Air Filters and Filtration

There are several types of home air filters used in varying ways by manufacturers of Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers. Below is a description of the most important air filtration systems used. Home air filters work by drawing the air through the filter, and in many cases, layers of different types of air filters. Particles and gases are trapped by the air filters while clean air is released back into the room. Modern air filtration removes sub-micron particulate, odors and gases.

This air filter traps 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns, including harmful fibers, dust, mold spores, dust mites and tobacco smoke. Developed by the Atomic Energy Commission, these filters were designed to remove radioactive dust from plant exhaust. They are now part of the primary filtration systems for electronic clean room assembly, isolation wards, surgical theaters, bioengineering, pharmaceutical processing, and other applications where the maximum reduction or removal of sub-micron particulate is required. A human hair is about 300 times too large to penetrate a HEPA air filter.

Carbon Filter
Carbon filters provide protection against gases and odors. Enhanced carbon-zeolite filters provide additional protection where greater adsorption is required for gases such as formaldehyde, ethylene, heavy metals from cigarette smoke, lower weight hydrocarbons, ammonia and volatile organic compounds.

Made of dense media to capture large dust particles and extend the life of the Hepa filter. Easily replaced at minimal cost or vacuum cleaned monthly.

This diagram shows the inside of an IQAir unit. The air passes through stages of filtration, each stage removing a particular size of particle, cleaning and refreshing the air.

Air Filtration is an effective means to clean air through the removal of particulate, gases and odors.
Depending upon your requirements, the combination of home air filters and methods of purification will determine the type and brand of air cleaner or air purifier that you will purchase. If you have any questions about the air filtration process and what level of protection you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.