Air Cleaner Q & A Electrostatic furnace filter and air cleaner selection advice

1. Our response to a customer question about photochemical removal

Reply by David:
You are correct in that the Clarifier, the Allerair, or the IQAIR GC Multigas would be the best cleaners to remove the photochemical chemicals.
As far as the whole house air cleaner goes, I have not heard of your method but I have heard of an air cleaner that is free-standing where the air is ducted in from the main return of the central air system and is then ducted back to the return after the air is cleaned.I cannot see how cleaning the air in the room where the air is before it is pulled into the return would be able to properly work.
An electrostatic plug-in type of furnace filter is an excellent idea because up to 0.3 of a micron you will be able to remove up to 50% of the particulates and reduce the dust in your house and create less of a strain on the furnace, because you are circulating cleaner air through the heating cooling system.
If you have any questions concerning any of this please feel free to call.

David Barnaby
Reply by Customer:
Dave: I bought the Clarifier air cleaner from your company and am waiting as it works on my mold problem. Also bought the furnace electrostatic from your company which within 20 minutes had cleaned the air enough that my lungs "automatically" began to breath deeper, this was an odd yet positive experience, and there is substantially much less dust and nearly no dust balls rolling around on the floor.
Tried my dehumidifier in the furnace room as per my question below. We were both right! Much of the air is not affected by the dehumidifier in this position but some of the air is apparently pulled in from the furnace room so the house did gradually seem dryer.
Thanks for your answers and great products,


2. Customer question about which air cleaner to use in an apartment
I'm trying to figure out if a machine and which machine would be good to use in a 750 sq. foot apartment for pretty much, strictly dust buildup. Unlike others, I don't really have any allergy problems and other than a bit of pet odor from the litter box of my pet rabbit, I don't have odor problems either. My main goal is to cut down on some of the household dust that seems to accumulate so darn quick after cleaning. Now I won't lie to thick within a week or two. Will an air cleaner help with this problem and cut down on the amount and frequency of dust buildup? I've read some things that say that 99% percent of household dust is simply dead skin & hair, but then I read things about dust mites being a problem for some people. I don't know how you would tell the difference. Btw, I just got the rabbit, so this was happening well before he came on the scene. Also, I anticipate moving to a larger apartment within the year, so the area to be cleaned will get bigger.
Thanks for any info! I don't like to dust and clean around the apartment, so I don't do it as often as I should, so when I do, there is usually so much dust that it has already formed a new light layer within 24 hours
Reply by David:
Hi Bryan,
An air cleaner will help eliminate the dust in your home from the mere fact that the particulates in the air will be drawn into the air cleaner where it will be removed thus reducing the amount in the air.
Keep in mind, the larger particulates and especially the ones you can see are heavier and will fall to the floor, furniture, etc. very quickly so the air cleaner will not have a chance to filter it out.
It is most important, therefore to vacuum and dust regularly. The air cleaner will help with the lung damaging particulates that are too small to be seen and these will be small enough for you to breath in and large enough to not be exhaled out so they will remain in your respiratory system where there may be a reaction to the pollutant.
I would recommend the IQAIR Healthpro unit which will clean an area of 800 to 1000 square feet. It will remove at least 99.97% of all particulates in the air down to 0.3 microns in size.
If you have any questions concerning any of this please feel free to call or respond.
Thank you,

David Barnaby