The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being
The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being

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"Foreword by Jack Canfield: I have been hearing wonderful things about the Sedona Method- from clients and friends for about 20 years. Recently, I finally took the course with my wife and my 12-year-old son. I-ve been amazed at the simplicity of the Method and the powerful impact it has had on my life. Through my work with Chicken Soup for the Soul and through Self-Esteem Seminars, I have been exposed to many self-improvement techniques and processes. This one stands head and shoulders above the rest for the ease of its use, its profound impact and the speed it produces results. The Sedona Method is a vastly accelerated way of letting go of feelings like anger, frustration, jealousy, anxiety, stress and fear as well as many other problems-even physical pain-with which almost everybody struggles at one time or another. One of the wonderful byproducts of taking the seminar is that I have become friends with Hale Dwoskin. He is one of the calmest, clearest, most joy-filled people I have ever met, living proof that the Sedona Method works wonders. I am ecstatic about our friendship. During the seminar, I found myself constantly in awe of Hale-s brilliant teaching style. I experienced one breakthrough after another. As a result, I-ve already referred many family members, friends, and business associates to the Sedona Method seminars, and I-ve also had the entire staff at Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises learn the Method through the audio programs that Hale put together. Now I am thoroughly delighted to be able to recommend The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace, and Well-being. Reading this book is the equivalent of taking the Sedona Method Basic Course and several Advanced Courses rolled together. Filled with practical techniques and enlightening true stories, Hale clearly and generously explains everything we need to know to master the releasing process and to continue using the Method day by day, moment by moment in real life situations, such as having more fulfilling and harmonious relationships, building financial security, developing satisfying careers, breaking nasty habits, losing weight, and enjoying good health. He reveals the Sedona Method-s powerful secret for manifesting what you want in your life, while showing you how to be at ease and comfortable with what you already have. The Method also enables you how to have greater ease, enjoyment and peace of mind with all that you experience on a daily basis. So I highly encourage you to read The Sedona Method with an open mind and heart. Please allow the simplicity of its message and the power of this process to open you to all the wonders that life has to offer. It is one of those rare things in today-s world that delivers more than it promises... way more. I urge you to pay close attention to Hale-s message in this book. If you do, it will change your life. "

Customer Reviews:

  • before reading this, I had no idea what Eckhart Tolle was talking about

    Suddenly Eckhart Tolle makes sense, totally, everything. There is a completely different way of living, and this book happened to be the key to grasping that. It's like an inner experiment - to drop wanting to change, to drop trying to achieve, and see what happens. To say the experiment is worth it is an understatement.

    It's to be read fast. The key stuff starts in the middle of the book and the introduction is a little detailed. Once you experience what it's like to drop a feeling, read on. Find that wanting something feels the same as lacking something, and both are just a feeling, and feelings aren't you, and you can let them go. Simplify your particular flavor of wanting: is it 1. wanting to control or be controlled, 2. wanting to be loved or not loved, 3. wanting to be safe or wanting to die, 4. wanting to be separate or one with everything, 5. all of the above, or I dont know, then pick any one. Could you drop it, would it be ok with you? as best as you can and just for now, can always pick it back up if you prefer wanting. There are more questions to ask when your mind tells you you're stuck. (it's a trick, it does that, but it lies - always, testable)

    How the book says you you drop a feeling: You actually don't do anything, you just discover it's not attached to you. You ask yourself friendly whether you could let it do what it does, or whether it would be ok with you if the feeling dissolved, and answer honestly yes or no. It does not matter which answer. The point is more considering the possibility of being without that feeling, and without wanting to change the feeling (which is the same thing, if you feel into it). Something inside may scream no, and to be honest is important. Hale Dwoskin said in one of his free support calls, the questions are like "giving the mind a bone to chew so that it doesn't chew up your life". It's astonishing what suddenly goes easy when mind chews releasing questions.

    Things going easy is only a little side effect. The most astonishing finding for me was to experience "not wanting". I wouldn't trade that for anything I did or didn't get. Wanting happens, but the insanity and ridiculousness of it can't hide for long. Can you find the person who wants that? there are feelings, thoughts, but the person? no one there. funny, isnt it. and where's the wanting now. The tapes and seminars in Sedona are more of that flavor. I like them a lot too, but the book is excellent. ...more info
  • Letting Go
    I can tell you I had this book on my shelf for over a year before I finally decided to pick it up and read it. What was I thinking to leave it there like that? I didn't know its power. I read this book in the last couple of weeks when I had been going through some personal things. I was very surprised by how easy the techniques were to do and how much better I felt afterward.

    The book starts with the basic premise that I've heard and embraced before that the majority of human suffering comes from a resistance to what actually exists. The book also recognizes that we, as humans, really don't experience our emotions in a healthy way. Emotions are simply energy and are meant to flow through us. However, too often we bottle up our emotions and then our bodies hold onto them. In an attempt to release the energy of emotions, The Sedona Method teaches various ways to allow oneself to experience the emotion fully and then simply let it go.

    Beyond the emotions are our wants--we want security, approval, control or separation and at a very deep, spiritual level we need to look at what is at the root of the emotions we are experiencing and let go of wanting security, approval, control or separation. It is a very interesting concept to me and I have experienced a great degree of success with it in the short time I have been using it. Give it a try. It's well worth the price of the book.
    ...more info
  • The best self-improvement book I have had the pleasure to read.
    I have had an edition of "The Sedona Method" on my bookshelf for several years now. Of the hundreds of self-help books that I have read, this one is the most practical.

    The thing which distinguishes this book from all the countless others is the emphasis on "process" and the deemphasis on stories and theories. If you are considering approaching this book from an intellectual perspective then you will get very little out of it. If you are ready to allow some (or all) of your emotional baggage to drop away, then this book will accomplish this for you and more....more info
  • Shortest Path from Anxiety to Inner Freedom
    As an international lead instructor of The Sedona Method, I find this book transforming for all who have read it.

    Look on any page and find GREAT inspiration to move past your fears.

    Most all of us have heard, "Let go". But how? And how to do it quickly and easily? Letting go of whatever appears as an obstacle is magic, miraculous, and totally your choice, but how to do it?! Read this book and find out.

    I hope to meet you in person!

    With greatest wishes for happiness for you,
    David Ellzey ~ The Sedona Method ...more info
  • One of the most amazing techniques ever!
    Here folks, is a fast track to healing all of the emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that you are carrying around. "The Sedona Method" is great stuff, and has proven to me that it can be that easy.

    Imagine if you could simply release all negativity from your bio-energetic sphere and release your way into the life of your dreams. Would you at least try it? I would! And, I did. And, it worked. And, it proved to be a consistent process with my clientele as well. One of my clients even released the nueropathy from his feet. Very amazing to me.

    I was able to release quite a bit and watch as my life improved dramatically. I released a lot of my anger, jealousy, envy, and so on. Most of us are carrying around quite a bit inside, whether we want to admit it or not. Some of us have buried it so deep down that we are completely unconscious in some areas of our lives. So, when we are not feeling good about something, we don't really understand where it is coming from.

    Now, with The Sedona Method, you don't need to! You can just release it, and watch as the layers of your emotional onion are peeled away. After The Sedona Method, I recommend "Reality Creation 101" which will help you to rebuild the foundation of your reality after you have released all of the old junk....more info
  • A book that will assist you in freeing your mind.
    I did not give this book five stars for three reasons.

    1. The user can NOT receive dramatic results from the book by reading and performing the exercizes once. You will need to go back and repeat the exercizes a few times until releasing becomes second nature. Unfortunately; the author or publisher did not include an index of exercizes.

    This means you have to search and search through the book to find the exercizes. So until the author releases a second edition with a table of exercizes; use a hi-lighter, bookmarks, or copy the pages with the exercizes.

    2. I found it very tiring; the author placed many testimonials interspersed in the book, and to read the book sans testimonials; it is difficult.

    I think the author would have served the readers better if he had insert 5 or so testimonials as inserts in the text of the book, and placed all of the other testimonials in a seperate chapter or section of the book. This way; people that want to read testimonials could read them, and the others (such as me) could have ignored the section completely.

    3. This mind technology is effective; but is incomplete; because it does not use the soul power achieve faster results.

    Now I need to address some portions of the book.

    Page 8: "We are all unlimited beings". _| we are NOT unlimited beings. Only the Creator is unlimited; but I will say that we are far more powerful than 98% of the people think they are.

    Page 19: "We can have freedom and happiness now." _| I agree with that statement COMPLETELY.

    Page 29: "This natural ability to release our emotions was lost to most of us because, even though we did it automaticaly as young children without conscious control, our parents, teachers, friends, and society as a whole trained us out of it." _| I agree.

    Page 54: "Letting go gets easier to do the more you do it." _| This statement is absolutely correct; but in the beginning' you may literaly fight for every milimeter you gain! This is because you will literaly have to change the way you think and react to stimuli.

    Page 71: "Stop rushing past life" _| This is correct. Most people are so busy in their mind chatter that they are rarely ever living in the present moment.

    Page 102: "Emotions are just emotions. They are not you, they are not facts, and you can let them go." _| I could not agree more! You are your soul, and your lifetime of choices that lead you to this destination.

    Page 253: "Here is a fictitious account of how programming can run amok. Let's say that, when you were a child, you has an abusive relative who just happened to be a tall gray-haired womam. Therefore, after interacting with her often, you make an unconscious decision to the effect that all tall gray-haired women are dangerous" _| This anecdote is EXACTLY how we build up walls in our mind. Most people view the world's population as groups instead of individuals. Most people have faulty programming in their subconscious minds. This faulty programming CAN reach such extents; that some people are running through their life on automatic pilot, instead of living consciously.

    Aloha nui loa: Two Bears...more info

  • Best approach to stress relief available
    This was the first book I have ever read with real life techniques to apply to your daily living and get rid of stress. Not just go to the gym, take a break from work etc. He takes stress and deals with it in such a logical way - I have been able to put the stress in a basket and close the lid since I read this book. I still get situations where I can do better but it is a learning curve and I gave this book to my daughter's teenage friend who is already 3/4 way through it and it is a huge help for her. It is practical and helps you create situations and deal with them one by one. Once you learn the technique it will just take a bit of time to perfect it but you HAVE to start......more info
  • It really does Works IF You Work It
    This is not a book you will read and be changed by its profound ideas. It is not an idea. It is a practice. If you are an intellectual snob who is not willing to get out of your head and into your heart, this practice will not work for you. Only if you are willing to go within and and FEEL the feelings that are keeping you stuck will you gain from this experiential technique. If you are willing to do the exercises, it will be a profound experience in raising your awareness and your peace of mind. It can help you experience the freedom you seek....more info
  • This method brought me back to life
    This method helped me to loose the havy "emotional bags" and find my true
    This method has nothing to do with NLP. No any religious apply. By the way, in any religious, God is a unconditional love. So, why we always try to think that our religious is better, that we are better than our neighbor. Why we are always looking for a dark spots, not light? ( you find what you look for)- Because we are full of emotions having not much space for a God, for his light, for his love energy. And if we are have the feelings that somebody is worse than we are, so think, if we are really God followers? ..
    This method helps you to understand ( if you realy want it ) your Karma, yourself,clean it and allows God love energy to fill you.
    It is so wonderfull to live with love and nothing can rule your life!
    Just try it!

    Love and Peace!...more info
  • Exceptionally Good Book for Relieving Emotional Stress
    Although I have read dozens of self-help books and attended weeks of self-help seminars, none of those books and seminars helped me in the profound way that The Sedona Method has.

    The book's core observation is that we allow emotions based on old memories to block our minds and bodies from experiencing what is possible now. Many self-help authors make the same point.

    What makes The Sedona Method different from the others is the proposed method for eliminating those emotions. I have learned many other techniques for changing memories (such as the Tony Robbins Swish pattern) and use meditation to withdraw from emotions. I have found that meditation has worked best for me in the past. While meditating, my head is pleasantly vibrating and I feel at mental peace. With The Sedona Method teachings, I find that my whole body shudders pleasantly into relaxation and peace. In other words, this process causes me to enjoy a greater release from old memories and emotions than I had thought possible. It's a wonderful gift.

    So what do you have to do to enjoy this peace? You just need to ask yourself a series of questions (and the book is full of exercises to help you do that). I soon found that I did not need to ask all of the questions. With practice, I could just release negative emotions whenever I wanted to.

    This book came to me at a very stressful time . . . just after my Father died. I find that the grieving process has been greatly eased by the emotional releases I can stimulate any time I want.

    To get the most benefit from this book, you should practice every day to establish new habits. I read the book over two weeks to help make that transition. In retrospect, I would have done better to have read it over more weeks and practiced more each day. I plan to reread the book now to deepen my benefit.

    What was most impressive to me was that I could get so much benefit without going to a class or listening to an audio version. I suspect the teachings would be much more powerful in those forms. But you certainly can experience great things from just reading the book, doing the exercises, practicing and remembering to use the teachings when those emotions well up.

    May your days be filled with tranquility and a greater sense of what is possible!...more info

  • Completly Incomprehensible
    Without question, this is the single worst book in the self-help genre I've ever seen. Completely incomprehensible, irritating and frustrating. While many books of this type don't really deliver on their promises, this is the only one I've ever read that will make you feel WORSE! Dwoskin repeats over and over and over that "releasing" (which he never really explains how to do) is "simple" and "natural" and "easy" and you'll get results "immediately". So, of course when there are no results you start to think that you're some kind of sociopathic freak because you don't "get it". If you're depressed, this book will make you suicidal; if you're angry, it'll make you homicidal. And please do NOT waste the $200 on the CD's just to listen to this guy read the book to you. You'll wind up throwing the whole mess in the dumpster and wishing you had your money back....more info
  • A great secret of life revealed. Outstanding!!!
    This book will change your life!
    Have you ever been disturbed by a person or event and remained disturbed after the initial event that triggered it was long over? How much better would your day be if you could instantly "let go" or release this negative feeling instead of being ticked off for perhaps several hours (or longer)? How would your life improve if you were able to release your emotional reaction to a problem while at the same time courageously handling the situation? How would the quality of your life improve if you could regularly release negative feelings as they cropped up?
    The Sedona Method is all about releasing negative feelings as a means to improve your life.
    I used to think that bad moods were part of life and we were at the whim of them coming and going. Since practicing the Sedona method, I find that by releasing negative thoughts, bad moods are thing of the past or they are very short-lived should they appear. The Sedona method moves you in the direction of being more relaxed, happy, clear, alive, productive and effective. An additional advantage is that your intuition will improve as you release the negative thoughts that cloud it.
    The secret is out! Prior to this book, knowledge of this method was only available by audio tapes or live classes at a cost of many times the price of this book.
    This outstanding book is very well written and provides you with all the knowledge you need to practice the Sedona method. It is suitable for beginners and also has a wealth of advanced techniques included.
    As an example, Chapter 5 focuses on the serenity prayer. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". As you do the work in this chapter, you'll discover a way to accept the things you cannot change. You will find that you're easily and bravely changing the things in your life that need to be changed. In addition, the wisdom to distinguish between the two will suddenly be at your fingertips.
    The book also goes into dissolving your resistance to moving forward with accomplishments, setting and attaining your goals, power decision-making, breaking nasty habits and much, much more.
    If you only buy one self-improvement book this year, this is the one!...more info
  • Awesome method!
    This is just an amazing method!

    What a great proven way to help you move forward in your life. It is an amazing method. I am using it daily... I like the pratical applications and the way the book flows. I am a personal development junkie, and this one came at a great time for it to come into my life.

    Love the book, and the method... pick it up if you get the chance...

    JB Glossinger author
    Get Out of Neutral: Manifest the Life Experience You Desire...more info
  • Wnat to like it, but had a hard time following it
    In principle I really like the Sedona Method, but the book was hard to read - a bit wordy and hard to follow. But I really like Hale Dwoskin, too, and would consider watching a video or DVD (or seeing him live). The book just wasn't as readable as I need it to be. I personally prefer Byron Katie and the Work, but I think there's room for both. I definitely think the methodology is wonderful, though!...more info
  • THE SEDONA METHOD has a positive message to teach
    The first thing that struck me about THE SEDONA METHOD is that it is well written. This is a rarity for self-help books. The second thing that struck me was the systematic way in which it provides directives for personal growth. What I found most interesting, however, was Chapter 7 "Letting Go of the Four Basic Wants." In this chapter Hale Dwoskin suggests that letting go of control is a step toward liberation: "When we want control, we don't feel like we have control." Yes, it's a message I've heard before. But it's an important message, one that I need to be reminded of now and then, a message THE SEDONA METHOD presents succinctly, systematically, and in a clear-minded manner.

    Andrew Parodi...more info

  • Old wine - new bottle
    Much of the information contained in the Sedona Method we've all read before. It's valuable stuff but feels like it's cut and pasted from the books of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Jack Canfield's earlier Chicken Soup for the Soul. More profound, cutting edge, and life-changing thought is contained in Tolle's The Power of Now and Chopra's new book Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. These books walk you through the new phases of your life and explain very clearly how to change and how to live your life's dreams NOW. Given the choice, I'd sink my soul into one of these two books....more info
  • Sedona Method - Early reaction to book
    Very interesting with some intriguing concepts - how much the reader "gets" from it depends on how willing to accept the premise and work through the suggested exercises. This book is not meant to be read, but to be a guide to doing the work of adopting the processes as a way of dealing with the emotions that interfere with enjoyment of life.

    The biggest obstacle to accepting at first blush is the "Rah Rah" tone of the writing, and the repeated claims that adoption of the methods described will cure depression, enhance both productivity and effectiveness, and in general, make one a better, more complete person. It doesn't claim to cure the common cold, but that is perhaps the only claim not made. I was reminded of the subtitle to Doctor Strangelove, "How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bomb".

    However, once past that attitude, there may be much to learn and use within. If even a small percentage of the claims made are accurate, the book will be well worth the purchase price....more info
  • Get the Audio Program
    This is not a plug from anyone who makes money off the Sedona Method.
    The Sedona Method a really a great and practical tool. Though you have to use the audio programs. And I will go as for to say that the advanced audio programs are really really great. We really need more practical tool like this to help us benvolently a nd gradually rise above our lower selves. The book is great but you won't get the benfits by reading the book. You have to get the experience. Hale Dwoskin is a gentle sincere person, though he has a creepy laugh....more info
  • Best Book Ever!!
    I have only been using this book for 1 week and have gotten more gains than I have imagined in a week and am not even done reading it. This book changes your negative thoughts and limits you have put on yourself or had put on you below your conscious awareness. It has handled my depression, a lot of my stress, anxiety, and some fears. I have noticed I have a lot more of get up and go and things are easier to do where before I would have procrastinated for hours or sometimes days or simply wouldn't do it at all. I haven't really applied it to habits yet, but I am pretty sure that it will help with those as well. If you are looking for a way to improve your life, buy this book. I look forward to continuing this and see where it goes....more info
  • A Wonderful Method Nothing to Do With NLP: Ignore Atman's Review
    Folks, please disregard the "review" from Sally Atman. If she thinks this is basic NLP she knows nothing about NLP and less about Releasing, the Sedona Method and the Release Technique. Ms Atman's review is simply imbecilic.

    NLP is a series of insights and observations based upon the work of Milton Erickson and expanded by Bandler, Grinder and Dilts (and others) and has no relationship whatsoever to Releasing or the Sedona Method. If you want NLP, you won't find it here, but if you want an extremely powerful method of releasing negative emotions and bringing your life to new heights, buy this book.

    The creator of this method, Lester Levenson, had demonstrated the effectiveness of releasing long before NLP was even conceived of. This method has the capacity to take you to the highest states of human conciousness and is also of immediate practical value, whatever your current condition. Ignore her superficial review and see what others have to say about Levenson and the Sedona Method.

    I have found it to be invaluable....more info
  • Trite advice and limited release method
    The Sedona Method developed by Lester Levenson, an exscientologist who claimed he met aliens at a ufo meeting in Northern New Jersey and who gave out the hoaky story he cured his heart ailments and "escaped" death through his release technique. The Sedona method is a pleasant tension release method of little merit and much hype. Many of it's tape and cd sets gather dust in closets because it's users often find little benefit in its use or stick with it.

    The book makes hoaky claims about releasing leading to an "Awakening". This relic of the newage is harmless, but is no match for research proven Exposure Therapy when someone really wants to desensitize stuck emotions.

    The book is a rehash of common new age ideas such perfect relationships, prosperity, goals, and other such lures for the psychologically unsophisticated.

    If you desire to learn the "method" the book rates better than the cds or books. Do not recommend. Try focusing, exposure therapy, and sensate focusing if you want emotional growth that holds up. ...more info
    Its so easy, that I find myself doing it everyday. Its the best self help that i have gotten so far. I have purchased their cd's off their website which is also more easier, and he goes through these procedures described in the book.

    ...more info
  • Incredible Release!
    I have looked a long time for a practical, simple and effective way to release the excess baggage I have accumulated over the years that has stopped me from achieving my dreams and goals. Not only am I getting rid of the old, I now have a tool that enables me to remain free from becoming attached to the emotions that come up in various situations. It is very freeing and exciting to live day to day letting go and moving forward. They say don't judge a book by its cover however in this instance, everything on the cover is the truth. All you have to do is apply it!...more info
  • Develop ways to foster internal peace
    Hale Dwoskin discusses three ways we deal with our emotions. He tells us suppression is mostly like bottling up steam - it will blow eventually. Expression is sometimes okay but other times it can explode into something we regret later. Releasing is a way to let go of an emotion that could/would cause us anxiety if we held onto it.
    His main emphasis is when we release or let go of a feeling that has been bothering us, it frees our mind to think other thoughts. Picture a steaming teapot on a stove, it automatically releases steam built up by the heat. Similarly we all need to release pent-up emotions and Hale gives us exercises to help us try this new process which has worked for thousands of people.
    ...more info
  • Learn to Let Go
    I have been searching for the perfect self help solution for many years. I have purchased well over 100 self help category books and programs and have spent thousands of dollars. Some of these programs have provided limited relief, but rarely the positive improvement promised. I can honestly say that the Sedona Method Program and book have provided me with the permanent relief I have been searching for, so many years. I urge you to try it. You will not be disappointed. The Sedona Method will not compromise any of your beliefs nor require you to use complicated steps to achieve a rapid reduction/elimination of stress, anxiety, fears, and Phobias....more info
  • Based on Profound Spiritual Principles
    I am a long time student of deep spiritual Truth. Don't let the self-help image of the Sedona Method fool is based on deep, profound spiritual principles that WILL transform your life. It takes the principles taught by Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle and others and simplifies them into a simple simple. Release your thoughts and go back to your natural state...peace and joy. It is too bad that the focus of the book appears to be on changing your external goes much deeper than that. Use it...diligently. To understand it's depth read more about Lester Levenson...he has books available on Amazon....more info
  • A New Way of Dealing with Emotions and Feelings
    The Sedona Method is an excellent compliment to the books of
    John Gray and The Secret. The ideas and procedures presented
    are a way to learn to become free, and to gain understanding
    of how everything is linked....more info
  • Sorry - I just don't get it
    I tried reading this book from front to back. I tried skipping over chapters that seemed repetitive. I tried it every way but upside down.

    The "method" appears to have been inspired by the Marx Brothers movie in which Groucho portrays a doctor.
    Patient, lifing right arm above head: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
    Groucho: "Don't do that. That will be $25 please."

    Or, as expressed by this book:
    Reader: "Doctor, it hurts when I feel sad."
    Writer: "Don't feel sad. That will be $11.56 please."

    ...more info
  • deceptively simple technique is a key to true happiness
    I am a business owner who previously suffered with a lot of stress. Headaches, crankiness, bad stomache, neck aches - the works. I know that it's estimated that 85% of all disease is rooted in the mind, and that stress can definitely kill you.

    The Sedona Method taught me that I actually could choose the way I felt, that my emotions were not a part of me. In the simple process of letting go I found a very profound and joyful peace.

    My headaches, stress, and other related problems are gone. My relationships have improved now that I am happier. My business is even picking up now that I can think more clearly and make better decisions.

    I can and do recommend the Sedoma Method to everybody that will listen. I have given away 6 copies of the book as gifts. I honestly believe that if we gave everybody in the world this book we'd all be so happy that world peace would be achieved.

    Give the book a read and do the exercises. Prove for yourself if this works.

    ...more info
  • Repetitive but okay
    The book has some good points but I thought the repetition unnecessary but may prove helpful for those who find the need to be told one thing in more than a few ways to understand. As for the message/method of the book I thought it worth putting to practice but I honestly felt it could have been a much smaller read at a lower price.
    Overall, I recommend the book if it is on sale. You won't have to read much of it to get the point.
    ...more info
  • Find Ultimate Success by Letting Go!
    While you're probably aware that holding on to negative energy (such as long-standing grudges, phobias, paranoia, frustrations, blame and worry) is not a good thing to do, you might not be remembering to clean this kind of junk out of your energy field on a regular basis. THE SEDONA METHOD's basic premise is that when you master the art of releasing and letting go of all this negative energy, you'll feel more effective, healthier, happier, and energized.

    Would you like to be more resilient when times get tough? Would you like to feel more loving, secure, optimistic, calm, and free? THE SEDONA METHOD will show you how to move out of being "stuck on a feeling" that no longer serves you well... and moving onward and upward to a life of total prosperity.

    If this sounds simple, it's because it is! THE SEDONA METHOD presents real-life stories which give you a sense of how you might be sabotaging your success, as well as the tools for releasing yourself from guilt, shame, fear, and all manner of bad habits. Your mind and emotions can be reprogrammed for joy, health, and success -- and when you learn to understand how you currently incorporate basic emotional states and ways of thinking, you'll see how a few small changes can lead to BIG improvements in your life!...more info

  • sedona method
    starts off a little slow in the beginning but as you read you get into it.. works for me.....more info
  • Very Powerful Technique
    A couple of years ago I ordered the Sedona Method audio course. I was stunned by its simplicity and thought, 'this has got to be a joke.' So I returned it thinking that it would probably make a good book. When the book came out I decided that I'd give it another try and am I glad I did! I use the technique and share it with friends and have them buy the book and it does exactly what it says its does. It allows you to release little by little some of the negative states that bind us such as anxiety, tension, and so much more. Read it and change your life!...more info
  • One of the Better PRACTICAL Self-Help Tools Available
    Over the past couple of decades, I have read a LOT of books that address the issue of creating a better life and ending "personal suffering." The "problem" with most of these teachings-- although certainly worthy-- is that they either require extensive learning, or following the ways of a Teacher (to the exclusion of ALL others) for *years*, before some level of self-awareness is reached.

    The Sedona Method has certain aspects of "New-Age Mumbo Jumbo" it is also the antithesis of most "wishful thinking" programs. while basically offering very similar tools and skills to many of history's great Teachers in the tradition of nonduality. Here's a tool for everyday living, that you simply just take home and apply right away. I say this not only from the perspective of having read the book, but also from having attended seminars with the author, Hale Dwoskin.

    Many teachers and "systems" explain how we are held back in life by old memories and patterns. Essentially, we will recoil from, or even fear, certain situations... and when we do so, we're not actually responding to the PRESENT situation, we are responding to a MEMORY. What makes The Sedona Method stand out is its simple, easy to apply steps to moving on. No need to sit at some guru's feet for 10 years, no need to spend $5000 on seminars. The Sedona Method is a systematic "distillation" of the insights of a man named Lester Levenson who underwent a profound life change after being told he had only three weeks to live. Levenson defied the odds offered him by doctors, and lived another 40+ years.

    The core of the Sedona Method is extemely simple: "Letting go" or "releasing" the feelngs and emotions that arise around whatever issue is facing you, and are causing you to feel stuck. In some ways, it is not dissimilar from the teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), in that it follows a basic "release your attachment to the outcome" premise. Perhaps that sounds overly simplistic as a life-altering tool, but it isn't. And the benefits are immediate.

    The book offers up a number of steps (basically in the form of questions you ask yourself) which will allow you to let go of pretty much any kind of "stuck" feeling you might have. A variety of scenarios are offered, so the method can be applied broadly to everything from setting life goals (overcoming negative "it'll never work" self-talk) to overcoming fears of specific events. It does require a little practice to get used to the idea of "releasing" everytime you encounter one of life's obstacles... I personally found that it took me about a couple of months before the system became "second nature."

    About the book itself, it is a mixture of description, exercises and "real life examples" of how people have put variations of the method to use. Whereas it is easy to read, it does get incredibly repetitive, after a while, and some readers might find this a tad frustrating. The book also leans towards pointing the finger at "feelings" as the culprits behind most of our personal suffering, and I found this a bit offputting, at times-- but it's a very minor niggle.

    Having read the book AND been exposed to the material in seminar settings, the best I can offer is this: The book DOES stand alone, and most people can easily learn and apply the method without taking a seminar. The workshops (which can be pretty expensive) offer the benefit of the "full immersion" experience, and might be helpful for those who don't believe they are the best "self-starters" in the world. However, taking a class is NOT necessary to get the benefits.

    Final thoughts: Highly recommended (9 out of 10 possible bookmarks) for anyone looking for a practical way to address and move beyond old patterns. On the other hand if you're attached to the idea that self-awareness is complicated and "must" happen as a result of studying with a guru for 10 years, then this book is probably not for you!

    Thanks for reading!
    ...more info
  • Effective Technique
    This is one of the first books of its kind to actually work consistently over months of use. I have engaged many other techniques--including NLP Sally--and they are largely difficult to make work. This worked from the first time I asked the questions. There are simple answers in life and one of them is that you were built with the ability to release your own baggage. If that sounds far-fetched to you, just try to use the method and see what happens. It is such a relief to be able to feel again!...more info
  • Important tips on how to use the Method
    I've been using the Sedona Method for more than a year now, but I've gotten the hang of it only recently, so perhaps these words of caution will save you time and allow you to take full advantage of this wonderful method right off the bat.

    The basic idea of the Sedona Method is this: if we "release" our emotions and feelings, we immediately feel better and are more able to deal with whatever life has handed us. So, the entire book is geared toward teaching you how to "release." In particular, there are lists of questions that you can ask yourself and that will help you to release.

    The crucial point to understand, however, is that the questions themselves do not get the job done on their own. In fact, YOU have to do the releasing - just reading the question or memorizing them won't do. As the author notes on page 40 "[The questions] are not important in and of themselves but are designed to point you to the experience of letting go, to the experience of stopping holding on."

    I should point out that the written format is certainly not the best support for the Method. I am not advertising for the Sedona Method audio program nor the live seminars (both are very expensive, indeed, well beyond my current financial means), but I am guessing that hearing someone guide you through a release is more powerful than just reading about it and then having to figure it out yourself. Besides, Hale Dwoskin (the author of this book) is not a writer at all, and his writing is really not that great. (It should be pointed out, however, that it's quite an achievement for a non-professional writer to write 400 pages like this book, which in itself shows the Method to be quite powerful.) Yet, it's very possible to learn how to release by reading this book, providing you are mindful of not "just reading" but actually trying to find in your mind and your body what it is to release, and then practicing it over and over.

    I don't remember the date I first "released" using the Method. What I can say, though, is that using it makes life better and better. Problems are easier to solve, and if there is something you can't solve, you will be more able to accept it the way it is and it will not ruin your life. I don't think anything can be more helpful than this method in having a better life.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful program
    This is a great way to work through emotions that keep us from moving forward in life. It has been the easiest and most transforming book I've ever read. Would definitely recommend it to everyone....more info
  • DVD's would be nice
    Since I could not afford the DVD set, I bought the book. I am working my way through it slowly. This is good stuff. I am at a point in my life where I have a lot of things to let go of. I have looked at several techniques and the reviews on this are impressive. So far, I like it. But I suspect the DVD's would be a whole lot easier!...more info
  • This book SUPPORTS going into feeling, not denial
    Our society has turned "feelings" into sacred cows, perhaps in response to the repression and denial of feeling in past generations. Some now suggest that cognitive therapies, such as the Sedona Method, can encourage the suppression of feeling. Not in my experience! The Sedona Method actually takes emotions quite seriously and encourages participants to go deeply into their emotions before releasing.

    Here's what I've learned through the Sedona Method:

    My holding onto a feeling is actually a RESISTANCE to investigating and experiencing the feeling deeply. I notice I'd rather go on and on about my story about "my" feeling, thus creating more even drama, rather than pausing to examine the feeling itself. In a perverse way, I often resist letting go of feelings simply because I identify them as being "MY" feeling. Through cognitive approaches, I've learned that it's my own worshipful attachment to "MY" feeling that causes the suffering, not the feeling itself.

    That's where the Sedona Method is so helpful. The Sedona Method contradicts much of traditional therapy in that it understands that one does not need endless analysis and manufacturing of "story" about emotion in order to release it. Indeed, our endless analysis and masturbatory fondling of "our" feelings is often subtle ego ploy to KEEP the suffering firmly in place. As in: "This is MY story about MY suffering. And, look! Here is MY depression .... I am a very sensitive, emotional person who has suffered terrible things at the hands of others (which people with fancy initials after their names agree with me on ....), and I thus need years of understanding and exploration before I can let this feeling go." Perhaps it's true for some of us. I don't know. In my case, it was a lie. I discovered that this was just a clever form of ego resistance which, unfortunately, finds much (unhelpful) support in our culture.

    There definitely is a body-mind connection. The Sedona Method demonstrates that once the thinking is addressed directly THROUGH the feeling, the feeling will drop. This is true for everyone. It doesn't matter how big or small your I.Q. is, or how much money you make. The Buddhists have been saying this for centuries. In Alcoholics Anonymous, old-timers routinely say to people who feel like drinking out of anger or depression, "Feelings aren't facts." The Sedona Method invites us to look more deeply at feelings rather than repress them.

    Cognitive approaches such as The Sedona Method also gently challenge our resistances to releasing the feelings. After years of getting absolutely nowhere with traditional feeling-based therapy, I found liberation * only * through cognitive approaches. But I had to give up wanting to suffer first. I was completely unconscious of my attraction to the very pain I claimed to want to release ... but there it was. The Sedona Method points this out to you ... And that's the tricky part of this process. Our mind clutches at so many "reasons" to hold on and "be right" about our feelings. Our mind tells us we need lots of "time" to get over our feelings. Not so. The Sedona Method proves that.

    We all have that resistance in common. The nice thing about the Sedona Method is that it will help you even with your resistance to letting go. It can help you on so much levels. But first you must ask yourself if you really want to let go of the pain.

    ...more info


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