Air purifier and humidifier with three filtration layers

Air purifier and humidifier with three filtration layers

Posted : October 20, 2004

China (mainland) C Beijing Yadu Science & Technology Co. Ltd's model KJ2801, is an air purifier that doubles as humidifier. The product features molecule tracking technology that can efficiently eliminate formaldehyde. The model's filtration layers, consisting of a HEPA filter with 99.97 percent efficiency, active carbon filter, and coarse filter with AV990 bacteria-killing treatment, give the product 90 percent purification efficiency. The humidifier generates 2x105 negative ions per cubic cm.

The model also has fragrance generator, LCD and pollution sensor that shows current air quality. The three-speed model has airflow of 280 cubic cm per hour pls check if this shouldnt be cubic feet per minute or cubic meter per hour. Noise level is less than 55dB.

The product, weighing 12kg and measuring 398x304x952, fits a 45sqm area. A TEU, FEU and high FEU hold 250, 500 and 580 units, respectively. FOB Tianjin price is $150.

(Note: Please check unit of measurement used on product dimensions, thanks)