Air Purifiers by IQAir? - working for you in professional and commercial environments.

IQAir offers a wide range of air purifiers for residential, professional and office environments. IQAir is the first residential air cleaner to pass the world's most stringent test for HEPA filters - EN 1822.
Nothing speaks more for the quality of these machines than the Hong Kong Hospital Authority choosing IQair systems in their fight against the SARS virus!

Swiss Engineered for use in professional and commercial environments such as dental and cleanroom.

    Swiss quality and European design.
    Save money on filters. Modular design allows for replacement of only those filters needed.
    Low energy consumption.
    Ultra quiet design.
    First residential HEPA to pass EN 1822 tests.
    Superior air delivery rates.
    Certificate of performance.
    Advanced gas and odor removal.

Total User Control and Convenience with indicators and a remote.

For ease of use and functional efficiency the control panel of the IQAir gives the user total control of the air cleaner as well as helps keep the unit operating at peak performance.

The Smart Filter Life Monitor tracks the life of each individual filter to maximize performance. It calculates remaining filter life down to the hour, based on actual usage.

Indicator LED's alert you when it is time to change filters.

The Six Fan Speed Settings allows you to find the base sound/performance ratio for your particular use.

The unit can be set to operate at the times you need it by setting the Programmable Timer. It can be set to turn on and off at predetermined times.

Control your IQAir purifier with the remote control, adjusting it as the conditions require.

Ease of use and legendary Swiss engineering, what better reasons to purchase an IQAir HealthPro air cleaner!

IQAir? GC Series - Professional control of gaseous pollutants and odors.

Never before has gaseous contaminant control been more compact, versatile and affordable! A broad range of gas phase filter cartridges allow you customized control over almost any gaseous pollutant or odor problem.

IQAir? Cleanroom - Professional control of airborne particulates.

The IQAir? Cleanroom Series

The IQAir Cleanroom Series is a line of advanced air cleaning systems designed specifically for the removal of solid and liquid airborne particles.

Optional adapters may be used to create positive or negative pressure environments for situations where the containment of contaminants is of importance.

With it's range of filter configurations, the IQAir Cleanroom Series can be adapted to meet any airborne infection control and particulate contamination challenges in critical indoor environments.

IQAir? Dental Hg FlexVac and Dental Pro - The source of clean air in dental environments.

The IQAir? Dental Series

The IQAir Dental Series has been developed to specifically deal with airborne contaminants commonly found in dental environments, helping to protect dentists, patients and staff. They control bacteria, viruses and drill aerosols, helping to implement infection control measures.

Based on the high standards of the IQAir line of air cleaners, the Dental Series is the unit of choice for many dentists and dental environments!

The IQAir Dental HG FlexVac is a mobile source capture system with a self-supporting flexible supporting arm. To be positioned close to the patients head, it has been designed to filter:

    Mercury Vapor
    Drill Aerosols
    Dust Particles

The IQAir Dental Pro is a mobile recirculating air cleaning system specifically developed to filter those gases and particulates found in dental office air.

    Formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde
    Disinfectant vapor
    Dust particles