2-Heat 2-Cool Chronotherm IV Thermostat

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Product Description

The T8624 (T8624D) Chronotherm IV Deluxe Programmable Thermostat provides 2-Heat, 2-Cool electronic control of 24 Vac multistage heating and cooling systems. This Honeywell programmable multistage (two-stage) thermostat offers the highest quality temperature control for residential & commercial heating & cooling systems. Full seven-day program capability; different schedules and temperature setpoints may be selected for everyday to match any schedule. The highest quality multi-stage (two-stage) thermostat available!!! Daylight Savings Time (DST) key for quick change in and out of Daylight Savings Time. Easy temporary temperature setpoint changes for current period, vacation hold (1 to 255 days) or indefinite hold adds comfort and energy savings. Most frequently used keys are located by the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for quick and easy access to information. Honeywell T8624 available with outdoor temperature sensor capability for homeowner convenience. F or C temperature display;automatic or manual changeover; electric or conventional heat fan operation; adjustable heating cycle rate.

  • Full seven-day program capability
  • The highest quality multi-stage (two-stage) thermostat available!!!
  • Attractive T8624 thermostat styling complements any.
  • Set points are permanently held in memory (no batteries used) and retained during power outages
  • T8624 thermostat Back lighting the large display makes the LCD very easy to read.