Air Purifier Accessory: Austin Air HealthMate Pre-Filter Jr

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Product Description

PERMAFILT Pre-Filter is designed to last for years. Once installed, this Pre-Filter can be easily maintained by occasional vacuuming from outside the perforated steel housing of the Austin Air unit. This procedure keeps the Permafilt Pre-Filter clean and increases the life expectancy up to 2 or 3 years, eliminating costly quarterly filter changes. The HealthMate Pre-Filter: Jr is a replacement pre-filter for Junior Austin Air models, and is available in Black or White. The HealthMate Pre-Filter: Jr works to trap large dust particles, and can effectively filter a room of about 700 square feet. The HealthMate Pre-Filter: Jr is available in Black and White. NOTE: The HealthMate Pre-Filter: Jr can be seen from the exterior of your air purifier. Be sure to carefully select the HealthMate Pre-Filter: Jr to match the color of your air purifier. The white HealthMate Pre-Filter: Jr can be used for both white and sandstone air purifiers. The black HealthMate Pre-Filter: Jr can be used for the black and silver air purifiers.

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