Air Cleaner & Indoor Air Purifier to improve indoor air quality


Compare the Biozone air cleaner to other air purifiers?

The Biozone air cleaner units provides 5 ways of purifying your indoor air space. Biozone Scientific uses their patented PureWave? & UltraPure? technology to develop a true air cleaner which will remove more cigar and cigarette smoke, harmful dust, mold, allergens, pet dander and odors more than any other indoor air cleaner available.  Our air purifiers uses safe ozone technology to safely remove these harmful and unpleasant elements from your home, business or industrial building.  We have qualified indoor air quality specialists to help you determine the best air cleaner for your needs.  Whether you have a small space that needs air purification or a large industrial need like restoration...we can help. 

Benefits of the Biozone Air cleaner:

  • No filters to buy - save money on continuous air filters
  • Safe Ozone technology
  • Whisper quiet fan
  • Our air cleaners really purify the air! was the 1st online distributor for Biozone Scientific...we offer secure online ordering so you can buy with confidence from a reputable dealer!