Air Purifier - Hunter QuietFlo 165 - (White)

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Product Description

The QuietFlo Air Purifier 165 is CADR rated to clean a 15' x 17' room's air 6 times per hour, and its unique weekday/weekend programmable control automatically adjusts fan speed for maximum cleaning during the day and ultra-quiet operation at night. Features include portability, easily replaceable carbon pre-filter, and LED indicators indicating when filters need to be changed. The QuietFlo Air Purifier's fan draws air into the unit, followed by the activated carbon pre-filter eliminating cooking, tobacco, and pet odors, as well as large particles, pollen, lint, and pet hair. Next, the air travels through the true HEPA filter that captures 99.7% of all airborne particles as small as 0.3 micron in size. Finally, the clean, purified air is introduced to the room from the top of the purifier to avoid stirring up settled particles. From Hunter. 5 year limited warranty. MSRP: $230.00.

  • Color: White
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