12" Big Blue In-line Exhaust Ozone Generators

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Product Description

This UV ozone generator is similar to the UVONAIR, Silver Bullet and Air Tiger 1, only MUCH, MUCH STRONGER. The Big Blues have the largest UV bulbs in their class (each Big Blue bulb is about twice the size of the generators mentioned above). There are sizes engineered to fit standard exhaust ducting from 4 to 12". The 12" model will accommodate up to a 1200 cfm fan. The 12" Big Blue is designed for big, tough jobs. 5 individually controlled bulbs. Ozone output of nearly 4000 mg/hr. Uses up to a 1200 cfm fan. Additional features: The Big Blues are assembled with corrosion resistant stainless steel. The Big Blues use a germicidal UV-C lamp that produces the most effective odor killing ozone that ultraviolet technology has to offer. UV lamps continue to produce ozone for up to 14 to 18 months of continuous use. After that the light is on, but ozone levels are below optimal. Bulb replacement is easily accomplished by anyone who can change a light bulb! Simply remove the lamp from its snap clips, separate the bulb from its power plug. Reverse the order for the installation of a new bulb. No need to return the Big Blue to the manufacturer for bulb replacement.