Air-O-Swiss Air Purifiers - Technology 2


Air-O-Swiss Air Purifiers - Technology 2

Air-O-Swiss air purifiers address the problem of a dry indoors with their line of products. Some of these air purifiers are designed with special equipment to level out the humidity. The equipment is a crucial part of balancing out the air to its perfect density.

Indoor air can be full of tobacco smoke and dust, which may seem like harmless and everyday materials. These types of allergens, however, can cause respiratory diseases or allergic reactions. They can cause people who are exposed to them to have a weaker immune system or show symptoms of asthma or allergies. Indoor air pollution has been named as one of the top five threats to people¡¯s health by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Asthma is becoming a common medical condition among citizens due to the unhealthy indoor air they are breathing. Nowadays, one out of every three people is an asthma sufferer. More than 30% of absences in the workplace are related to asthma or some other respiratory disease. With so many people being affected by respiratory problems, it¡¯s no wonder Air-O-Swiss has taken on the challenge of developing top of the line air purifiers for homes and offices.

Dust, mold spores and pollen are air contaminants that can be visibly seen by the naked eye. However, there are many particles and contaminants in the air that can affect a person¡¯s lungs that are not even visible to the human eye. Smog, dust, allergens, viruses, ozone can chemicals are all contaminants that may be in indoor air but cannot be seen by the eye. These toxins are still dangerous although they are very small particles. When toxins such as pollen, gases and chemicals are breathed in, they can cause skin irritation, lung damage, asthma, allergies, nausea, dizziness, headache, irritated mucous membranes and a tightened respiratory tract. These particles can be cleaned from the air with Air-O-Swiss air purifiers because of the machine¡¯s remarkable ability to catch even the smallest of contaminants.

All Air-O-Swiss air purifiers use a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or a HEPA filter, to filter out particles in the air. These HEPA filters are the most popular form of filter used in air purifiers on the market due to their efficiency and ability to filter out small particles in the air. HEPA filters were originally used in clinical applications because they were so powerful at removing contaminants in the air. The filters are able to remove up to 99.7% of particles in the air that are 0.0003 microns or smaller. If there is a medium of active carbon added to the filter, the results are even more outstanding. The active carbon added to the HEPA filter can removes gases, odors and fumes from the air.

HEPA filters are able to concentrate on catching particles that are present in everyday indoor air. These specialized filters are able to catch fumes from tobacco smoke, newly installed carpet, construction materials, residues from cleaning agents or detergents, varnishes and paints. The fumes from these types of products can contain chemicals known to give some people painful symptoms such as a headache or nausea or irritate their breathing passages. HEPA filters are able to absorb most of these fumes and if they are equipped with an active carbon filter, they are even more effective. The active carbon filter is able to absorb even the smallest of odors and gases in the air, leaving the air fresh and clean. The extra carbon filter is able to lock in all odors and gases in the air including smoke.