Air Purifiers Advice for Bedroom Odors Tales from Customer Service by Anonymous


Q. via email:
Subject: RE: air purifiers
Hi. I found your site on Google and really like your info and analysis. One question that I did not find: which bedroom-sized air purifier would best to remove the smell of farts? Sorry to be so indelicate. I share a bedroom and this is a really important issue for me. The weather is getting cold and I'll have to close the windows soon.

Thanks! J

A. Hi J,
I would agree this is a delicate subject.
Without getting too technical, human gas is mainly methane. Unfortunately, methane is not able to be adsorbed by gas filter media such as carbon. However, air purifiers with a good gas filter would help to some extent but I cannot guarantee it will alleviate the odor altogether.
The best air purifier would be the IQAir HealthPro Plus for $699.99. This is our most efficient air cleaner for particulate removal and it also has a very effective gas filter for gases and odors.
Another good air purifier would be the Clarifier for $499.00. This unit contains 15 pounds of charcoal and zeolite for the adsorption of gases and odors.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,
Dave Barnaby Staff