AllerAir Air Purifier 3000 Vocarb

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Product Description

The AllerAir 3000 Vocarb Air Purifier has a 10x12 foot coverage area and acts to eliminate large and microscopic particles, VOCs, gases, odors and anti-microbial. The filter compound is anti-microbial, HEPA, MAC-B mass activated carbon filter and the 3000 Vocarb offers multi-stage filtration. The AllerAir 3000 Vocarb Air Purifier is a portable desk or shelf model. The AllerAir 3000 Vocarb Air Purifier features 3 color options, a space efficient design and a MAC-B military strength filter. The cleanable prefilter traps larger particles and reduces replacement intervals. Using specially impregnated activated carbon, the AllerAir 3000 Vocarb Air Purifier helps to kill VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Specs Size (L x W x H): 11 In diameter, 14.5 In high Weight: 18 lbs Coverage Area: 120 Sq ft Filter Function: Chemicals, gases, molds, pollen, odors, large and small particulates Filtration Stages: Anti-microbial, HEPA, MAC-B (mass activated carbon filter) Assembly: None (fully pre-assembled) Made in: Canada