3-in-1 Air Ionizer

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Product Description

The 3-In-1 K-TW982 pulls in your dirty air, filters dust and particles, removes smoke and haze through ionization, and sends fresh air back out! The air ionizer neutralizes miniscule dust particles in the air, effectively eliminates cigarette smoke and revitalizes the air. The air purifier (filter) eliminates larger floating pollutant particles, pollen, dust, and other air pollutants. The ozone/deodorizer fights germs and bacteria, while removing odors. Great for homes, RV's, offices, class rooms, boats, motels, dorms, pet areas, work shops and smoking areas. (weight: 3.3 pounds; width: 11.1 inches; depth: 7.0 inches; height: 3.3 inches)

  • Area coverage: 500 square feet
  • Fan: Yes
  • Ion Output: 10KV+10%
  • Ozone Output: Yes
  • Power Usage: < 20 watts