Air Filter & Air Purifier Related Glossary Of Terms

Air Filter & Air Purifier Related Glossary Of Terms

Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification
Air Filter & Air Purifier Related Glossary Of Terms
By Richard Carrow (Danforth Air Filtration & Air Purification Division, Buffalo, NY)
Air Filter/Filtration & Air Purifier/Purification Definitions:

Danforth Indoor Air Quality Division... And ...Danforth Air Filtration And Air Purification Division Work In Concert To Help Maintain Your HVAC / Air Filters / Air Purifiers, And Coordinate Required Periodic Testing And Preventive Maintenance On All Air Filtration & Purification Systems In WNY / Upstate New York / New York State

Baffle - Plate or vane used to direct or control movement of air within a confined area.

Blower - A fan used to move air under pressure.

CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute

Challenge Concentration - The concentration of an aerosol of known character used to test a filter, under specified conditions, for the purpose of determining efficiency and/or leakage.

Class - Refers to a level of cleanliness in a cleanroom as measured by particles per cubic feet per minute.

Cleanroom - A room (facility) in which the air supply, air distribution, filtration of air supply, materials of construction, and operating procedures are regulated to control airborne particle concentrations to meet appropriate cleanliness levels.

Clean Work Station - A clean-air device such as a bench or similar enclosure, characterized by having its own supply of filtered air.

Clean Zone (Area) - A defined space in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits.

Contaminant - Any unwanted substance present in or on a material or any surface within a clean zone.

Contaminate - To reduce the level of a clean zone or material by the addition of contaminants.

Contamination - The result of the addition of contaminants to a material or any surface within a clean zone.

Contamination Control - Any organized effort taken to reduce the level of contamination.

Controlled Environment - An environment in which parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, contaminant level and so forth are controlled within specified limits.
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