Air-O-Swiss Air Purifiers - Technology 1


Air-O-Swiss Air Purifiers - Technology 1

Air-O-Swiss, a division of the PLASTON AG Company, is dedicated to producing the best air purifiers on the market. This company constantly is researching new technologies in the field and experimenting with new materials and parts to achieve the best and most effective systems. They offers a range of products that can help customers to breathe easier on a daily basis. The company knows the damaging effects that contaminated air can cause and is constantly striving to help people with sensitivities to live an easier life.

Hans Frei created PLASTON AG in Widnau, Switzerland in 1956 by experimenting with plastic materials. The company started concentrating on air treatment systems in 1976. Marketing was soon expanded to the Czech Republic in 1995, to the United States in 1997 and networking began in China in 1998. The firm kept growing and experimenting and launched four new products in 1999. They now have headquarters located in Widnau, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Naperville, Illinois and China.

Air-O-Swiss is committed to keeping up with the latest and most progressive technology there is to offer in their air purifiers. In order to stay knowledgeable on the ever-changing technological advances in the field of air purifying, the company has put together a team of engineers. There are 30 engineers with the sole duty of inventing and testing new products. These engineers stay up to date on any new research or advances in the field of air purifying. They are responsible for trying out new parts or filters in the machines and discovering new ways to develop efficient and effective air purifiers. They hired only the best engineers to work on the design of these products in order to create the greatest machines.

Air-O-Swiss is such a popular and well-respected company due to the values they stand by. The company has a motto of ¡°trust, reliability, respect?that it treats as its core values and stays true to achieving these three characteristics at all times. Air-O-Swiss believes in always putting the customer first and listening to their wants and needs in order to fulfill them in a timely manner. The company strives to a goal of selling no defective air purifeirs and keeping customers satisfied.

Highly skilled and motivated employees are what make Air-O-Swiss such a successful and innovative company. The employees?attention to detail and strive for perfection on each air purifier leads to quality parts and products. Air-O-Swiss is dedicated to hiring only the best and most motivated people to join their winning team. The company is sure to help their employees grow and give them many challenges along the way, including the ability to experiment with new air purifiers.

The engineers dedicated to inventing new Air-O-Swiss air purifiers have over 40 years experience in the air-purifying field. They have access to the most modern and up to date machinery in order to achieve their goal of inventing the most innovative products. The company follows a QFD method, which allows their products faster deployment to the market. Using and following this method shortens the ¡°Time to Market?period.