and my 9-year old chocolate lab doesn't get sick from them. All other rawhide chews hade her sick! My 5-month old chocolate lab loves them also, as he is a big chewer!!!...more info
  • Truly efficient service
    This is service like we used to expect! Prompt, correct, dependable! It makes you rave when it actually works! And best price! Most of all, thanks from my terriers, Molly and Sophie!...more info
  • Great seller!!
    Great Seller!! I have purchased from seller several times in the past. Product is always delivered as described and arrives quicker than expected. I will continue to purchase this product from seller....more info
  • CET Chews for Dogs
    I have two German Shepherds, 8 years old. Every morning I give them each a CET Chew, which they enjoy. Their teeth are sparkling white, and their gums are healthy, which eliminates the need for costly dental cleaning and the dangerous anesthesia. I recommend this product without reservation as being very good for dogs....more info
  • CET Chews/great product
    Product came really fast; Besides, my two dogs love it, they could chew on them all the time. Great product....more info
  • CET Chews really help
    These chews really help keep the tarter build-up minimized on our 9 year old Aussie's teeth. I still need to brush his teeth periodically, but the CET Chews keep his mouth in pretty good shape when I do not have time for the brushing routine....more info
  • My cutting edge diplomate Vet recommended these and they are terrific
    I have a top notch Vet (UC Davis and UCLA trained, diplomate,exotic animal specialist, avian surgeon, treats dogs as well and uses a variety of tools including acupuncture and acupressure as well as natural health approach to her veterinary practice) and she suggested these for my 13 year old yellow lab. Both he and our 7 month old lab puppy (who are both on a healthy diet that includes Nutro Ultra and Evo dog foods, a daily multivitamin, vitamin C and Joint Support from Trader Joe's) are given these to keep their teeth healthy. They love them, the chips are large and easy to chew and digest and are completely non-toxic unlike many other conventional products on the market that claim to function the same way. Buying them online means I get them very economically and they are shipped immediately - I sometimes get them the very next day without paying any rush charge. I would suggest asking your Vet before trying them, just to be sure they are safe for your particular companion animal....more info
  • good deal
    My dog loves these things and I found a good price on them here. Good value and fast shipping. Will buy again....more info
  • Excellent product!!!
    I love this product. More importantly my dog loves it. He is definitely a chewer so this helps his teeth, he loves the taste, and it satifies his urge to chew. As with any product..please know your dog. If your dog does not chew this product and just gulps it down, then it won't be beneficial to his oral care. Also, as with ANY product that can be chewed or ingested, please monitor your pet while they are eating/chewing this product. Overall this is a great product, I will continue to order it for my dog. This product does not replace routine dental care, but it is part of a dental care routine. The reason I sound so "informercial" is becasue I actually work in the animal care field. The practice that I used to work for stopped carrying this brand and switched to a cheaper brand. ICK. I hate it. So now I just go online to find the real CET chews. Don't accept a poor substitute. Especially those cheap ones sold over the counter in places like Walmart or grocery stores. All rawhide like chews are NOT the same. ...more info
  • This product is great!
    My vet turned my dog onto these chews. They're great for his teeth and not harmful to his health as rawhide would be. I found the best price on Amazon.com. I will continue to buy them. ...more info
  • Good for teeth
    I have three geman shepherds and they love the chews. They have done a great job of cleaning their teeth. Just one caution, I would not leave a dog alone with a chew, they have a tendency to shallow large portions which could be a choking hazard. ...more info
  • quality
    my dogs are doxies they love them the larger sizes the seem to be good for them and they love them...more info
  • Good Deal and great shipping
    My two Whippets LOVE CET Chewies and I am happy to be able to get them online since my new vet doesn't carry them. This is a great deal and the shipping costs are reasonable. Also, they don't waste any time getting them to me - great service!...more info
  • Our dogs LOVE these chews!!!
    We started getting these from our vet after W**m**t treats poisened our Bichon/Cavilier King Charles mix. She spent 10 days in the hospital on IV's, and at death's door. Our 16 pound Cavachon as well as our 100 yellow lab get so excited when it's time for their daily treat! They have been on these treats for several months without any problems....more info
  • My dog loves them
    Our vet suggested these, as they dont break off in large pieces as other rawhides do and cause intestinal blockage. They are great for your dogs teeth and digestable!!...more info
  • Worth the money
    I have been spending at least $150.00/dog/yr for dental cleaning....after only 4-5 months their teeth were starting to look dirty again...my Vet recommended these....I have always been suspect of rawhides but these have enzymes in them...gave them one a day for two weeks and then twice a week after that....don't think they will have to have their teeth done for a while....they look great....when the teeth look slightly dirty...give them one a day for 3-4 days....they look better again....also...got these at half price...even better.......more info
  • Dogs like them
    One of these will last my 30lb terrier a week, with some left over. I gave one to a 90lb dog I was sitting for friends, it lasted 8 or 9 minutes. I would suggest giving these to your dog occasionally rather than daily....more info
  • ordered the wrong chews
    I ordered the wrong chew. I meant to get one that had the "HEXTRA" coating (I think that's how you spell it) but got plain chews instead. However, it was disappointing that this product was a Canadian one. I think that it should have been clear on the website, Canadian import. Maybe it's there and I just didn't notice. I ended up sending it back. I will say that the store I bought it from (Entirely Pets) was very prompt in shipping it out, but not as prompt with the refund process. I had to call twice to find out what was going on. I had gotten a return authorization number prior to shipping it back, so I'm not sure what held up the process. ...more info


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