Air-O-Swiss 2061 Air Purifier

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Product Description

The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier offers more purifying power than the Air-O-Swiss Air Washer by featuring a HEPA filter. The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier covers up to 540 square feet of space. In a stylish, modern design that won't take away from your d?cor, the wide coverage of the Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier will cleanse the space in a short time. The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier has a 540 square foot coverage area and acts to eliminate large and microscopic particles, spores and odors. The filter compound is 2 HEPA filters. The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier accomplishes 5 air changes per hour and is a floor model. The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier features an air freshening system that can use natural essential oils for aroma therapy. The Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier also boasts a modern design with ergonomic handles that will add to the d?cor of your home or office, while being highly portable. The filters on the Air Purifier are easily exchanged.

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  • 2 HEPA Particle filters to protect against allergens, such as pollen, dust, animal hairs and mites
  • Odor/fume filter (active carbon filter)
  • 3 extremely quiet performance settings
  • Easy filter replacement