AllerAir Air Purifier 6000DX

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Product Description

If your working area is a prime target for toxic mold, nothing will protect you better than the AllerAir 6000DX Air Purifier. Toxic mold removal is a time consuming and costly process. Wouldn't you rather hit the problem head on with the AllerAir 6000DX Air Purifier? Specs Size (L x W x H): 15 In diameter, 23 In high Weight: 55 lbs Coverage Area: 1800 Sq ft Filter Function: Chemicals, gases, molds, pollen, odors, large and small particulates Filtration Stages: Anti-microbial, HEPA, MAC-B (mass activated carbon filter) More coverage than AllerAir 5000 series Extra strength MAC-B filter Anti-microbial filter Pre-filter cleans easily