Air Purifiers For Dirty Bombs Defense against chemical or dirty bomb airborne contaminants Answer

Editor's Note: Not to sound unduly pessimistic but nothing is perfect, only helpful.
From: Lynn R
Hi, I am looking for an HEPA air filter system that could help keep a room safe from air borne containments resulting from a chemical or dirty bomb°≠ would they Hepa Air Purifier- Hamilton Beach Model 04161 for 200 sq. ft. - UV do the job? If so I would like to order°≠if not do you carry any air purifier that might do the job?

Hi Lynn,
I am sorry but I would not be able to recommend any of our air cleaners to prevent exposure to radiation from a nuclear device.
Our air cleaners will however be effective against air borne particulates, including bacteria, germs, and viruses. The Hamilton Beach with UV would be effective but not 100 percent.
The closest you could come to perfection would be the IQAIR Healthpro Plus air cleaner with a ducting kit to create a over pressurization in the room. This would create a safe room where you would be introducing clean fresh air from the outside or an adjoining room. The gases and particulates in the room would escape through any cracks in the floor, windows, doors, or ceiling. This would be the result of the positive pressure you have created. In addition, this would also allow none of the particulates and gases from coming into your safe room from the outside or adjoining rooms.
The one thing that we have still not addressed is the chemicals that might be used, and as I mentioned earlier, the radioactive agents sent into the air from a dirty bomb.
I am waiting to hear from the Swiss factory at IQAIR where they are presently testing a gas filtration device with the Swiss army to counteract chemical and gas emitting devices.
Dave Barnaby