Air Purifier and Humidifier

Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier and Humidifier:
Allergy sufferers and those who are dry skin-sensitive will appreciate this two-in-one system, the only one of its kind that filters the air as it helps maintain humidity at the optimum level. With its two HEPA filters, the whisper-quiet system circulates the air up to five times per hour, removing 99.97 percent of harmful particles including pollen, dust and spores while an activated carbon filter removes fumes and odors commonly associated with cigarettes and cooking. At the same time, it automatically provides a hygienically humidified atmosphere that's effective during all seasons, regardless of the outdoor conditions. For those who enjoy the scent of aromatherapy, there's a built-in capsule that holds your own relaxing and healing essential oils for freshening your room even more. Two portable water tanks on each side of the unit are extremely easy to remove and fill even in the smallest sink. Money-saving, the filters last a long time; the HEPA filter is good for 12 months while the carbon filter requires replacing every six months. (Sku: #196349)


Model:   AOS 2071
Dimensions:   21.1 x 23.6 x 13.0-in.
Cord Length:   8-ft. 6-in.
Weight:   20.5-lbs. (empty)
Power Source:   AC 120V (60Hz)
Air Circulation:   Setting 1 - 40 cubic feet/minute
Setting 2 - 122 cubic feet/minute
Setting 3 - 175 cubic feet/minute
Suitable Room Size:   up to 540 sq. ft.
Noise Level:   Setting 1 - 29 dB(A)
Setting 2 - 39 dB(A)
Setting 3 - 47 dB(A)
Humidification Performance:   up to 2 gallons/24 hours
Maximum Water Capacity:   2.2 gallons
Origin:   Switzerland
Replacement Filters:   HEPA Particle Filter Set (AOS 2561)
Active Carbon Filters (AOS 2562)
Evaporator Cartridges, Set of 2 (AOS 2541)