Air Cleaners Testing An air cleaner is tested in a room or whole house

We do not sell goods we have not tested and pulled apart ourselves. We do not throw up a product for sale onto a web site and hope it sticks. To give you some idea, this is what we do for air cleaners.

A team of three people who are very experienced and well trained, first pull a machine apart. They have a checklist of about 30 items. At this juncture, they also test the machine's efficiency, meaning how much dirty air escapes back out into the room. Many air cleaners get rejected at this stage. Then we have a tiny testing room. It is not air tight, but it has no windows and we lock it during testing. We measure the particulate level in the room at 24, 48 hours and weekly intervals. If the machine looks promising, we send it home for a real life test, with a staff member to the most adverse conditions we can find (not my house!), and our staff test particulate levels with a monitor at periodic intervals. They look to see if the overall particulate level in a room or the whole house gets reduced and by how much.
For legal liability reasons, we cannot publish many of our results. Our tries to steer you in the right direction in the products we sell. We try to be as candid as we can about what we sell and if we do not sell it, there is probably a good reason. And yes, we have tested some of the best selling , including household names, on the market today and some of them we wouldn't want them on our even if they paid us.
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