AirTube HEPA Air Purifier - Purifies 400 feet

Ever wish you could have a clean, refreshing breathing space wherever you go? AllerAir?s AirTube Jr. makes this wish a reality. Weighing in at only 10 pounds, this portable air purifier was designed to travel wherever you need it, delivering up to 100 square feet of clean, fresh air. A HEPA filter eliminates allergens and airborne irritants, while four pounds of activated carbon remove chemicals and odors from your living or working space. Quiet operation makes the AirTube Jr. ideal for offices or bedrooms. The unit?s perforated body enhances air intake, while the metal casing prevents plastic off-gassing and emissions. Discover the big purifying benefits in this little unit today!

HEPA filter traps dust and other allergens
Activated carbon eliminates chemicals, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOC)
Light weight and compact size offer easy mobility for room-to-room purification

Dimensions [H/D] 16"/ 7"
Shipping weight 10 lbs.
Filtration system MAC-B granular carbon, HEPA, pre-filter
Carbon filter weight 4 lbs
Carbon blend executive mix.
Volume of air cleaned 100 CFM , cubic feet per minute.
Max covered area 100 sq.ft.
Filters replacement Life:
Prefilters each 1 year
HEPA filter each 1 year
Carbon filter each 1 year.