Air Purifier Customer Letter - Hamilton Beach and Blueair Purifiers A thanks for good service and air purifiers by Althea H.

From: Althea H. (Last Name and Email Address have been withheld)
Subject: Excellent site and service!

Dear Mercia,
I just had to write to tell you how wonderful my initial experience was with your organization! Everything about your company---from philosophy, products, personnel, and the website design and layout---has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I first discovered your site in a Google search for air purifiers. Without exception, your site was the most friendly, intuitive, attractive, and informative of it's kind I found anywhere on the Web. However, it was when I directly interacted with your staff that I decided to become your customer. Judging from the many other high-quality items on your site, and the wonderful experience I had with this first contact, I am likely to be a continuing customer as well.

I had been researching air purifiers for a while now from brochures, consumer organizations, and the Web but I was still confused and frustrated about certain issues that were not resolved for me by examining spec sheets, evaluation charts, and AHAM ratings. I called to find someone for guidance to "talk through" some of the more subjective issues I was conflicted about. Your representative, Bob Cobe, was the one who assisted me. He provided a wealth of information, recommendations, and ideas to give me a much clearer sense about what would work best for me. We went over such issues as---optimal placement of units with different formats to assure best performance for my particular environment; air disbursement (radius/angle and strength) of the units I was considering; the levels and types of contaminants I am exposed to; the living space itself and issues which might reduce effectiveness of certain units; the noise level and "pitch" differences between units. This personal attention and help was invaluable.
This is not to diminish in any way the excellent, excellent materials you make available online -- the comparison charts, evaluations, interviews, specifications, and testimonials -- but when I was looking to narrow down my "finalists", I felt I needed to consult with a live person directly. I called and left messages (mistakenly in two separate areas, I later realized) asking for advice and assistance. I received rapid callbacks from two of your representatives and it was Bob who got back to me first. He was so personable, attentive, patient, and knowledgeable that, at the end of our conversation, I finally felt able to order the appropriate items with complete confidence. I'm sure I will be pleased with my choices.
I wish there were more companies available online (for other types of items of course, not competitors of yours) with your business philosophy and superb customer service! I very much look forward to receiving my items and to doing more business with you in the future.
Althea H.
(My husband, Derek L., placed our order today)

From: Althea H.
Subject: Re: & the

Thanks Bob!
I want you to know that the we already received from you is a wonderful unit and we are enjoying having it immensely! The configuration, with the front grille intake and the top clean-air circulation, is ideal for the layout of the bedroom. It is unobtrusive, fairly "slim" and neutral looking enough to blend into the surroundings. I like that I can place it against the wall so that I don't need to be tripping over it. If it were another type of unit, it would need inches all around to work effectively which is fine in a den or living room, not so good in a smaller room. Thanks very much for pointing that out when we were discussing the features of the different units! That turned out to be a more significant issue than I realized.
The noise level, by the way, is really nothing. I don't find it unpleasant or disturbing in the least on the normal "Auto" or "whisper clean" setting. Even the medium is still OK. Of course high is a bit noisier but I don't mind that either unless I am sleeping or reading in the room. The air-exchange rate at any of the settings appears to be more effective than anything I have ever had before. Although I have had other air-purifiers, I notice a dramatic and significant difference with this one.
Even though as I said I am not seriously and specifically allergic, I have been experiencing general malaise and non-specific discomfort for some time which I correctly attributed to the air-quality. Since we set up this Hamilton Beach unit, sleeping is easier and more comfortable and waking better than I ever remember! I no longer wake to sinus pressure and/or sniffles and a vague headache. (We DO have mite protectors on all our bedding, by the way, so the air seemed the more likely problem.) The room doesn't smell musty or feel stuffy anymore and most remarkable of all, I'm not having to dust with the furious frequency that I have always had to previously. It never took long to have the surfaces get coated with dust in our home. I dusted a week and a half ago and darn if the surfaces don't STAY dusted!
I don't have to be made to see the virtue and, in fact necessity, of a fine air-purifier even though neither my husband nor I are not a highly allergic individuals. In fact, I don't have to be persuaded about the virtue of ANY of the type of products you sell. When we need a water purifier, we'll be coming to you (sorry, we already have two really good ones just like those you carry for the shower and kitchen). When we need bedding or quilts, we'll be back as well.
Thanks once again for your fine service, helpful advice, and terrific products!!
Althea H. (& Derek L.)
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