AirTube by AllerAir - HEPA & Carbon Air Purifier

AirTube by AllerAir - HEPA & Carbon Air Purifier
The AirTube Air Purifier

Enjoy revolutionary air purification with a brand-new addition to our residential range of air purifiers. The AirTube by AllerAir features activated carbon and HEPA filtration to eliminate chemicals and odors as well as allergens and other airborne irritants. The AirTube?s perforated body enhances air intake for faster purification. With no dangerous ozone emissions, this unit leaves you with nothing but pure, clean air in your living or working space. Ultra-quiet and effective up to 400 square feet, the AirTube is the perfect portable purifier for bedrooms, office spaces, and other enclosed areas in need of improved air quality.

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HEPA filter eliminates airborne irritants?perfect for allergy sufferers
Activated carbon eliminates chemicals and odors
Small, lightweight unit is easily portable


Dimensions [H/D] 16"/ 11"
Shipping weight 14 lbs.
Filtration system Carbon,True HEPA, Pre-filter, Anti-microbials
Carbon filter weight 7 lbs
Carbon blend Vocarb mix.
Volume of air cleaned 100 CFM , cubic feet per minute.
Max room size 400 sq.ft. Meets competitor's specifications for 700 sq.ft.
Filter replacement life:
Prefilters each 3 months
HEPA filter each 1 year
Carbon filter each 1 year.