AllerAir Air Purifier 5000 Vocarb

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Product Description

A good choice of air purifiers for persons with hyper chemical sensitivity. This is an ideal air purifier for new homes, heavy smokers, new furniture, new carpeting, etc. The AllerAir Vocarb type air purifiers are for use where enhanced adsorption is required for formaldehyde, ozone, cleaners, ethylene, heavy metals found in cigarette smoke, lower weight hydrocarbons, etc. Specs Size (L x W x H): 15 In diameter, 20 In high Weight: 50 lbs Coverage Area: 1500 Sq ft Filter Function: Chemicals, gases, molds, pollen, odors, large and small particulates Filtration Stages: Anti-microbial, HEPA, MAC-B (mass activated carbon filter) Reduces VOCs More coverage than AllerAir 4000 series MAC-B filter Anti-microbial filter Pre-filter cleans easily