Air-O-Swiss Air Purifiers - Technology 3


Air-O-Swiss Air Purifiers - Technology 3

Air-O-Swiss¡¯s air purifiers use only the best in cutting edge technology. The company is sure to keep up on the latest in trends in the market and use the best materials. Their purifiers are able to circulate all air in a 20-meter square room four times in one hour. With this frequent filtering of the room, it is guaranteed that the air will all be cleaned and remain clean.

The systems developed by Air-O-Swiss are very powerful but still remains quiet. A noisy air purifer unit is something people usually have to deal with. They can either choose a weaker unit that is quiet or a powerful unit that is very noisy. Air-O-Swiss has solved this problem by developing a line of products that are not only equipped with the power of a strong air purifier but are also very quiet. The purifying system they developed uses less than 30 decibels to operate. With such a low amount of decibels, the unit remains quiet and causes no interrupting noises or sounds.

Air-O-Swiss¡¯s air purifiers are developed with the customer¡¯s comfort and savings in mind. When the systems are run, they use a small amount of energy to operate. The energy rate needed for the purifiers is so low that even if a customer were to run the unit for a long period of time, he or she would not see any significant change in the energy bill. The system has the ability to be left on all day or all night long and the customer would not need to worry about the amount of energy it is consuming.

The air purifiers developed by Air-O-Swiss offer a functional design in order to guarantee optimum performance. The air purifier is set up in order to receive the greatest amount of air intake and to be able to release the greatest amount of air possible. The Air-O-Swiss air purifiers are designed to intake air through the side of the purifier. The side is the best place to intake the air because it has a bigger surface area and is able to take in a large volume of air. The air is then passed through the filter and exits out the top portion of the machine. The air is designed to exit out of the top of the unit because it gives the air enough time to circulate around the room before being taken in by the unit to be cleaned again. The top of the machine is also closer to the area in the room that the user will be breathing. Therefore the user will be able to breathe in clean air as soon as it exits the machine.

Air-O-Swiss uses the most up to date research and design when creating their air purifiers. The company keeps the customer¡¯s convenience and health in mind while developing their air purifying products. Staying aware of new and advanced technologies in the field is an important task that Air-O-Swiss keeps as a top priority.