AllerAir 5000 EXEC HEPA/UV/Active Carbon Air Purifier

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Product Description

AllerAir 5000 EXEC UV Air Purifier. Provides protection from harmful particles, microbiological toxins and airborne chemicals. A powerful combination of carbon and HEPA filtration with UV sterilization. 18 lbs MAC-B carbon filter for noxious gases and odor. True HEPA filter for particles. Cleanable pre-filter for larger particles 2 anti-microbial filters to suppress bacteria. UV germicidal lamp to sterilize bacteria and viruses (choice of 10 or 20 watts) 3 speed 400 cfm. Effective for 1500 Sq. ft. Changes air every 30 minutes. Replacement filters available.

  • Effective for 1500 Sq. ft.
  • Changes air every 30 minutes
  • Filter Life: Washable pre-filter:3-4 mm, HEPA filter:5 yrs, Carbon/Anti-microbial filters:1.5-2 yrs
  • 18 lbs MAC-B carbon gases, True HEPA - particles, 2 anti-microbial - bacteria, UV lamp - bacteria
  • Pollutant Filtration: Dust,Gases, Molds, Chemical, VOC, Bacteria, Pet dander & Viral microorganisms