AllerAir 6000 Air Handler

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Product Description

For use in Central Air Systems, the AllerAir 6000 Air Handler has a larger coverage area than the 5000 Air Handler and is the most efficient at removing particles, odors and gases. For the best performance in a central air compatible Specialty Product, you can't find any better than the AllerAir 6000 Air Handler. The AllerAir 6000 Air Handler has a 2000 square foot coverage area and acts to eliminate large and microscopic particles, gases, odors and anti-microbial. The filter compound is anti-microbial, HEPA, MAC-B mass activated carbon filter and the 6000 Air Handler offers multi-stage filtration. With a CFM (cubic feet per minute) rate of 400, the AllerAir 6000 Air Handler is a central air unit model. The AllerAir 6000 Air Handler features 2 air changes per hour, a cleanable prefilter and an anti-microbial filter for disease carrying micro-bacteria. The MAC-B filter provides military-strength protection. The AllerAir 6000 Air Handler is meant for central air systems and comes in 5 attractive colors to suit any décor.

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