Airscreen Heating & Air Conditioning Electronic Filters


Airscreen Heating & Air Conditioning Electronic Filters
90% < 1 Micron
According to the NAFA (National Air Filtration Association) 95-98% of indoor air is made up of particles smaller than 1 micron - things like bacteria, smoke, viruses and lung damaging dust.

Let's put this into perspective. If we took 0.1 cubic feet of air, a representative particle count would be:

27,000 particles at the 0.3 - 0.5 micron level
4,500 particles at the 0.5-1.0 micron level
500 particles at the 1.5 micron level

20 particles at the 5-10 micron level
A few at the 10-25 micron level
The "other" air cleaner companies say they are "95% efficient at 1micron" - which really means they are collecting less than < 2% of the harmful airborne particulates. That's not helping you!

Our air cleaners are designed to perform in the 0.3 - 1 micron level - where it matters the most to your health. So keep the unwanted visitors like Mike and Ron out of your home and install a powerful, affordable Airscreen electronic air cleaner.

Save Your Money
Heating and A/C costs seem to be rising every year

The following is a break-down of approximate operating costs for a typical home in a moderate environment with these specifications:

Location: Northeastern USA

Home Size: approximately 2,000sq.ft.

Mechanical System: all central HVAC system with Natural Gas Furnace (typical 40,000Btu/hr, 80-85% efficiency, ? Hpmotor) & electrical air conditioner (2.5-3 ton)
Annual cost to run furnace (Gas): $1,000
Annual cost to run furnace blower (Electric): $100
Annual cost to run A/C unit (Electric): $300
Total HVAC costs = $1,400