APSL-WC April Shower Slim Filter Value Package with Replacement Cartridge

April Shower Head Slim Filter APSL-WC by NewMarket Naturals slim housing increases headroom, and comes with multi spray showerhead includes pulse message. The APSL shower head removes 98.9% of chlorine, rust water, sulfur smell and odors from water. This unit comes with bonus replacement cartridge (1 per pack)last for 6 months.

Pure clean water
Removes Chlorine
White value pack with extra cartridge

Removes 98.9 % of chlorine, rust water, sulfur smell and odors
Patented high-performance filtration media: KDF-55? (copper-zinc) and Chlorgon? (mineral salts)
Reduces scale build-up on tiles and glass
pH balances the water
Replaceable 6-month cartridge
2.5 gpm multi-spray showerhead with pulse massage
Installs in seconds without tools
Slim Housing increases head room
ABS sure grip plastic housing
11 Oz KDF(copper/zinc) filtration media
Great for traveling