AllerAir 5000D Air Purifier

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Product Description

The AllerAir 5000D Air Purifier is designed to combat gases, odors and airborne mold spores in a 1500 square foot area. The 5000D has a 22 pound extra strength MAC-B filter with activated coconut shell carbon granules and zeolite for extra chemical, odor and gas removal. With its extra large filter, the AllerAir 5000D Air Purifier can attack the worst and tiniest of air problems. The AllerAir 5000D Air Purifier has a1500 square foot coverage area and acts to eliminate large and microscopic particles, gases, odors and anti-microbial. The filter compound is anti-microbial, HEPA, MAC-B mass activated carbon filter and the 5000D offers multi-stage filtration. With a CFM (cubic feet per minute) rate of 400, the AllerAir 5000D Air Purifier is a floor model. The AllerAir 5000D Air Purifier features 2 air changes per hour, a cleanable prefilter and an anti-microbial filter for disease carrying micro-bacteria. The MAC-B filter provides military-strength protection. You can choose from 9 attractive colors, including white, black, sandstone, pewter, copper, burgundy, green, blue and yellow.

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