ADC DIAGNOSTIX 700, Adult, Black (ADC-700)

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Product Description

Note: This Monitor is for Professional Use Only! Blood pressure Monitor Features: Heavily chrome plated precision crafted 300mmHg, no-pin stop manometer polished to a sterling shine. Luminescent dial features bold white numerals and extended graduation marks on contrasting black face for easy reading in all light conditions and from virtually any angle. Adcuff nylon cuff with ADC's proprietary Size Guide marking system ensures proper cuff positioning and use of correct cuff size. Cuff includes convenient gauge holder. Dip molded latex inflation bladder withstands heavy use. Latex inflation bulb fitted with filter screen end valve reduces dust build-up. Adflow chrome plated brass air release valve with filter screen protection permits precise deflation control and years of reliable service. Complete with leatherette zippered carrying case with nylon zipper. Adult size available in 11 fashion colors. Assembled, inspected and packaged in the USA from foeregn components. Two year inflation system warranty. Lifetime calibration warranty. Six clinical cuff sizes available. Cuff sizes: Newborn: Measures arms 1.75-3.30in (cuff is 2 x 7.1 in long) Infant: Measures arms 5.10-7.5 in (cuff is 3 x 10.3 in long) Child: Measures arms 7.25-10.25 in (cuff is 4.1 x 14.5 in long) Adult: Measures arms 10 -16 in (cuff is 5.7 x 21.3 in long) Large Adult: Measures arms 13.5-20 in (cuff is 6.9 x 24.9 in long) Thigh: Measures arms 16-26 in (cuff is 8.3 x 32.5 in long)

  • ADC Diagnostix 700 Series ADC's finest pocket aneroid, the 700 is the instrument of choice for the discriminating professional.
  • Chrome-plated precision crafted 300mmHg no-pin stop manometer
  • Luminescent dial features bold numerals and extended graduation marks for easy reading in all light conditions and from virtually any angle
  • Adcuff nylon cuff with ADCs proprietary Size Guide marking system, prevents mis-cuffing
  • Dip molded latex inflation bladder withstands heavy use