Long Tail, The, Revised and Updated Edition: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More

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The New York Times bestseller that introduced the business world to a future that's already here--now in paperback with a new chapter about Long Tail Marketing and a new epilogue.

Winner of the Gerald Loeb Award for Best Business Book of the Year

In the most important business book since The Tipping Point, Chris Anderson shows how the future of commerce and culture isn't in hits, the high-volume head of a traditional demand curve, but in what used to be regarded as misses--the endlessly long tail of that same curve.

"It belongs on the shelf between The Tipping Point and Freakonomics."
--Reed Hastings, CEO, Netflix

"Anderson's insights . . . continue to influence Google's strategic thinking in a profound way."

--Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

"Anyone who cares about media . . . must read this book."

--Rob Glaser, CEO, RealNetworks

Customer Reviews:

  • What a bunch of nonsense!
    I purchased this book and was expecting a much better read. This is just another bunch of self proclaimed babble from someone trying to promote himself as an expert.

    You can keep my money, I just want the time back I spent reading this book.

    There are too many technology "experts" out there anymore....more info
  • Essential reading
    Essential reading to understand the power of so-called "Web 2.0" which I prefer to call participative technologies. Repetitive and overlong after you get the point. But if you are a dimwit, then I guess the book's the right length....more info
  • Good analysis that misses the mark when it comes to application
    Chris Anderson does a great job explaining the phenomenon that is happening in this new age of virtually unlimited choices in just about every category where "shelf space" or Internet listings cost next to nothing, inventory does not have to be physically maintained and a physical store is not required. Indeed, there is money to be made from products that are not "hits". With so many choices and people searching for an ever-so-specific range of products, companies who offer a very wide range of products will be able to sell a few of each unit per year. On aggregate, these few sales across such a wide range of niches can add up to serious money if your carrying costs are almost zero.

    But how do these companies attract their audience?

    You'll have to read some other book to learn the answer to that question because Anderson does not answer it.

    This book stops short of telling us how these aggregators of vast amounts of products that appeal to a wide range of niche interests build their brands so people find and prefer them in the first place. If anyone can now easily list a virtually unlimited number of products online in just about any product category, what is going to set any one apart from the rest in any given category?

    That's where this book falls down.

    This book should have talked about the importance of building a dominant brand in your category and how to create strategic brand awareness so YOU are the first choice for consumers shopping your category. In fact, with the cost of entry so low, the author does not tell us how to compete against other companies who choose to operate in the long tail of the same category. If long tail theory holds, then there will eventually be an unlimited number of competitors offering the same vast array of products in your category. How can any one stand out and be preferred?

    The answer is to build your brand and the author does not delve into the topic which is a shame.

    This is a very good book but it is not going to tell you how to be the supplier of choice in your part of the long tail. You'll have to figure that out on your own.

    --Review by the author of the e-book, "How to Build and Manage Your Brand (in sickness and in health)." ...more info
  • Good but a lot of it was from the blog
    The book was pretty informative however a lot of the information that was in it I found a duplication from what was posted on the author's blog. There is a lot of fuel for thought in deciding what kind of business or product to sell considering that there is a niche market for probably anything that anybody can think of. Recommended....more info
  • The Internet does change everything
    This is an important book for anyone who wants to understand internet commerce or innovation in services. In addition, "The Long Tail" must be a part of the vocabulary of anyone who wants to talk intelligenly about modern business practices.

    The new emphasis on marketing in the new release is a valuable addition to the original.

    A current article in HBR attacks the Long Tail on empirical grounds. However, Anderson's response on his website is compelling.

    The one quibble with this book is that it is superfluous -- the original essay/article combined with the website covers the issues more fully. However, that said, this book will be more valuable than 90% of the volumes that you have in your business book collection....more info
  • Dan Swanson's Review of Chris Anderson's The Long Tail
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1QVDZKF0D43TW Dan Swanson's review was made as part of a critical review assignment for the Spring 2009 Economics of Technology seminar at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, taught by Art Diamond. (The course syllabus stated that part of the critical review assignment consisted of the making of a video recording of the review, and the posting of the review to Amazon.)...more info
  • Very Thought Provoking
    This book was recommended to me by a business friend. I am interested in starting an internet business and operate within what Chris Anderson describe as "The Long Tail" of my business sector. Armed with the knowledge and insight from this book, I feel that I am better prepared to launch my business. The best thing about this book is that it is linked to a blog that is constantly updated as well. So, and remaining questions that I had regarding the book were either answered on Chris Anderson's blog (www.thelongtail.com) or I could ask it then and there.

    This book will quickly become one of the mandatory pieces of literature for anyone wanting to operate a business or grow an idea on the internet. ...more info


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