Health o Meter SAB998D-41 Dial Scale, White

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White Rotary Dial with White Mat

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  • It is okay for simple weight loss tracking
    If you just want an affordable way but not a very accurate way of weighing yourself and keeping records, this is for you. It is inexpensive but not super accurate. What I do is weigh myself once weekly and at that time I do it three times and take the average. That's my weight for that week. Since I don't need strict numbers, this works for me....more info
  • A great little scale
    I did not want anymore digital scales with fancy ways of weighing oneself. I just wanted a scale that easily pointed to my weight. This is a dandy little scale. First of all, I have a very small bathroom, and this scale just fits your feet and fits nicely in a small space. In fact, my mom, who also has small bathrooms, asked me to order her one. I know this scale is accurate as its weight matched half-pound per half-pound the scale at my doctor's office on the same day. I love my little scale and would recommend it to anyone who is sick of scales having whoops and hollers....more info
  • Health o Meter SAB998D-01 Dial Scale
    You definitely get what you pay for. The measurements are off. When nothing is on the scale it still reads 5 lbs. So when I weigh myself I always have to subtract 5 lbs. If I were to do it again I'd probably pay a little more for accuracy, but can't complain too much since the scale was phenomenally cheap. Too good to be true, I guess....more info
  • Scale Good Price Good Quality
    The Health O Meter was inexpensive, appears to give accurate weights and although not modern in style, gives an impression of good "old fashioned" value....more info
  • Accurate, easy to read scale
    I am pleased with this scale, which is accurate and easy to read. I prefer this over digital scales. I would recommend this brand and model....more info
  • Excellant product!!
    At this price, it is the best weighing scale that works perfectly well so far. The finishing is good and looks solid. I'm very happy that I bought this item, and you will be too!!...more info
  • Health O Meter Dial Scale
    The scale works fine after you are able to get the pointer, precisely, on 0. ...more info
  • good product
    had a lot of issues w/ the shipping. it took several weeks. they sd the product was in stock when i purchased it but when it hadnt arrived in 2 weeks i talked to customer service and THEN they told me for the first time that it was out of stock and they were getting a new shipment soon and that they would send it to me as soon as they did.nobody could explain i was pissed. they only offered me 25% of my shipping fee back which would equal a whole $2. i wont buy from them again. but the product works great....more info
  • OK considering the price, but consistently 1-2 lb off each measurement
    The title says it all. For $10, reasonably performs. No maintanence and does not occupy much space.

    However, it seems 1-2 lb off every time I measure (reproducibility issue) and consistently couple lbs less than the number I get from another scale (precision issue). Overall, I can get an idea if my weight changed drastically (more than 5 lbs), so for that purpose it is OK. ...more info
  • Inexpenive but ACCURATE
    This may only be a $10 scale but It's exactly what I wanted. A Inexpensive scale to monitor my weight once In a while. It seems to be as accurate as the digital one at the Dr office. To the LB It may not be 5 star looking or analize body fat?? Do most of us care? It get's 5 stars for what It Is and being $10...more info
  • "The Health o Meter", excellent scale without all the unneccessary gadgets.
    I didn't want to purchase a scale with all the bells and whistles,so I purchased the Health o Meter. Excellent price, very accurant, as I get weight every month at my doctor's office also. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a simple, accurate, bathroom scale....more info
  • Pretty darn good scale for the money!
    Good scale! It needs a little adjustment here and there to get the needle back to zero, but I think it's because we don't leave it in one place, we slide it under the vanity when we're done with it. But other than that, so far so good!...more info
  • Decent Analog Scale
    This scale took a little bit of work to get zeroed, and has to be re-zeroed occasionally, but it's easy to read and accurate. Good scale for the price....more info
  • Cheap
    The price is the only thing it has going for it.

    I'm disappointed by the accuracy of this scale, I constantly have to re-adjust it so the needle starts at 0. Having said that, I still get the feeling that the reading is not entirely accurate and end up re-weighing my self at the gym to reconfirm.

    It weighs you accurately + or - 3 lbs, which is really not acceptable for a bathroom scale....more info
  • Uncomfortable and Broken
    I have a very small frame and small feet (130 lbs and size 8); yet, I still could not fit myself comfortably on this scale. My friends also complained about how inaccurate this scale is. Lastly, the zeroing function broke after a day--now the scale reads 240 lbs when nothing is on it. I am returning it and buying the Eat Smart scale instead.

    Save yourself the headache, shell out an extra [...] bucks and get this well reviewed scale instead. info
  • Nice Little Dependable Bathroom Scales
    These are very nice little analog bathroom scales that scream "simplicity". I like that, and they are consistent. The only complaint I have, and its not a big deal at all, is that they are sort of small for my big feet...But they work and the price is right! Highly recommended....more info
  • Scale
    I bought this as a gift for someone. It came very quickly and was packaged safely. It works how it's supposed to and I am very happy with it as well as the person who received the item....more info


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