Air Purifier - Blueair 402

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Product Description

You'll love the Blueair Air Purification System, unless, of course, you're an airborne particle. A slightly smaller version of the Blueair 501(item #5868), the 402 effectively purifies air in rooms as large as 365 square feet. While traditional air cleaners trap particles using either mechanical or electrostatic technology, the Air Purification System combines the best of both. First, the filters contain millions of ultra-thin fibers that mechanically trap even smaller particles. Then it goes a step further by giving a negative charge to particles, which magnetically attracts them to the filters, giving your room an air exchange five times per hour. To minimize drafts, it disperses clean air on three sides through an area six times greater than the average air cleaner, while it is very quiet (has 4 speeds, on level 1, it is nearly impossible to hear). The Air Purification System is made of galvanized Swedish steel, the same material used in high quality telecom equipment, and is constructed to have an exceptionally long product life. No assembly required. We think this product is so good, we use them in our offices! New improvements have increased energy efficiency by 30% and reduced noise levels by 12%. Particle Filters (item #4791), and Smokestop Filters (item #4792) sold separately. Please see specs for filter information. From Blueair.