Air Purification with an Electronic Air Purifier

Particulate as small as .01 Microns are captured by an electronic air purifier.

An electronic air purifier or air cleaner does not rely on filters alone to clean the air. Filters tend to capture only the larger of the many potentially harmful airborne particles found in most indoor environments, leaving many of the smaller, and more harmful, behind to be inhaled by you or your family. An electronic air purifier on the other hand, captures up to 95% of all particles from as small as .01 microns.

How does an electronic air purifier work?

The air is generally drawn in the the unit through a prefilter and then through a strong electronic field. As the particles pass through this field they become electrically charged. The next stage has the air and electrically charged particles passing through a series of parallel plates called a collector. Each alternate plate in the collector is charged with the same polarity as the particles and thus repels them towards the other set of plates which are grounded and attract the particles, capturing and holding them. The air is then released back into the building.

An electronic air cleaner or air purifier cleans the air of up to 95% of all particulate .01 microns in size and larger.

This diagram shows how a Trion true electronic air purifier works.

image courtesy of Trion

A testimonial to the effectiveness of the Trion electronic air purifier can be the fact that the US Navy uses Trion electronic air cleaning equipment in it's fleet of nuclear submarines! You too can harness the power of electricity to keep the air in your home healthy and pure!

Harness the power of electricity to clean and purify the air in your home or office with an electronic air purifier.

Purification Methods of Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners