Air Cleaners - Pet Hates About Them

By the way, what I hate about most air cleaners is they don't tell you when the HEPA filter needs changing or whether you even need to filter the air; it could be squeaky clean, but you keep churning electricity. Most of you are running HEPA filters inside your air cleaners with a clogged up filter and don't know even where to get a replacement air filter because most dealers do not carry them, as it is not profitable. You should change most filters every six (6) months. Some of you have been using the same filter with your air cleaner for years.

With Blueair air purifier filters you can just lift up the lid and take a quick peek and use common sense. Black air filter? Yes it needs changing! These are also the quietest air purifers we have seen! Great for bedroom use.
My other complaint is that air cleaner manufacturers mislead consumers about the machines cleaning capacity in actual use. All air cleaners are rated, even by AHAM on high fan speed. Now who wants a noisy fan sounding like a train going through their bedroom at night? The reality is most everyone uses their air cleaner on low speed, getting about one quarter effective cleaning range. One "work around" is to put the machine on high in the early evening, and then turn it down before you go to sleep, or try the blueair air purifiers for quiet bedroom use.