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The Maker's Diet

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Miracle cure stories abound when it comes to natural healing. A super nutrient reverses cancer after chemotherapy has failed. A Chinese herb lowers high blood pressure in a patient with heart disease after being dismissed as quackery by doctors. Jordan S. Rubin?s account of returning from the medical abyss, however, includes an original twist. After several years of battling Crohn?s Disease, which included a small fortune spent on both conventional and alternative treatments, as well as trips abroad in search of help, Rubin weighed only 111 pounds and, at just age 21, thought his life was over. At the urging of his father, a naturopath, he contacted an obscure nutritionist in California promoting a diet based on the teachings of the Bible. Yes, we?re talking what Jesus ate: kefir, lamb, sprouted breads, eggs and meat from free-range chickens, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Rubin also started to pray and added a new powder supplement containing homeostatic soil organisms (HSOs) to his diet. Four months later he weighed 170 lbs and was on the road back to his former athletic and healthy self. Inspired by his experience, and now with advanced degrees in nutrition and naturopathic medicine, Rubin has crafted The Maker?s Diet. While the faithful will surely find the book of interest, Rubin?s command of the scientific issues underpinning his recommendations may also appeal to those more accustomed to studying food labels in search of what to eat than ancient religious texts. --Patrick Jennings

Customer Reviews:

  • The Bible as a dietary quide?
    Why not? Archeologist recognize the historical truths in the Bible, now Jordan Rubin uses the Bible to shed some light on nutritional truths.
    Jordan Rubin's book makes for fascinating reading, intertwining personal testiomony of his miraculous cure through God's dietary principles, examples of others who have experienced similar results, principles behind the Mosaic laws given the Hebrews, and scientific facts that support the principles.
    The debate over "clean" and "unclean" foods may not be totally solved in the reader's mind simply by reading The Maker's Diet, but it will definately challenge the reader to answer the question "just why did God call certain foods unclean?" Granted, the New Testament does appear to speak of this issue in the New Testament that may be confusing to some; however, it bears remembering that God never does anything without a purpose. When he originally gave the dietary guidelines, there was a reason for it, and those reasons did not change. Yes, Jesus came to fulfil the Law and God did tell Peter not to call Unclean what God has called Clean. However, it could be argued that God was making the parallell between the Jews and the Gentiles. Again, as pointed out in another review, God tells us we are not under the law, but led by the Spirit. I personally believe that God is speaking of his great Mercy and Grace. For if we were to be judged by the law, we would all surely fail. But through God's Mercy and Grace by which he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, we are no longer judged by that law. Because of this, I do not believe God holds it as a "sin" to eat the foods that were once called "unclean". However, taking into consideration the principles behind the dietary guidelines (that are so clearly brought out in The Maker's Diet)it would stand to reason that it may be healthier to follow the Wisdom of our creator. He does have a perfect plan. Just as He did when the Israelites wanted a King instead of God's perfect will of the Judges He appointed, He will allow us to eat of the foods that may not be His best plan for us.
    The dietary guidelines, however, are just one aspect of the "diet". To reap the entire benefits Jordan Rubin encourages a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, music therapy, aromatherapy, prayer and suppliments, all of which have scientific proof of being beneficial to your health.
    Christian's will find this a book that provides some insight into God's original plan for Man's lifestyle, whether or not they totally agree that it is a diet for today.
    Non-Chirstians may find it difficult to accept the Biblical aspect, but may still find the principles behind a sound dietary guideline helpful.
    As for myself, all I can report is that since applying these principles to my health has improved 10 fold. Is it just the conscientious approach to a healthy lifestyle that would have worked with "any" diet? Considering that I have been on just about all diets out there without the success and health that I have now, I doubt it!...more info
  • A Great Place to Start for Better Health
    This book fits in with others that promote common sense eating and living (Eat This and Live! and The Abs Diet: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life). A lot of these things you know you should be doing, but don't. Indeed, it's a lifestyle change, not a "diet" as diets are normally defined. For those into being healthy, there's not a lot of new information here, but you will still find some useful points and it's always good to have a refresher. Sometimes Rubin refers a bit too much to his own products. Really, the Israelites didn't have a website to order food from, what can I do at my own grocery store? In fact, since this book first appeared, healthier foods like those Rubin talks about have gone mainstream. Organic and natural foods are even in Wal-Mart now. His "dirt" supplement is a bit overboard, but now you can probiotic supplements in your yogurt section. The importance of the digestion system, and how bad we abuse it, is becoming widely known. People want to be healthy and not on 50 prescription drugs. Rubin does go overboard on his hatred of vaccinations. Every medicine has side-effects on at least a small part of the population. But even if his concerns are true, the majority of people have benefitted from the value of vaccinations. There has also been a growing awareness of the problems associated with industrialized livestock raising and the antibiotics used on them and our sterilize everything mentality. ...more info
  • Life Changing!
    I recommend this book to everyone! We all need to know the information contained in this book. Jordan Rubin really is a kind person with all our best interests at heart!...more info
  • The Maker's Diet by Rubin
    If the author is to be believed, the Maker's Diet has been
    known for centuries due to the extensive Biblical citations.
    In addition, the primitive diet is even older. The book
    cites Gabon, Africa as a location devoid of cancer due to the
    simple dieting of the inhabitants. The primitive diet is known
    to produce strong teeth and bodies. The diet consists of
    protein, fruits and veggies in the natural/organic state.

    Modern society brings with it fluorination, tatooing, dental
    amalgums, sunlight, tanning and chlorination- all potentially
    harmful to humans. The author cites the advent of bone
    infections due to the agrarian-based diets. Enzymes can aid
    in digestion. In addition, quality sleep before midnight
    can lead to optimal health outcomes. Adding HSO to the diet
    promotes important anti-oxidant activity.

    This book could be very helpful in crafting an optimal
    nutrition strategy based on the Bible and some known
    alternative medicinal science....more info
  • The Maker's Diet
    Recieved book on time-fair condition..Interesting take on diets..Am enjoying the book.. Interesting that used books versus new books end up being so cheap but postage is so much higher then either new or used...I'd recommend this site to all my firiends.......more info
  • Fake Degrees---Hidden Info
    Want to know the whole truth about how Jordan really healed?
    ...more info
  • The Maker's Diet
    Book was in excellent shape. Came in a timely manner. Pleased with transaction....more info
  • Last resort diet
    I quit reading this book about 2/3 of the way through it. I found many of his points questionable and for the majority of people and families, I think eating this way would be impractical and expensive.
    The author relies heavily on the extended life spans of Biblical characters but never makes the distinction that the people he refers to were living in the post-Garden of Eden age. These people still had the genetics and some of the natural conditions that existed when the world and human beings were created. And they were likely created to live for a long time. If this diet were so healthy, I wonder why Jesus was mobbed by people (including Jews) asking for healing of various health problems.
    Mr. Rubin also excludes the fact that when Peter shied away from eating "unclean" foods, God told him not to call unclean that which He had made clean. Peter understood he was being given permission to eat what had once been forbidden.
    The author also seems to warn against many of the vaccines and inoculations that are recommended today, ignoring the hundreds and thousands of lives that are saved and disabling conditions avoided by these practices. While a few people may react negatively to a vaccine, the benefits far outweigh the risks.
    What really turned me off was the author's glowing remarks about his cleansing routine. Hoping to learn more about it, I turned to the page listed in the back and found only ordering instructions for his book on this cleansing routine--no other information about what it might entail. That's when I saw all the mail order information for the foods he recommends. Anyone who lives outside a large urban center would be forced to use these mail order companies to buy their food. And how expensive would that be to feed a family, much less an individual?
    Maybe if I were in extreme health circumstances as Mr. Rubin was, I would try this diet. But not until then....more info
  • Good Diet . . . BUT . . .

    Jordan Rubin's life was saved by changing his eating habits. He gave up the poor diet of a typical American in exchange for a diet based on foods described in the Bible. In the process he learned enough about health and nutrition to become an expert.

    Is his diet good? I am not an expert like Rubin, but from all I've read, he seems to have a good grasp on healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. His book is easy to read, and if his diet is followed I have no doubt the person on the diet will be more healthy. Most diets that increase persons' self discipline are beneficial. The book has an interesting, easy to read style. Rubin's practice of changing tone from chapter to chapter will keep the reader engaged.

    Is this the diet for you? I doubt it. This diet takes a lot of work, much more than the average American will be willing to put into practice. The idea sounds good, but most people will not put out the energy it takes to make it work.

    My suggestion? Unless you are a disciplined person, choose a simpler approach.
    ...more info
  • Good, but I think Nourishing Traditions is better
    I agree with most of what the author advocates, except when it comes to excluding the meat of pigs and other animals he calls unclean. As far as the Biblical case, his perspective is strictly Jewish. The Christian perspective can be found in Mark 7:19 (Jesus declares all foods clean), Acts 10:9-16 (God says, "Don't call anything unclean that I've made clean" (which this book does)), and 1 Timothy 4:3-5 (Everything God made is good, gives thanks for it).
    J. Rubin, on one hand, tries to show from history of Jewish health that the Old Testament diet has preserved them when others were growing sick, but this could be for other reasons, such as the increase of factory foods. He cites the research of Weston Price, which is excellent, but he doesn't mention that Price recorded some cultures that ate pork, whose health didn't suffer for it.
    There is a section where other diets are mentioned, but I don't think it's well done - some are glibly dismissed, others it's not clear what's wrong with that diet.
    The recipes in back of the book are good (in spite of their lacking pork and shrimp, etc.). Some of them are taken from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, which I'd recommend instead of this.

    ...more info
  • Helped my friends Crohns!
    Wow- this diet is amazing. My atheiest friend starting following the makers diet after a particulary bad Crohns attack, and the improvement in her health is nothing short of spectacular. In fact the only times she relapses is when she goes off the diet. I'm not sure if she has found God yet, but she certainly has found a great way to handle her illness! ...more info
  • Read this to get a perspective on diet options
    I was given a copy of this book while shopping at a health store. There are some great nuggets of information in here. I am not even going to go into the religious talk on this. Get what practical information that you can from this book. There are great ideas that the average person can learn from, while searching for a better, healthier way of living. This is a good starting point....more info
  • Good book, good information, questionable author
    I enjoyed the information presented in the book as it follows right along with my "eating naturally" lifestyle. I didn't enjoy his recommendation to ingest HSO's or dirt... After reading the book, I did some research on the author and his credentials are highly questionable and some even appeared to made up completely....more info
  • Excellent Approach to life and eating
    Please note that I did not use the "d" word. Dr. Rubin does not want you to jump on board a "diet fad," but presents clear support for a healthy and nutritious way to live. Through his own health trials, Dr. Rubin kept his faith that a cure was available and he eventually found it. He presents a Biblical-approach to eating that is life changing. It does take commitment to break out of the old mindset of eating poor, non-nutritious, highly processed foods. The benfits physically and mentally are worth far more that any drive thru offering. I would recommend the book--easy read, with plenty of source documentation, not just opinion. A great investment for a better life! ...more info
  • Great plan for changing your diet permanently, regaining health
    In January, my husband was told his cholesterol and blood pressure were too high. His cholesterol was 241. He was already exercising 5 days per week and we were on a "fairly" healthy diet. I ordered this book, we did what the book said, ten weeks later my husband's cholesterol was down 99 points!!! (He was also put on a very low dose of cholesterol meds at that time)Our doctor was so impressed, he called me himself to tell me the good news! If you will do this plan for the rest of your life, you will definitely improve your health, general well-being. Easy to do really, you just replace your junk food, eating out with buying organic, the expense is about the same! ...more info
  • Good read for IBD
    I certainly don't ascribe to every single detail of this book, or Mr. Rubin's beliefs (although, there are many that I do) but this is a definite read if you have IBD, IBS, or any other GI problems. Since I have Crohn's, I can speak from experience. I am using his philosophy, in conjunction with the SCD and have had good results. I believe using diet as a means for therapy is great, but it won't deliver results overnight. You have to be willing to give it a chance.
    To most of you who gave 1* or 2*'s, I offer you 4 remarks. You either a) have never suffered from a disease yourself, b) you aren't a Christian (or you just can't stand the thought that the Bible MAY have something to offer!), c) you didn't even bother to read the book, or d) you didn't follow the diet. Don't be so blatantly obvious! Oh, and reality check, don't take life so literally....think outside the box!
    I have had IBD for almost 8 years. If you think that doesn't qualify as someone who has some knowledge of the GI system, you are wrong. It doesn't always take a MD or some "righteous" degree/credentials to write a book and share knowledge. In fact, all my MD's want to do is shove pills down my throat or open me up with a scalpel.
    4 stars for this book. Just another way to avoid taking so many drugs. I do wish, however, that Mr. Rubin offered more for less. As in less money. You have to pay to be a member on his website (not gonna happen!) But, in the same breath, I've paid enormous amounts of money in pharmaceuticals and doctor's visits. I don't mind buying a book or two if it might offer even an ounce of help! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Mr. Rubin! ...more info
  • The foundation for good health!
    This book is a must for everyone. Religious or not. If you believe in God, all the better. But if not it is still invaluable information! Just cutting out some of the foods mentioned, my husband and I have seen a huge difference in our digestinal system. Clearly our creator knew what he was talking about when he gave us a dietary law. This book also strengthened my faith. Some of the things mentioned in the law are amazing. Science has now proven so many of these things to be essential to our health. How did these people know that, they didn't. God did. In Ezekial 4:9 God gives a recipe for bread. Science has now proven that those ingredients combined create a perfect food. Clearly God knows what He is talking about when He gave us a dietary law. I beleive the Dietary Law to be a health law. For maximum health follow His law given to Moses regarding food. This law has nothing to do with righteousness and only to do with Health. Do you think God told you to wash your hands before you eat because it made you a righteous person, no! Because He knew you'd get sick if you didn't.

    I have read this book and I have read the bible! I find nothing contradictory whatsoever. This book points toward the intended dietary guidlines for better health. Biblically speaking God knows his creation better than the creation knows itself. I believe the dietary law to be nothing more than a guidline for health. You wouldn't put water in your gas tank so why do we put non-kosher food in our bodies? If you read the passages given about The Law they simply say that The Law does not lead to righteousness. The Jews got all mixed up trying to be outwardly righteous they missed the point. Jesus never said to eat whatever you want in Mark 7, that was Marks additional comments in newer versions. Possibly even added by people later as the bible was written over and over again. Jesus merely states that what comes out of you (evil thoughts, words, actions) makes you defiled not what goes in, he never says eat what you want. And in Acts 10 when you read the whole story in context you realize that a Gentile man was coming to invite Peter to his home. Then considered an 'unclean' thing to do by Jews. At that time Peter has a vision from God about excepting unclean things. Had he not had this vision he would not have gone to the Gentile home. But he never ate the foods described.

    Bottom line. The New Testament is merely trying to make a statement that the whole law (food included) had nothing to do with faith and righteousness. It had gotten turned into a huge egotistical war. Abraham had no 'law' and yet he was deamed righteous by his faith. That was the point the new testament was making. That the law was just a guideline not a standard for getting to heaven. Do you really think God messed up? That he needed the saints going around correcting his error? I am sure Jesus would have been killed much sooner than he was had been going around telling everyone to have their pork and lobster! Why would he send demons into a herd of pigs if he was telling everyone those were good for food? The only fact remains that food is food, it only effects our health not our spiritual wellbeing! If you want to be healthy read this book! If you are ailing from any disease read this book!...more info
  • What information we were missing...
    The Maker's Diet is an excellent book that enlightened our whole family as to why we had some particular health issues. We started the 40 day health experience and we are almost into the third stage now. We already feel physically better, have more energy during the day and if mixed in with Bible study the effect will be multiplied.

    Sometimes the body needs us to "remove the thorn" from it so it can heal, and that, often, without the use of medicine.

    I thouroughly recommend this book.
    God bless you all....more info
  • Not for everyone
    The problem with this book is it assumes everyone has the same problems as the author. I gained weight because of all the dairy fat and wound up with gall bladder problems. Mercola's book is better since it addresses people like myself who are a carbohydrate type....more info
  • Must have for all families
    Dr. Rubin's views on back to nature living is what's missing in America. He helps to remind us where we came from and how God intended for us to live. Unfortunately the almighty dollar has interfered with God's plan. I will be starting my 40 day prayer, fasting and diet on September 1, 2005. It's my prayer that my old habits will be broken so I can live in complete health for the rest of my days.

    This book was very easy for the layman to read and understand. You will have a lot of Aha! moments with this one....more info
  • The Makers Diet
    I am finding this book to be very helpful as I make changes in my eating habits. I feel better about myself, knowing I am eating the way Jesus ate when He was on this earth. The recipes are easy to follow; this book is very easy to read. It's one that I will use over and over....more info
  • The Maker's Diet
    I found this book not only spiritually lifting but also a diet plan intended to get those who read back into the youthful and healthy life God intended us all to have....more info
  • Didn't Work for Me
    This didn't work for me. I ate dirt for a month. It didn't do a thing for me except give me gas....more info
  • In Jordan's defense...
    Whether or not someone as credentials is irrelevent to me. I have scleroderma and knew more about the disease than MANY of the doctors I got sent to for help. I believe anyone with a disease or health issue will seek information from more sources, and know first-hand what works and what doesn't.
    As for this book, anyone who reads it and thinks that eating food without overprocessing, added preservatives, artificial "enhancers", is wrong - they're just not thinking. How can chemicals added to create fake colors, flavors, give the appearance of a higher quality real food product be better for our bodies? The whole point of the book is to eat naturally, the way our bodies are made, whether you believe in God, or Mother Nature, you can't argue with the fact that we don't eat what our great-grandparents ate, and now who DOESN'T know someone with cancer? When I was young, cancer was a rarity, know it's the norm affecting almost every single family in some way or another - the major change is pollutants in the air, in the chemicals we put into our bodies, and the ones we put on our bodies. Argueing over details while ignoring the whole main point of the book is just ridiculous....more info
  • The Marker's Diet
    I realy like this story and great thing that i like it is food that must right with good healthy meal in right way to control your diet.It must for sick persons that need to eat right food for their body need to do right ....more info
  • Author Lacks Credibility
    Before explaining what's wrong in The Maker's Diet, I must first give it credit for providing basic good advice for eating healthy, whole foods. But then...

    * Conflict of Interest. the book is heavily geared toward selling Rubin's own products. Some might argue that many other vendors are listed as well, yet his trademarked "HSO" probiotics are listed as an integral part of the diet. If you hate a hard sell, skip this book!

    * Snake oil. HSOs, or "Homeostatic Soil Organisms" is a term that Rubin seems to have invented. And only the company he founded sells the stuff. There are no credible, independent 3rd parties out there who will vouch for the product's efficacy or safety...just the favorite tool of all snake oil salesmen: anecdotal "evidence". Ditto for "Clenzology", by the way.

    * Tainted Science. Some of what Rubin proposes is well-referenced and reasonably proven by a large body of scientific research. Despite the air of credibility this gives the book, there are cases where claims are made but not proven, studies are cited but not referenced, or statements presented as scientific fact are flat out wrong. The latter seem to stem from a desire on Rubin's part to avoid acknowledging the work of evolutionary biologists. For shame.

    * Blasphemy. A lot of readers are likely to give Rubin _extra_ credibility due to his frequent references to the Bible and God. I'm not a Christian, but if I were I might be incensed at the title of this book, and at Rubin's presumption to know what God intends as the best way to live. Unless you believe Rubin is a prophet, this isn't God's Diet (and make no mistake, for Rubin, the "Maker" is the Christian God), this is Jordan Rubin's Diet.

    * Inconsistency. Rubin's criteria for including a food source or therapeutic substance varies from pure opinion to injunctions in Leviticus, and from scientific research to mere word usage in the Bible. This haphazard and idiosyncratic approach weighs the book down, diluting both the value of the less frivilous advice and Rubin's own credibility.

    In the end, one is left with the option of either spending an inordinate amount of time (and money!) following Rubin's complex, suspect advice to the letter, or scratching one's head as to which subset of suggestions will have a large enough impact to be worth implementing separately. At which point you're left not with the Maker's Diet, or even Rubin's Diet, but your own. Which is what you started out with in the first place....more info
  • Go ahead--make Jordan RICH
    The only thing you will lose if you follow this diet is that green paper you keep in your purse/wallet. All you're doing is making Jordan Rubin rich. Besides, the notion that certain foods are "unclean" is, like...SOOO Old Testament (remember: the New FULFILLS the Old---ALL foods are considered CLEAN by this New Covenant). Besides, some of the foods he suggests in this diet are outright NASTY (example: "biogurt"---YUUUUUUCK).

    Stay away from the Maker's Diet. Eat what you need in the right amounts, and eat what you want in moderation. ...more info
  • The Maker's Diet will change your life!
    I have suffered with a GI Tract ailment for 7 months. Over half a dozen doctors could not give me any answers, or any hope. My mother in law recommended The Maker's Diet to me. I could not be more thankful for what this health plan has accomplished for my husband and me. Not only are my stomach ailments 85% healed, but my husband (who had no known health conditions) is experiencing more energy than ever! And not only am I able to get out of bed every day, but I lost 5.5 pounds in the first week! The Maker's Diet is NOT a new "diet." It is an easy to read and understand health plan that will change every aspect of your life- not just the foods you eat. My husband and I feel so blessed to have found this health plan- it has improved our health, our relationship, and given us hope for the health of our future. You will not be disappointed with the Maker's Diet!!!...more info
  • Food for living as recommended by our designer!
    Jordan had advanced Crohn's Disease and was literally starving to death until he went to our designer Himself and looked in the Bible for God's wisdom regarding what our bodies can and cannot handle. Jordan gained weight and got healthy using this diet; I was over-weight, but lost weight AND got healthy using this diet.

    It comes complete with pages of "real food", mouth-watering, tasty recipes like "Easy Smothered Salmon", "Chicken with Oregano and Mushrooms", and "Family Roast Beef" for starters. There are recipes in this book for every meal of the day including desert! It "breaks you in" gently to start eating right and still be able to eat foods you like. For many more recipes, meal plans, and food choices, I also recommend buying his companion book "The Maker's Diet: Shopper's Guide". ...more info
  • Save yourself money
    Save yourself money and just buy Sally Fallon's book. All the Maker's Diet series are reinterations of her recipes....more info
  • Worst book on diet I have ever read
    I was intrigued by the title thinking that it would offer Biblical food guidelines. But instead this author only wants you to buy bizarre products available only from his web site like special dirt to eat and soap to wash your hands with. Almost nothing Biblical about it. Actually, the Bible just says to eat lots of vegetables, avoid rich foods , shell fish and pork along with several other unclean animals. Good advice.
    Forget Jordan; read Daniel and Leviticus...more info
  • Excellent
    The Maker's Diet book is not just "another diet book". First, this book is a guide to a change in overall eating habits and wellness for life. There IS a 40 day plan to follow to initially detoxify your system, and get on the right road to being healthier, however, this plan extends well past the 40 days.
    If you want a quick fix, extremt weight loss, simple book, this is not the book for you. If you want to look better, feel better, enhance your life from more than just a physical standpoint, and achieve your best possible total wellness- then buy this book! I have read the book, cooked the recipes, and done the 40 day plan. I have changed my eating habits, and my overall health in a relatively short time. Has it been easy? No. But is anything worth doing, really worth doing, easy? No. If you are tired of looking in the mirror and knowing you are not healthy, whether overweight, sickly, poor skin, etc- then try this plan- try it for 40 days. You can do anything for 40 days right? Yeah, you definately can. You will be glad you did. Your body will be glad you did, and anyone who knows you will see a difference. If you need to lose pounds- you will. If you need better health- you will achieve it. If you just want to feel better- that will happen.
    Remember- garbage in/garbage out. This book will guide you to replace garbage with good...good in/GREAT out.

    Here's to your health! =)...more info
  • The Maker's Diet
    The book was received promptly and was advertised as a new book.This is an honest company. Great to deal with. Thanks....more info
  • live it a must for anyone who is health concious
    this is a great book. i bought it for a friend with health problems and she couldnt put it down. its helping her already...more info
  • It makes a lot of good sense!
    The book has some high standards for eating and living, but it makes sense. The arguement for why it is important to live by the maker's diet is convincing. I'm sure, like me, you will not be able to put it All into practice, but it's worth seeing where you can cut your loses and increase your health!...more info
  • Good Diet Therapy Primer for those in trouble !
    I really enjoyed this book, it's a great diet primer.
    I really like Jordan's examples and his experiences will help those in need and in trouble with their health, specifically their diet. Great Diet Therapy book for those whose needs are very special. This book is a highly interesting book for people who have problems with Iritable Bowel Syndrome, GI and Crohn's Disease, and have tried everything else to get better. I am not an expert in these matters but I liked the way he explained "How" we get sick and what specifically to do.
    He is a great example of determination and a good model for healing especially those who have Gastro Intestinal problems....more info
  • The Maker's Diet
    This is a great book, especially for anyone that has suffered with digestive issues... I have not, but I want to be more healthy and I believe that Jordan Rubin is on to something... check it out, on Amazon I was able to buy the book for a few dollars, what a deal!...more info
    This book was given to me as a wonderful gift from a beautiul girl I just met.....So, it gets FIVE stars~!!! Ok, I read it because of her. and guess what~!? The book content was very very eye opening for me, and taught me so much COMMON SENSE. I found American's diet to be super unhealthy, and is a FAT NATION. No wonder why? Compare to any other Nation, our food intake volume and quality of food SUCKS~! If I lived in China, or Japan....I would not be FAT or SICK as much. OK, so......what can we do about it? READ THIS BOOK, learn something, then make it to fit your life. I do not think Diet should be hard, or painful. Just eat healthy, drink healthy.....and do not be lazy. ...more info
  • A good book on diet but not for every one
    "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan S.Rubin is a book for those who have health challenges and would like to follow the biblical injunctions to regain their health, like the author did. Jordan recovered from a very severe form of Crohn's disease, which is considered incurable by the main stream doctors. He recovered by his faith in his Maker (the God) and by following the dietary guidelines given in The Bible. After recovery, Jordan felt inspired to continue to help other sufferers by sharing with them his knowledge. He is a doctor of naturopathy and is thus well qualified to write on the subject. But many of his recommendations appear to be commercially motivated. Many chapters of the book read like some marketing testimonials!

    While the information given by Jordan is indeed valuable, the book has one limitation in that the food items suggested cannot be followed by lacto-fructo-vegetarians, who, by choice, by faith or by their religious upbringing have decided not to eat eggs, fish and meat. And Jordan seems to believe that God has chosen the Israelites specially to share His wisdom about food and has not shared His wisdom with people of other faiths in other lands. The Hindus too believe that He spoke to them and their food habits are quite different.

    Much of the information contained in this book is common to what is given in Jordan's other book, "Restoring Your Digestive Health" coauthored by Jordan and Joseph Brasco. There is of course, some difference in the emphasis, in that the present book focuses more on following the Maker's Dietary instructions.

    The last few chapters of the book are devoted to specific suggestions about the 40 day Diet and the Appendices give sources for getting the various foods recommended.

    If you are comforatble with the Bible and would like to adhere to the dietary guidelines of that book, you may derive good value from the present book. You may also find that the diet recommended by the book is beyond your affordability....more info
  • Maker's Diet-A divine revelation on Restoring Your Health
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