Air Purifier Review in Depth - AirFree Air Sterilizer Airfree air purifier kills mold, viruses and dustmites with new sterilizer technology

Since we announced the AirFree Sterlizer, we have had a number of questions which we hope the following review will clear up. We recommend the AirFree Sterilizer primarily for mold and dust mite control, viruses and bacteria.


    EFFICIENT: For contaminated air passing through AirFree it's sterilizing efficiency is 99.99% in destroying microorganisms. Remember as in all purifiers, the allergens have to REACH the machine. However, assuming they reach the machine, the purifying effect is greater than regular HEPA filters. (We do have some like IQAir, Care and Healthway that have enhanced HEPA filtration performance capabilities.)
    EFFECTIVE: AirFree destroys even the smallest of airborne microorganisms in its unique ceramic heating chamber without any ozone being used. In addition, it destroys the smallest of microorganisms. For instance viruses are killed at 150F, and since they are smaller than 1 micrometer, AirFree perform better than most average HEPA filters. AirFree destroys airborne allergens such as all types of fungus, including those from dust mite feces, mold spores, proteins from cat dander. To re-emphasize a point, AirFree does not incinerate dust mites. Air free destroys the fungus dust mites need for food without producing harmful by-products or gasses such as found in ozone machines.
    TECHNOLOGY: The core of the AirFree is 400F. It is the intensity of the internal heat that sets AirFree apart and which is the secret of the documented results it has achieved.
    ROOM ALLERGEN REDUCTION: AirFree has achieved 85% reduction in the ambient air, the figure which is what really counts, and not at AirFree air outlet (99.99%). This is a very impressive figure. These results were achieved primarily with mold spores. Remember in certain circumstances, when some other allergens may be blowing into the room at a rapid rate, the results may not be so high.
    INDEPENDENTLY TESTED: This sterilizer has been tested in hotels, libraries, banks as well as laboratories and research centers with published results. Note the testing has been principally for mold spore reduction, and for which it has been found to be remarkably effective.
    USER FRIENDLY: You can turn on this air sterilizer and forget it! There is only 1 speed, so you can set it on and safely leave it on for weeks.
    SILENT: The AirFree is completely silent, but it still gets the job done. Great for the office or those bothered by noise in the bedroom at night.
    LIGHTWEIGHT: At 4 pounds, the AirFree sterilizer is extremely lightweight, and easy to move or carry.
    MAINTENANCE FREE: One of the most appealing aspects of this air sterilizer is that it has no filters and requires no maintenance. A true economic advantage over traditional air purifiers which often require replacement filters.
    WARRANTY: 2 years. Since there are no moving parts, fans or knobs, the manufacturer estimates a life of about 5 years. This figure still remains an estimate but we believe it is likely to be true.


    NO FAN: AirFree works best in areas where air is already circulating. Great for air-conditioned areas, forced hot air or areas with a fan, air purifier, or people moving the air about.
    WAITING PERIOD: Best results are achieved over a period of continuous use for 21-30 days. We think the wait is worth it to kill and keep mold spores, bacteria and viruses at a minimum, but if you need to decontaminate a room FAST, this technology would then be best used in conjunction with a HEPA air purifier.
    DOESN'T HANDLE CERTAIN ALLERGENS OR GASES/ODORS: Not effective for non-living organic particulate matter such as pet hair or gases. It would not be used for fast odor control where carbon adsorption is needed.
    AREA COVERED: Only good for areas up to 250 sq. ft., but effective nonetheless. We recommend purchasing several units to accommodate larger areas in need of air sterilization.
    SAFETY: AirFree's top lid achieves 144F on its top lid which is uncomfortable, but not enough to cause any burn. Children will instinctively remove their hands when touching the top lid. We personally liked it as a hand warmer. But some mothers of young children should exercise extra precautions.

Other Points:
AirFree can be put on a tabletop, but it will probably require additional air currents like generated air conditioning. Why? Because AirFree works by air convection. It will be impossible to grab by air convection the heavier microorganisms that will naturally be deposited on the floor.
AirFree will still be efficient on a tabletop but not as much as if it was placed on the floor.
For instance in a laboratory setting, AirFree is placed on table tops because that is where you need the air to be clean and not so much on floor levels.
Nevertheless the lab tests done with AirFree on tabletops had air conditioning which was helpful to the AirFree performance. There is no real evidence that AirFree will not work on tabletops, but it is preferable to have it on the floor.
These AirFree Air Sterilizers are truly a breakthrough in home air sterilization with a small footprint at an affordable price! The fact that these air sterilizers actually incinerate microorganisms and other contaminants set them apart from other air purifiers. If you want to destroy mold spores, fungi, bacteria and viruses, air sterilizers are truly in a class all their own, and we're excited to make them available to you.